Cuticle Detective Inaba

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The story of Cuticle Detective Inaba takes place in a world where both half human and animals work with each other and live with one another. Even though this town allows half-human/half-animal series living side by side, there are also many criminals in town. One day, a half-human, half-wolf detective named Hiroshi Inaba is out to capture these criminals.

Hiroshi uses his wolf ability that will allow him to gather critical information just by looking at or tasting a criminal's hair sample. Surprisingly, this same ability also doubles as a fetish for Hiroshi; however, his assistants don't seem to be too bothered by this.

Inaba's true mission is to capture his main nemesis named Don Valentino, who is a half-goat crime boss. He also is in charge of a huge crime syndicate. Inaba is dedicated to capturing Don and his gang before Don plans on taking over the town.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 4, 2013
Cast: Yôko Hikasa, Miyu Irino, Jûrôta Kosugi, Toshiyuki Morikawa
Cuticle Detective Inaba

Cuticle Detective Inaba Full Episode Guide

  • The line between former police dog and berserk vigilante is cut when Hiroshi's precious hair collection ends up missing. Corruption attained! A new character is introduced and needs help finding a contractor, good or evil.

  • Don Valentino has finally been caught and sent to a unique jail. While waiting for his crew to bust him out he gains a new follower.

  • Ogata believes immersion therapy will help Ogi no existent problem with goats. The Don uses his mystical powers to scam tourist and set a masterful trap.

  • Hiroshi has come to save Ogino from Soumei, but its experience vs. new school. Recovering from his fight, Soumei saves Noah from an out of control experiment and sets up a date with alternative motives.

  • Yuuta has been kidnapped in order to lure Ogi into a trap. Soumei tangles with Ogi and succeeds in taking over his body.

  • Kei is accepted into a unique school, Soumei remembers the pups youth, and the Don accepts a hitman contract.

  • The true leader of wolf terrorist group is revealed and he has an important message for Hiroshi.

  • Ogino requires the help of Hiroshi to take down Don's genius doctor. An Onsen is always neutral territory for rival groups.

  • Uniformed police offers are being attacked on the street and Ogino has gone undercover. Kei has been kidnapped, but the tables are turned when it's the kidnappers that need saving.

  • Don has created the ultimate chocolate to trap Hiroshi in one sided love. A new wolf from France is joining Japan's Secret Doberman corps.

  • The most valuable document is all of Japan has been stolen and to get it back, unwilling teams will have to play the game. Ogino is sure somebody is stalking his family; he wants Hiroshi to guard them until the perp is caught.

  • One day, Inaba Hiroshi's former partner when he was a police dog, Inspector Ogino, shows up at his detective agency, Inaba Detective Agency. His request was for Inaba to help him catch the Italian mafia boss, Valentino. Inaba and his team infiltrate the lead on Valentino's hideout, but what they found there was...?!