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Dark Blue is a dramatic television series about police officers in Los Angeles. It focuses mainly on Carter Shaw, who leads a specialized undercover team for the LAPD. Shaw is considered to be one of the best cops in the LAPD, he has risen very quickly through the ranks and is famous for solving many murders. As a result of his years on the force, Shaw knows many career criminals personally. Many times, he relies on them as informants while doing his undercover work. Shaw is so obsessed with police work and his undercover life that his marriage has unraveled and his ex-wife has left with his daughter.

The cops under Shaw's command all face challenges of their own. One of them is facing struggles similar to what Shaw faced. He has just gotten married but has found his undercover life to be greatly affecting his marriage. One officer seems to be taking his undercover position so seriously that some of the cops are wondering if he has decided to become a criminal for good. Another cop, Jamie, has a mysterious past that makes her perfect for the undercover squad.

The undercover squad must perform a variety of different missions. Sometimes they even act as an internal affairs unit and investigate bad cops within the LAPD. Jamie's mysterious past often allows her a way into the criminal underworld that the other cops don't have. She even has a former name from her past as a juvenile delinquent that she uses. A lot of the undercover work that the cops do involve the seedy world of drug trafficking and they must do whatever they can to infiltrate the cartels. One cop even pretends to fall in love with a drug dealer's daughter as way to get close to the man. Another time Carter pretends that he is a big porn producer and wants to expand his business into the drug world. Through it all the team works together to bring justice to Los Angeles.

Dark Blue is a Crime, Drama series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on July 15, 2009. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5.

Dark Blue is available for streaming on the TNT website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dark Blue on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
July 15, 2009
Crime, Drama
Cast: Logan Marshall-Green, Dylan McDermott, Nicki Aycox, Omari Hardwick, Tricia Helfer
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Dark Blue Full Episode Guide

  • The team continues to infiltrate a drug smuggling ring in order to corner a terrorist who is looking for someone to bring dirty bomb parts into the country. Unfortunately, the two sides of the case are conflicting with each other forcing the team to choose sides.

  • Carter, Dean and Jaimie go undercover to corner two drug-smuggling brothers who use a flower-import business as a cover for their activities. But things go awry when Homeland Security requests that the team keep the smuggling business open so they can trap a potential terrorist. Meanwhile, Dean asks Jaimie out on a proper date; Ty has second thoughts about his impending divorce; and Carter is in for a major life change.

  • The team investigates a shooting involving a distinguished figure in the black community.

  • The team investigates a home invasion crew by putting Alex and Carter to pose as the bait.

  • The crew investigates a dangerous band of thieves, so Jaimie infiltrates as a junkie.

  • The team goes undercover to find a militia leader planning to a assassinate a federal judge. Meanwhile, Ty's drinking start affecting his job performance.

  • The covert squad slips into the world of casinos to snoop into the disappearance of a gambling-addicted law student. It all gets dicey in this high-stakes realm when Ty goes too extreme in his role as a high roller. Meanwhile, Jaimie's risk-taking comes under scrutiny.

  • Carter goes undercover as a porn king that wants to expand his business into pharmaceuticals in order to bust the head of an important Mexican drug cartel . Meanwhile Dean gets involved in a complicated relationship with a drug dealer's daughter.

  • The team go undercover to investigate a drug ring connected to a Mexican drug Cartel, were Dean tracks it down to an art gallery owner.

  • Carter and his team go undercover to catch a local crime lord, but they must work along the FBI when this sting operation crosses paths with an FBI investigation.

  • Carter becomes the prime suspect for the murder of an undercover officer. Meanwhile Melissa keeps pushing Ty to quit his job and start a family and Jaimie gets the news that Scott gets a new job in San Francisco.

  • Jamie goes undercover as her former self revisiting her dark past when she goes on a mission to crush a big-shot smuggler. In order for the case to succeed, she'll need to reconnect with an old acquaintance and ask a huge favor from her boyfriend.

  • The team gets implicated in a territory war between The Crips and a new gang called The Venice Kings, so Dean goes undercover to play as a new member of the Kings gang. Meanwhile, Ty's sister needs his help in a money situation.

  • The team is after a criminal organization that launders money through diamonds. Meanwhile, Ty trys to penetrate into a diamond robbery and Dean and Jaimie pose as a married couple for a mission.

  • The team is assigned to infiltrate and rescue a kidnapper's victim. However, when the FBI gets involved, the team and the victim are put in danger, making Carter angry.

  • Ty and Dean go after a massive Korean gang, but soon find themselves in disagreement over how to handle the operation.

  • A ruthless drug dealer who also has a law background makes for a particularly hard target for the team to find, especially after the deadline for the sting's operation is moved up. Quick thinking and some legally questionable moves by Jamie will be necessary to make an arrest.

  • Ty tracks down a gun trafficker and runs the risk of blowing his cover by seeing his wife on her birthday. Carter has difficulty raising $100,000 to save himself and Ty.

  • Carter Shaw tries to find the leader of a gang who was responsible for torturing an FBI agent and leaving him to die. He also receives a new member to train, a beautiful patrol cop who happens to be an expert liar.