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Diamond Divers is a documentary on the Spike television network that follows a crew of diamond divers on their journey from Washington to South Africa in search of buried treasures. They aren't traveling to just anywhere in South Africa, but to the Skeleton Coast in the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean; An area known for its dangerous, rocky waters and a known final resting place for many ships and crews who never made it out alive.

The rugged crew featured on Diamond Divers is led by Captain John Aydelotte. The crew's intent is to search for diamonds off the coast of South Africa not for the purpose of fulfilling a hobby, but as a means for survival. The importance of executing successful missions is evident, as their livelihoods are dependent upon the monetary rewards of a completed mission. Every moment of each episode full of excitement and suspense as various dangers ranging from sharks to high winds and unpredictable weather conditions constantly loom around each corner.

The show was created by Duke Straub, Eli Holzman, Colt Straub, and Royal Malloy. The crew consists of Houston divers, Sam Simpson and Marty House, along with William Doc Slettevold, Captain Aydelotte, and his son Jason. The first episode introduces viewers to the crew-members and provides a peek inside their seemingly debt ridden lives. The sailors, who appeared to be complete strangers at the onset of episode 1, agree to form a partnership in hopes of becoming billionaires as a result of finding buried diamonds. The differing personalities, ranging from mild mannered to hot tempered and volatile adds to the excitement and suspense of the show, as the crew must learn how to live with each other throughout the journey where they are separated from civilization.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
1 Season, 6 Episodes
June 20, 2012
Action & Adventure, Drama, Family, Mystery, Talk & Interview
Cast: Jake Rademacher
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Diamond Divers Full Episode Guide

  • The crew gambles on a new boat after a storm destroys their old vessel.

  • A wilderness trek transpires at night, and a deadly storm hits the Skeleton Coast.

  • A diver is confronted by a large shark; poachers board the boat at night.

  • The crew's future is in question after a knife fight and a shocking mutiny. Also, the captain and the mining boss clash.

  • Members of the group get into a bar brawl, and a perilous diving situation.

  • In the premiere the team learn about pirates and poachers.

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