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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 7.9  (27)

Cuff Me If You Can is a captivating crime documentary series that aired on the Discovery Channel in 2011. This unique show blends elements of suspense and mystery, with true-life crime stories, taking viewers on a rollercoaster ride of exhilaration and intrigue. The program reveals the spellbinding tales of fugitives and their audacious attempts to evade law enforcement authorities, offering a truly immersive viewing experience that helps to demystify the world of crime.

The striking premise of Cuff Me If You Can revolves around chronicling the lives of individuals who have committed heinous crimes and subsequently decided to go on the run. Instead of following the more traditional narrative structure seen in most crime docudramas, this innovative program immediately brings you into the action, opening with the law enforcement’s significant breakthrough that leads to the identity of the offenders.

The series masterfully captures the tension and the high stakes involved as these criminals maneuver through their day-to-day lives, always on the edge, looking over their shoulder, and planning their next move while the majority of their efforts are focused on staying one step ahead of the authorities and evading capture.

Cuff Me If You Can recounts these stories not just from the law enforcement perspective, but also adds depth by retracing the steps of the criminals. The show delves into the criminals’ psychology, aiding viewers to understand their motives and what drives them to such extremes. It paints a vivid picture of their obsessive desire for freedom and the drastic, sometimes jaw-dropping measures they undertake to maintain their life on the run.

Every episode of Cuff Me If You Can takes an investigative approach, unfolding these fascinating stories through interviews with police personnel, detectives, victims themselves, and sometimes, even the criminals who managed to evade capture for a significant period. These firsthand accounts add an extra layer of authenticity and emotion to the series, creating an immersive real crime experience that is both riveting and thought provoking.

The narratives are unpredictable, intense, and filled with suspenseful moments. Each reconstructed event keeps the audience guessing. What makes these tales more fascinating is the fact that they aren’t merely conjunctures or scenarios drafted in a writer’s notebook; these are real-life events, real people who crossed the lines, and the very real consequences they faced for the decisions they made.

One of the series' strengths resides in its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Although it is known from the get-go that the subjects are eventually apprehended, their individual stories and inventive attempts at evasion make for riveting viewing. The unique spin is that viewers already know ‘whodunit’, but the primary source of intrigue becomes 'how' and ‘when’ the criminal will be caught.

The show seamlessly blends the universe of crime-solving with the nail-biting adrenaline of a chase drama. The recreation of events, the dramatic retelling of the stories, the testimonials from those involved, contributes to a balanced mix of documentary, reality, and crime genres. The series paints a vivid portrait of law enforcement’s relentless pursuit of justice, as well as the desperate and oftentimes dangerous escape tactics employed by individuals on the run.

Cuff Me If You Can highlights the fact that the truth can be stranger than fiction, demonstrating how each person's life can spiral into the unbelievable. Each episode impresses upon viewers the lengths to which some people will go to evade justice and the relentless pursuit by law enforcement to bring them to justice.

In essence, the show is a stark reminder of the reality of crime, its repercussions, and the relentless effort of law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order. Cuff Me If You Can serves as a classic example of how real-life can be more dramatic, engrossing, and tragic than most fictional narratives. It's a must-watch for true crime aficionados and those riveted by stories of law enforcement and the pursuit of justice.

In summary, Cuff Me If You Can provides a unique insight into high-profile crime cases, the mindset of fugitives, and the relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement. It makes for a heart-pounding journey that lays bare the daunting tasks faced by authorities as they attempt to bring the culprits to justice and reaffirm the age-old adage that “no one can run from the long arm of the law”.

Cuff Me If You Can is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2011.

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The Duke of Marion County
6. The Duke of Marion County
April 5, 2011
Jamey Dewayne Harris loves to break the law and is always one step ahead of the law. When finally cornered by police in Marion County, TN, Harris must decide whether to shoot his way out or surrender.
Shady Ladies' Man
5. Shady Ladies' Man
March 29, 2011
Trevor Woods has skipped out on a bail bond and needs cash. After committing a string of crimes, he heads to Ohio. Amidst a car crash after an intense chase, Woods decides whether to shoot it out or be captured.
Cross County Con Man
4. Cross County Con Man
March 22, 2011
William Hawley is a talented locksmith and con artist who focuses on home invasions. After robbing a policeman, he escapes to Nevada until an undercover sting lands him in jail. Following his release, he returns to a life of crime while police are hot on this trail.
Drug Deal Gone Bad
3. Drug Deal Gone Bad
March 15, 2011
After a drug deal with a Harvard student ends in murder, James Martin goes on the run. Assuming different identities, police finally track him down in New York.
Hooker on the Run
2. Hooker on the Run
March 8, 2011
Desiree Lingo-Perkins's help in a kidnapping ended in a murder and has forced her to hideout in Mexico where she lives as a prostitute. When her tattoo blows her cover she decides whether to stop running or to dive deeper into Mexico's illicit world.
No Life of the Party
1. No Life of the Party
March 1, 2011
Man breaks his foot while escaping from the police.
Where to Watch Cuff Me If You Can
Cuff Me If You Can is available for streaming on the Discovery Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cuff Me If You Can on demand at Investigation Discovery.
  • Premiere Date
    March 1, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (27)