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Creature From the Pit is classic Doctor Who presented in 4 chapters. The Doctor investigates a distress signal from Chloris, a world of lush jungle. Metal is rare on Chloris and its ruler Lady Adrasta controls the one remaining metal mine. The complicated story line centers on a huge blob which turns out to be an ambassador from the planet Tythonian. He came to Chloris to negotiate a trade agreement to exchange metal for chlorophyll. Adrasta imprisoned him in a pit to preserve her monopoly control on metal. As usual, the Doctor confronts danger with aplomb while saving the day.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
October 27, 1979
Fantasy, Science Fiction
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Doctor Who: Creature from the Pit Full Episode Guide

  • The truth about the creature is revealed. But its imprisonment may have already set in motion a terrible revenge.

  • The Doctor is in a pit with a deadly creature. And Adrasta has plans for Romana and K-9.

  • The planet Chloris. Drawn here by a mysterious distress signal, the Doctor becomes the prisoner of the ruthless Adrasta. A strange and deadly pit await those who displease her.

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