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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

Dancing with the Devil is a riveting and emotional four-part documentary series produced and broadcasted by Channel 4. The show takes a deep look at the life of the Brazilian international footballer, Adriano Leite Ribeiro, commonly known as Adriano, and his tumultuous journey from the slums of Rio de Janeiro to the pinnacle of global football.

The show takes us through Adriano’s early years, where he grew up with his family in the Vila Cruzeiro favela, one of the most deprived areas in Rio de Janeiro. Born in 1982, he began playing football at a young age, and his skills quickly caught the attention of prestigious football clubs in Brazil. The documentary also shows the immense passion the locals of Vila Cruzeiro have for football and how it served as a way out of poverty for Adriano and many others in the community.

As Adriano's career progressed, he went on to play for some of the biggest football clubs in Europe, including Parma, Inter Milan, and Flamengo. But with a successful career, the documentary explores the darker side of fame and success, including the pressure to perform, huge financial rewards, and the constant scrutiny from the media.

Dancing with the Devil also explores Adriano's personal life, including the devastating impact of losing his father, who was his mentor, role model, and support system. The show also delves into Adriano's battle with depression, alcohol, and drugs that almost cut his career short. The documentary also includes interviews with Adriano's family, friends, and former teammates, offering a deeper insight into his internal battles.

The show features remarkable footage of Adriano's football career, including some of his most significant goals and celebrations, reminding us all why he was one of the most talented players of his generation. However, it is the sheer emotional rollercoaster of Adriano’s life that is the focus of the show, taking viewers on a journey that highlights the pressures of international football, individual struggles with mental health, and the often-invisible social and political issues that feed into them.

Overall, Dancing with the Devil is a truly engrossing and insightful documentary that gives a fresh perspective on the life of one of Brazil's greatest footballers. By highlighting the highs and lows of Adriano's career, the documentary reveals the human side of a football superstar and provides life lessons that go beyond the football pitch. The show serves as an important reminder that mental health is just as important as physical health, and all the money, success, and fame cannot substitute for good health and wellbeing.

In essence, Dancing with the Devil is an extraordinary story of triumph, trauma, and redemption. A story that excuses no one's humanity, even the most famous football stars. The show portrays the real face of success and the struggle that comes with it, challenging the viewer’s perceptions of what it truly means to be successful. It is a must-watch for football fans, anyone interested in mental health, and anyone who appreciates how life can sometimes take unexpected, devastating turns.

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Dancing with the Devil
1. Dancing with the Devil
A shocking look at the drug scene in Rio de Janeiro.