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  • TV-PG
  • 1994
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (5,425)

Earth 2 was a science fiction television series that aired on NBC from 1994 to 1995. The show was created by Michael Duggan and Carol Flint and produced by Steven Spielberg. The premise of the show was a group of colonists traveling to a distant, uninhabited planet to build a new life after the Earth had been ruined by pollution and war.

The cast of Earth 2 was led by Debrah Farentino, who played Devon Adair, the leader of the colonists. Devon was a scientist and a single mother who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and she saw the mission to the new planet as a way to give her son a future. Joey Zimmerman played Ulysses Adair, Devon's son, who had a unique ability to communicate with the alien life forms on the new planet. Clancy Brown played John Danziger, a former convict who signed on to the mission to escape his past and provide for his family. J. Madison Wright Morris played True Danziger, John's daughter, who was born on the spaceship during the journey to the new planet. Sullivan Walker played Yale, the ship's pilot who had a mysterious past. Other members of the colonist team included Jessica Steen as Dr. Julia Heller, Rebecca Gayheart as Bess Martin, John Gegenhuber as Morgan Martin, and Antonio Sabato Jr. as Alonzo Solace.

The new planet the colonists landed on had a challenging and mysterious environment, with unique life forms and dangerous terrain. The colonists faced numerous difficulties, including a lack of resources, hostile alien creatures, and rival settlers who were also on the planet seeking to claim territory. There was also a mysterious illness affecting some of the colonists, which they believed was caused by the planet's atmosphere.

Earth 2 was praised for its imaginative storytelling, strong performances, and unique world-building. The show's special effects were also impressive for the time period, and it was one of the first television shows to use computer-generated images extensively. Despite this, the show struggled in the ratings and was cancelled after only one season, ending on a cliffhanger.

Overall, Earth 2 was a compelling and ambitious science fiction show that explored themes of survival, exploration, and adventure. Its ensemble cast of well-drawn characters made it an engaging and emotionally resonant series, and its inventive storytelling made it stand out from other science fiction shows of the era. Though it was short-lived, Earth 2 left a lasting impression on many viewers and remains a beloved cult classic among science fiction fans.

