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In the fantasy drama series Dharmakshetra, the Hindu god Chitragupta judges people who come before him at court. Each episode tells the story of a different petitioner who must account for their actions in their past life. Bajrangbali Singh, Gaurav Ghatnekar, and Chandan Anand star in this Netflix series.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
January 1, 2014
Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Cast: Chandan Anand, Gaurrav Walia, Kashmira Irani, Bajrangbali Singh
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Dharmakshetra Full Episode Guide

  • The trial is thrown into awe and confusion when Chitragupta is replaced for a final testimony: that of Krishna, the court's sole missing member.

  • Ved Vyas, the author of the epic himself, is brought before Chitragupta to explain why he portrayed events and characters the way he did.

  • Royal adviser Vidur is brought before the court to defend his choice to remain neutral during the war and answer questions about his true intentions.

  • The youngest siblings of the Pandava clan are brought before Chitragupta's court, but Nakul and Sahdev offer no explanation in their own defense.

  • Karna must face a difficult question about which side he chose to support in the Kurukshetra War by taking up arms against his own brothers.

  • A man of deep loyalty and courage, the mighty weapon-wielding warrior Karna comes before the court as a legendary figure betrayed by destiny.

  • The blind king Dhritarashtra was considered a just ruler, but has his lifelong condition also blinded him to his own missteps and bad judgments?

  • A surprising accuser exposes a weakness in Yudhishthir's defense, putting the victorious leader's self-assured demeanor to the test.

  • Leader of the successful Pandava side in the war, the handsome but humble King Yudhishthir steps forward to provide his testimony with confidence.

  • Facing only one charge, that of adharma, son of fire Dhristadyumna is defiantly unrepentant when he comes before his accusers in Chitragupta's court.

  • Despite his many sacrifices, head of the family Bheeshma faces the charge that he may be the reason for their most serious losses.

  • The immortal Bheeshma is shocked when he's summoned by Chitragupta to face serious accusations, but is deeply moved by the sight of his family.

  • Well aware of Bheem's weaknesses, the giant warrior's many opponents try to exploit their knowledge during his trial testimony.

  • A daunting foe on the battlefield during the war, Bheem has many enemies waiting to accuse him of misdeeds when he steps forward to defend himself.

  • One of the war's fiercest fighters and most prolific killers, the immortal Ashwatthama must argue his case when accused of a long litany of crimes.

  • A figure of pity and scorn, the widow Kunti sentenced the same daughter-in-law to marry all five of her sons. Will she pay for her controversial ways?

  • Attempting to exonerate himself, warrior Arjun must handle the unexpected accusations that pop up during the remainder of his court testimony.

  • Steadfast warrior and favorite pupil of the guru Drona, the archer Arjun is surprisingly accused by his ally Mayasura, architect of the Maya Bhavan.

  • No longer the teacher, preceptor Drona becomes the subject being tested, while many on both sides question the prosecution of the legendary guru.

  • The widely respected guru Drona is called before the court and his own former students on both sides to defend himself by confronting his past.

  • As Duryodhana's testimony comes to a conclusion, the bitter enemy of his Pandava cousins awaits the verdict of Maharaj Chitragupta's court.

  • The world-conquering Duryodhana faces the court with confidence, but will the luck of the eldest of the hundred Kauravas continue off the battlefield?

  • Draupadi, wife to the Pandavas and ostensibly the cause of the Kurukshetra War, is called to testify in the celestial court of Maharaj Chitragupta.

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