Inside Man

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This show follows Morgan Spurlock as he immerses himself into participatory journalism in the form of one hour mini documentaries. We first met Morgan Spurlock in his documentary Super Size Me, and if you loved his work then you will love it even more as he starts giving his opinion on even deeper problems in America. Morgan tackles serious problems in each episode while putting himself in the very situations he has strong opinions about.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on CNN
4 Seasons, 29 Episodes
June 23, 2013
Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Morgan Spurlock

Inside Man Full Episode Guide

  • Inspired by companies like Google, AirBnB, and Spotify, Spurlock attempts to fill a void in the marketplace and re-write the rules by becoming the next disruptor. An eye-opening trip to Silicon Valley provides industry advice from tech giants, and examines why companies like Uber often leave a trail of enemies in their wake and questions whether this golden era of tech will solve age-old problems.

  • Screaming fans, sold-out arenas, and teenage superstars, Spurlock joins the ranks of professional video gamers in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the “sports” world. Committed to understanding this shockingly intense industry, he joins reigning League of Legends North American Champions, from Counter Logic Gaming, as they train to compete for a big cash prize at the World Championship in Paris.

  • Spurlock embeds in a forensic unit to understand how crime scene investigations are conducted.

  • In a quest to rid his life of contaminants – which are prominent in food, cleaning products and even furniture, Spurlock gets professional help to “de-tox.” The host puts his body to the test, dabbling in chelation therapy, infrared saunas, electromagnetic-free sleep chambers, and various cleanses, to see if poisons can truly be flushed out of our bodies and surroundings in the modern world.

  • Spurlock “virtually” experiences life as an astronaut and investigates the future of the space industry. The host’s journey takes him to government and private facilities including NASA’s Johnson Space Center (Houston), the X-Prize Foundation (Culver City, CA.) and Virgin Atlantic’s Mojave Air & Space Port (CA.) to see how the rules of the game are changing and what it means for the human race.

  • Spurlock enters the seductive world of professional gambling by spending a week in Las Vegas determined to beat the house. His exploration of this pastime, which often leads to serious addiction, takes him to casinos, bookies, the racetrack, Off Track Betting and just about any place that allows him to gamble.

  • Spurlock gets back to nature as a volunteer park ranger in Alaska, and is joined by his young son Laken in an immersive look at the viability of America’s national parks in the 21st Century in the face of a changing world.

  • Morgan becomes a commercial beekeeper to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the honey bees; what he uncovers is a web of international honey laundering schemes.

  • Morgan learns what it means to throw something away by following his own trash; an inside look into the waste management industry, from the NYC Department of Sanitation to local trash in landfills.

  • Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man: Morgan the MatchmakerMorgan attempts to find out how people find love in the 21st century as he takes a look at many online dating sites.

  • Morgan gets inside information on the lives of animals in zoo captivity and discovers interesting information about their future.

  • Morgan decides to have his shoulder injury looked at in Bangkok, Thailand as he looks for a better alternative to America's medical care system.