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Delicious Proposal is a Korean drama that focuses on intense rivalries, tasty cooking and a passionate love triangle. Jang Tae-kwang and Park Guen-hyung are vicious rivals in the culinary world, mostly due to an old misunderstanding. In their current positions as chefs and owners of restaurants the two men are constantly trying to outdo each other.

Hyo-dong is the son of Guen-hyung. One day, Hyo-dong meets a beautiful woman named Hee-ae. Hyo-dong is immediately attracted to Hee-ae and wants to know more about her. When he discovers that she is attending a cooking class, he decides to attend as well, simply to get to know Hee-ae more. However, once he has begun the class, Hyo-dong discovers that he actually has a natural talent as a chef.

As Hyo-dong and Hee-ae continue their cooking lessons, they come to know each other as friends and begin to grow closer. It looks like a great relationship between the two may be just around the corner. However, just when things seem perfect, complications arise. The first complication occurs when Hyo-dong discovers that Hee-ae is actually the daughter of Tae-kwang, Hyo-dong's father's bitter rival. When the two find out who their fathers are, they are no longer sure whether or not they should be together.

In addition to family issues, another woman in the cooking class also begins to complicate matters for Hyo-dong and Hee-ae. Shin-ae is a woman who has been living in poverty for some time. She first meets Hyo-dong in some rather embarrassing situations. Despite this, the two immediately feel a connection. Shin-ae joins the cooking class in order to pursue her dream of owning a large restaurant. As Hyo-dong gets to know her in the class, difficult feelings for her arise. As the three students work toward their culinary goals, they must sort out the twisted love triangle as well as their own family issues.

MBC America
1 Season, 16 Episodes
May 23, 2012
Cast: Son Ye-jin, So Ji-sub, Kwon Sang-woo, So Yoo-jin
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