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Victoria Winters' mysterious journey begins as her train arrives in Collinsport, a small and stormy fishing village on the coast of Maine. An orphan in search of her identity, Victoria is befriended by named Burke Devlin. At the eerie Collinwood mansion, Victoria meets reclusive matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, her brother Roger Collins, his son David, and Elizabeth's daughter Carolyn.

6 Seasons, 206 Episodes
June 27, 1966
Drama, Science Fiction
Cast: Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall, Alexandra Isles, Nancy Barrett
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Dark Shadows: The Beginning Full Episode Guide

  • Willie goes to the Collins family mausoleum, where a heartbeat is heard coming from the tomb.

  • David tells Willie that the Collins jewels were buried with family members.

  • Burke and Willie fight at the Blue Whale. Willie tells Jason he won't leave town without money.

  • Burke makes an offer to Elizabeth to help her deal with Jason and Willie.

  • Willie becomes fascinated by the portrait of Barnabas Collins hanging in the Collinwood foyer.

  • Carolyn pulls a gun to scare off Willie. She and Victoria are disturbed by his violent behavior.

  • Victoria becomes frightened by the feeling that Elizabeth is powerless to control Jason and Willie.

  • Willie picks a fight with Joe at the Blue Whale. Willie joins Jason as an unwelcome house guest.

  • Roger admits that he was driving the car that killed a man and sent Burke to prison ten years ago.

  • Jason reminds Elizabeth of the secret they share. Burke and Sam confront Roger at Collinwood.

  • Drifter Willie Loomis meets his friend Jason at the Blue Whale. Sam makes a confession.

  • Maggie realizes Sam sold his paintings to Roger for a bribe during Burke's manslaughter case.

  • While searching for Sam's paintings, Roger finds Jason snooping around in the basement.

  • Elizabeth reveals that the visitor, Jason McGuire, was a friend of her husband, Paul Stoddard.

  • Victoria makes a promise to Elizabeth. A stranger arrives at Collinwood and asks for Elizabeth.

  • Elizabeth returns and demands the key to the locked room in the Collinwood basement.

  • An art dealer asks to buy Sam's older paintings. Sam tries to get them back from Roger.

  • Elizabeth has recovered from her attack. Roger tries to comfort David.

  • Victoria attempts to save David. In the hospital, Elizabeth starts to come out of her trance.

  • Laura secretly meets David at an abandoned fishing shack, which is soon engulfed by fire.

  • While Mrs. Johnson looks after David, he slips out of the house when she receives a phone call.

  • Laura tells David to be ready to go away with her. Victoria keeps watch over David.

  • Victoria learns that Laura Radcliffe died exactly one hundred years ago.

  • During the s©ance, the spirit of David Radcliffe speaks through David Collins.

  • David receives a warning from the ghost of Josette to save Dr. Guthrie.

  • When Laura refuses to put out the fire in her fireplace, Dr. Guthrie makes a discovery.

  • David decides he wants to go away from Collinwood to live with his mother.

  • An old newspaper clipping tells of a boy named David who was consumed in flames.

  • Dr. Guthrie, Joe Haskell and Frank Garner discover the cemetery records are faded.

  • The caretaker at Eagle Hill Cemetery forbids the opening of Laura's coffin.

  • Dr. Guthrie asks Joe Haskell to assist his investigation of Laura by helping to open a grave.

  • Laura attempts to finish casting a spell on Dr. Guthrie, who warns her that he knows she has powers.

  • Dr. Guthrie questions Laura about the missing body. Later, the doctor mysteriously collapses.

  • The police discover that the body is missing of the woman who died by fire in Phoenix.

  • Victoria tells Burke of the mysterious events surrounding Laura. Burke becomes suspicious of her.

  • Mrs. Johnson reports to Burke what happened at the s©ance. Laura causes a recording to be erased.

  • Dr. Guthrie translates Josette's warning. Laura appears in Victoria's room during the night.

  • During the s©ance, Victoria babbles in French, then collapses just before revealing an important secret.

  • Roger wants his divorce from Laura expedited. Guthrie admits they are dealing with an unknown power.

  • Sam blames everything on Laura. Dr. Guthrie invites Laura to a s©ance at Collinwood.

  • Laura insists she must take David away soon, before Elizabeth returns from the hospital.

  • Victoria and Carolyn are concerned about David. Burke is suspicious of Dr. Guthrie.

  • David goes to spend the night with his mother and the ghost of Josette appears to them.

  • Sam describes to Dr. Guthrie how he felt when he was creating Laura's painting.

  • Laura questions David about Dr. Guthrie before the doctor closely interrogates her.

  • David relates to Dr. Guthrie the legend of Josette. David sees Josette's portrait make a transformation.

  • Guthrie is convinced there must be some outside influence over Elizabeth's condition.

  • Dr. Peter Guthrie believes Elizabeth's illness is the result of a traumatic experience.

  • Victoria tells Frank that Elizabeth is adament that David be kept away from Laura.

  • At the hospital, the doctor is baffled by Elizabeth's condition. A visit from Laura upsets Elizabeth.

  • Victoria and Frank find graves of two Lauras who died by fire one hundred years apart.

  • Elizabeth orders Laura to leave Collinwood. Laura stares into the flames and Elizabeth collapses.

  • Victoria and Frank discover that Laura Murdock Stockbridge is buried in the crypt.

  • Victoria feels compelled to go with Frank to a building at the edge of a graveyard.

  • The identity of the woman who died in a mysterious fire in Phoenix is revealed.

  • Roger encourages David to become closer to his mother.

  • Elizabeth orders Laura to stay away from David but Laura assures David she will take him away.

  • The ghost of Josette finishes Sam's painting, which becomes a portrait surrounded by flames.

  • Burke asks Laura for help in clearing him of the manslaughter charge.

  • Roger sees that Sam's second painting of Laura has been burned.

  • Laura stares into the flames and a fire begins at Sam and Maggie Evans' cottage.

  • In the Collins family history book, Victoria finds a picture of Josette wearing a familiar locket.

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