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Chronicling the adventures of Dr. Chris Brown, "Dr. Chris Pet Vet" gives viewers unique insights into the life of one of the world's busiest vets and the animals to whom he's devoted his life. For those animals that require special services, Dr. Chris calls on his good friend and colleague Dr. Lisa Chimes, who works at an animal hospital specializing in unique animal care. Each episode of "Dr. Chris Pet Vet" delivers not only a carefully crafted mix of human and animal interest stories, but also features a variety of animals undergoing a range of medical procedures from elective surgery to highly advanced medical procedures.

Saturday 9:30 AM et/pt on CBS
6 Seasons, 99 Episodes
September 28, 2013
Cast: Chris Brown, Alex Rain, Lisa Chimes
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Dr. Chris Pet Vet Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Chris performs a series of check-ups for a group of seven puppies before they can begin training, but one of the puppies is unable to stop shaking; Tim asks for a big favor from Chris as he treats a small lizard with a broken leg.

  • A powerful snake inadvertently poisons itself after biting its tail, which sends Chris to the local reptile park in a hurry; a cherished Labrador struggles to walk and its family worries about how the dog will fare in the future because of it.

  • When young koala Jack is spotted with unusual growths all over his face, Tim Faulkner calls Dr. Chris for reinforcements. Then the SASH team treats a box full of newborn orphaned kittens. And Chris heads to a local zoo to give some feisty meerkats their annual examination.

  • Chris heads to a movie set to treat a canine star for a sudden and mysterious illness. Then, Doctors Lisa Chimes and Andrew Marchevsky take on the case of a tiny kitten that has fallen from a great height.

  • Chris meets a 45-year-old reptile with serious dental problems. Then, emergency vet Dr. Lisa Chimes tries to help a lost and frightened parrot find its home.

  • Chris takes on the case of Fergus, the tiny terrier who has injured his front paw. Then, Pickles the cat is deteriorating fast. Can Dr. Lisa get her back on track? And it's a day in the life of Tim Faulkner as he becomes a surrogate mother to an orphaned kangaroo.

  • Chris meets a 4-year-old cockatiel named Bubbles suffering from a discolored, overgrown beak. Can he nip this problem in the bud and get Bubbles back to health? Then, Apple the pup can't stop shaking. Will emergency vet Dr. Lisa Chimes figure out the cause and get this sweet girl into a forever home?

  • A critically endangered Fijian crested iguana is brought to the clinic with mysterious symptoms, but when Chris takes a closer look, he's shocked to discover the unusual cause of this iguana's illness. Then, a SASH vet hits the streets to help the homeless care for their beloved dogs.

  • 8-week-old kitten Coco is brought into the clinic in a coma after wedging her head into a table leg. Chris drops everything to help her recover and reunite her with her loving family.

  • Chris is called on to help a beloved neighborhood duck who's spotted with a severe limp. But after a closer look, Chris is left with more questions than answers. Then, it's a day in the life of Tim as he becomes a surrogate mother to an orphaned kangaroo.

  • Chris heads out to the Twinnie's Rescue Center and meets a cormorant with a severely broken beak. To save this bird's life, Chris will have to use a technique once famously used years ago by his father. But will the clever fix work a second time?

  • Chris and Tim give three newborn koalas their first check-up, and the SASH team treats a puppy named Yoda after he becomes very ill. Also, it's a race against time as Chris helps a dog whose eaten rat poison.

  • Chis heads to a dairy farm to treat a new mother buffalo with horns that could crush her skull. Then, Andrew meets Tora, a young pup with a broken leg, and tries to put the pieces back together.

  • It's a complicated situation for Chris as he attempts to treat a much-loved albino rat with pneumonia. Then, Brian the bulldog has a serious blockage in his airways. Can the team at SASH breathe some life back into him?

  • Dr. Chris takes on the strange case of a pug with an extra-long tongue and enlists Dr. Andrew Marchevsky's help to fix the poor pup up. Then, Tim calls Chris for a big favor on a small lizard with a broken leg.

  • Dr. Chris gives seven puppies a thorough check up before their training begins. Then, Pickles the cat is deteriorating fast. Can Lisa get her back on track? Also, a terrier with an injured paw is brought to Chris for a little TLC.

  • Busy veterinarian Dr. Chris Brown devotes his days to treating animals.

  • Chris treats a kitten with leg problems; Lisa looks for the cause of an echidna's bleeding beak.

  • Dr. Chris meets Lulu, a labradoodle with a chronic sneezing problem; Chris fears Lulu may have a tumor; a cockatiel crashes on its owner's floor.

  • Dr. Chris visits a big, boisterous lion cub; a cat that swallowed a ribbon from a birthday present; Dr. Chris helps get a cranky koala down from a tree.

  • Dr. Chris educates the owner of an overweight cat; Dr. Lisa deals with three abandoned kittens.

  • A West Highland terrier has a persistent ear problem; a howling dog has a swollen face.

  • Dr. Chris treats an abandoned kitten with extensive injuries before finding her a new home.

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