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Eon Kid is an animated television show that began airing in 2006. It is a show that was produced by Daewon Media and BRB Internacional. This show is a South Korean and Spanish series. However it aired in the United States as well and had 26 episodes shown. It only lasted one season so the length of the show was quite brief. However this show will likely appeal to those who like animated series shows and one's that are made with international themes. In this show viewers will get to see the life and adventures of a family. As a result this show will be quite amusing and entertaining due to its appealing content.

Like many shows, Eon Kid has a number of characters that make the story and show very intriguing. The main characters include Marty the Eon Kid, Ally, Buttons, Captain Magnum, Shadow, Gaff, Violet, Master Zhang and The Bullybots. There is also the Eon family that are the parents and siblings of Marty. They are allied with Marty's friends, the Government Central Defense and the General's Forces. These groups of people go up against the villains and often defeat them to retain peace and happiness. Due to the many characters in this show, there are a number of interesting figures to check out along with how the impact the story when watching this show.

Since this show is an animated series, it will likely appeal to kids more than adults. However it is still a quality show that many viewers will enjoy. With this show viewers will get to watch an action adventure animated series that is intriguing and therefore provides lots of entertainment. When watching this show there will be a variety of plot lines and therefore you will get to see a new adventure each time you see a new episode. Although there only 26 episodes, viewers will have plenty of times to enjoy the adventures of the Eon Kid and therefore be sure to watch a quality television series at any time.

Eon Kid is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 2007.

Where do I stream Eon Kid online? Eon Kid is available for streaming on Starz, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Eon Kid on demand at Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Hoopla online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 22, 2007
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Garry Chalk, Aidan Drummond, Ron Halder, Nicole Oliver
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Eon Kid Full Episode Guide

  • Marty heads into the Iron Tower to face off against the General but he runs into the Four Invincible Lords. Meanwhile, Ally has finally found a way to get into the Gigantor and stop Dr. Chen. But can the CDF forces and the volunteers of Orange Valley hold off long enough for Ally to make her move? And can Gaff and Shadow provide enough time for Marty to make it to the General?

  • Marty finally arrives just in the nick of time to save the injured Kahn and fights his way through the General's forces to the Tower entrance, and at the same time, Ally has finally discovered a way to stop the Gigantor and leaves for the battlefield. In Orange Valley, Orange Mama is readying her people for battle against the Gigantor, but will their support be enough to hold off the Gigantor?

  • Marty finally defeats Eiger and is ready to return when he senses Shadow fighting. He leaves to help, leaving Buttons to get to CDF headquarters with the Bullybots. Meanwhile, Kahn is starting to question the General's orders and takes matters into his own hands.

  • Marty has finally mastered the Fist and is put to the test against one of the General's elite robot warriors, Eiger the Patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Chen has finally revived the Gigantor and is ready to wipe the CDF out.

  • Marty is finally able to enter the Temple of the Iron Soul and confronts his destiny. In the midst of all that, the General has finally awakened. Is Marty too late in saving the world from the foreboding evil that is to come?

  • Marty, Buttons, and Shadow are ambushed by the Four Invincible Lords in the middle of their journey to the Temple. They survive, but now they have some new company to worry about, the White Monks.

  • Marty and Buttons leave the CDF headquarters in hopes of finding a solution to repairing the Fist of Eon. He returns to Grandmaster Zhang while being chased by the General's forces, but the Grandmaster tells him to go to the Temple of the Iron Soul in the middle of the glacier. What is so important about this mysterious temple and who is chasing Marty?

  • Marty is unconscious, and everyone is hoping for his recovery, especially Ally. Marty's mind gets taken over by the Fist and is now out of control, and this forces Chief Gibson to take drastic measures to stop him, but is it enough to free Marty from the Fist's control?

  • Marty and Ally successfully escape the Iron Tower but Marty begins having nightmares about his real father. He begins to wonder why these visions are happening to him when one of the General's elite warriors appears and fights him. He defeats the enemy but is left unconscious. Will he recover and awaken?

  • Marty, Ally, and Violet try to escape but are stopped by Kahn, the General's second-in-command. Meanwhile, the CDF forces have their hands full in rounding up the Iron Tower employees and guards but are ambushed by the General's forces and forced to retreat as the Iron Tower falls into the hands of the enemy.

  • Marty has infiltrated the Tower and is successful in finding Ally, but Steeljaw Jack intervenes and prevents him from fulfilling his mission, to rescue Ally and bring her back to safety.

  • Marty begins his quest of saving the world by saving Ally from the Iron Tower first, but runs into a lot of resistance from within the Tower itself. Will he be able to rescue Ally and come out alive?

  • Marty finally masters the power of the Fist and has gained the right to receive the chi that Master Zhang has been holding for him after 100 years. He is now ready to face the darkness of evil.

  • Now that Marty knows the truth about his family he must begin training to be the True Heir of Eon. Under the eye of the Grandmaster he must strengthen his chi and master the Fist.

  • Marty, Ally, and Buttons finally escape from Orange Mama's lair, but find themselves confronted by Orange Mama, Duke von Rhymer, and a few other old foes. With things looking down, will Marty's power and an old friend be enough to save him?

  • Orange Mama decides to have Marty fight one final battle before turning them in - against the champion of the ring. When Marty discovers that she plans to to take the fist before turning them in, he seeks out Ally and Buttons so that they can escape.

  • While Marty fights to survive against his second opponent, Ally and Buttons try to escape from the Orange Mama's cell, but their plans are foiled when Jenny convinces Orange Mama to let them have a play date with her. Will this play date turn out to be Buttons and Ally's chance to escape or will they never get out?

  • Forced to compete in the Orange Valley wrestling championship, Marty wonders how he will handle matches against super-powerful wrestlers. Meanwhile, the General's minions continue to seek out Marty's location while the army seeks out the General's minions.

  • Continuing on their journey, Marty and friends meet up with the elderly, yet fiendish Orange Mama!

  • Angry at being humiliated by Marty and his friends, a biker gang plots against them to capture them for the reward. Meanwhile, Ally's father's company anticipates her return, and everyone wonders why the young girl is so important to his plans.

  • On his way to Crystal City, Marty learns an important lesson about skill when fighting various robots and bounty hunters.

  • With the General's rebuilders at the Iron Tower after Marty, Ally, and Buttons, the unlikely trio flees to Crystal City. However, they must first get through the desert without getting caught, now that an enormous reward is being offered for their capture.

  • When Marty's father sees the Fist of Eon, he realizes that the time has come for the General to make his return. Meanwhile, Marty must learn to use his newfound powers to save Ally, who is under attack by her father's henchmen.