Earth 2
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Flower Child
22. Flower Child
June 4, 1995
Searching for food, Danziger and Bess discover a mysterious flower that sprays them with pollen and makes them sick. Bess refuses treatment and instead feels compelled to go north, even further into the winter cold.
Natural Born Grendlers
21. Natural Born Grendlers
May 28, 1995
Some of the colonists are becoming depressed about being marooned on G889. Alonzo considers suicide, while Morgan retreats into virtual reality. But he gets upset upon learning that Bess has traded his VR equipment to a Grendler for supplies.
All About Eve
20. All About Eve
May 21, 1995
The colonists are suffering from a mysterious illness. Morgan discovers an old spaceship from Earth with a working power plant and several people still in suspended animation, and the team awakens two scientists who explain the origin of the ailment.
Survival of the Fittest
19. Survival of the Fittest
April 23, 1995
Danziger, Alonzo, Julia and Morgan try to find an old cargo pod, but the wreck has been ransacked, leaving them with little food or water. Struggling to survive the dangerous winter cold, they are forced to eat a Grendler and begin acting strangely.
The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King
18. The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King
April 23, 1995
On Uly's ninth birthday, Devon has a dream about her son, now age 25, who insists that Uly must hide a sample of his DNA deep within a Terrian cave. The mystery deepens when she realizes that the band of Terrians hates humans.
After the Thaw
17. After the Thaw
April 2, 1995
The team uncovers a perfectly preserved Terrian corpse frozen in ice. Alonzo and Morgan are soon having unusual dreams about the body returning to life, and they must ask the original penal colonists to explain Terrian views of life and death.
Brave New Pacifica
16. Brave New Pacifica
March 26, 1995
After sampling some of the substances found in an abandoned box of medical supplies, two Grendlers become addicted to human blood. Hoping to replenish their supplies, the Grendlers kidnap Julia, forcing Devon, Danziger and Alonzo to rescue her.
The Greatest Love Story Never Told
15. The Greatest Love Story Never Told
March 12, 1995
On a mission of survival in a wintry no man's land, Danziger is confronted by a stranger and must call on other humans bunking in Terrian territory for help. Devon retraces Danziger's steps without realizing True is along for the ride.
Grendlers in the Myst
14. Grendlers in the Myst
March 5, 1995
Tapping into their collective unconscious with the help of a Grendler, the group pinpoints the location of a stranger hiding out in the cold. Meanwhile, one colonist pushes to discover their true purpose.
Better Living Through Morganite (2)
13. Better Living Through Morganite (2)
February 26, 1995
Yale literally faces his past by tapping into the power of the rocks and discovering who he really is. Meanwhile, Morgan faces off with the geo-lock's power and tries to undo its effects before they become permanent.
Better Living Through Morganite (1)
12. Better Living Through Morganite (1)
February 19, 1995
After Morgan discovers a mysterious new type of rock, other members of the team begin having debilitating problems. Later, a geo-lock mishap places Bess and Morgan in an awkward situation that quickly turns dangerous.
Moon Cross
11. Moon Cross
February 5, 1995
As temperatures grow cold, the group ponders where they should hunker down for the winter. Little do they know that they have equally pressing matters to which they ought to attend. Elsewhere, another human surfaces.
10. Redemption
January 22, 1995
Alonzo defies the Eden Project colonists by going to help Julia. But when Yale is shot by a mysterious assailant, it's Julia who is able to determine that the group has been attacked by a dangerous cyborg warrior known as a ZED unit.
The Enemy Within
9. The Enemy Within
January 8, 1995
Julia starts to go mad after injecting some of Uly's DNA into her bloodstream. True uncovers the secret, but the other colonists initially doubt her story. The group is eventually forced to decide whether to help Julia, or abandon her.
The Church of Morgan
8. The Church of Morgan
December 18, 1994
Julia considers performing a dangerous medical procedure on Uly, who is becoming even more linked to the Terrians. Meanwhile, Morgan and Bess's marriage is threatened over an argument about Bess's infidelity.
7. Water
December 11, 1994
Some of the Eden Project's supplies are stolen by the Grendlers, forcing the colonists to search for another source of water. While scouting the region, Devon and Danziger encounter a group of Terrians and must prove that they come in peace.
A Memory Play
6. A Memory Play
December 4, 1994
The colonists start blaming each other for the crash. To settle them down Devon has Yale replay the incident via his robotic eye - but he finds that it was caused by sabotage. Meanwhile a search party finds some new survivors who have been stricken by a highly infectious virus.
Promises, Promises
5. Promises, Promises
November 27, 1994
Gaal enslaves Terrians using an electronic collar, and the last Terrian enlists the colonists' help to free his tribe and gain their revenge. And Uly takes a turn for the worse.
Life Lessons
4. Life Lessons
November 20, 1994
Gaal starts to stir up conflict by playing on True's disenchanment with the planet. And Alonzo, now without a ship to fly, must come to terms with his new situation.
The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)
3. The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)
November 13, 1994
The colonists encounter Gaal, another human who claims to be a stranded astronaut. Commander O'Neill turns up but when he threatens to expose him, Gaal has the commander killed by Grendlers. Meanwhile, Ulysses' health improves, and Terrian dreams haunt Alonzo.
First Contact (2)
2. First Contact (2)
November 6, 1994
It's 200 years in the future, when Earth's population is forced to live in huge space stations. A wealthy woman leads the Eden project, an expedition to colonise a distant planet she believes could offer a new beginning. But her dream is sabotaged by the government, and a small group crash-land on the planet which is inhabited by strange alien creatures.
First Contact (1)
1. First Contact (1)
November 6, 1994
It's 200 years in the future, when Earth's population is forced to live in huge space stations. A wealthy woman leads the Eden project, an expedition to colonise a distant planet she believes could offer a new beginning. But her dream is sabotaged by the government, and a small group crash-land on the planet which is inhabited by strange alien creatures.
  • Premiere Date
    November 6, 1994
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (5,425)