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The television series Evil I follows the life of serial killers. Each show features a different killer and their crimes through a series of reenactments and interviews with police and friends as well as family. They will also show some events that caused this person to take the life of another.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
June 15, 2012
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery
Cast: Justin Morck, Kai Cohen
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Evil I Full Episode Guide

  • A driver's license found in a Los Angeles trash can provides clues to the murder of a local teen.

  • When a Saint Louis news reporter covers a story on an unsolved murder he's shocked to receive a map marking the location of a body. It triggers a hunt for more victims that leads cops down into a residential basement from their worst nightmares.

  • Women are disappearing from Vancouver's streets at a disturbing rate. As Police investigate they discover that Canada's most prolific serial killer is to blame.

  • A hunter is on the prowl in eastern Ohio, stalking down human prey and brutally killing them. With no apparent motive, investigators conclude they're after a savage madman.

  • A Dallas medical examiner discovers the eyes of a murder victim have been removed, indicating the killer is a ruthless serial killer.

  • In the second season premiere, investigators discover the body of a young women strangled along the I-5 freeway. Initially, they think they have a serial killer on their hands until a new discovery reveals something far more sinister.

  • When an intruder breaks into Melinda Aguilar's apartment, she expects the worst. But Aguilar miraculously frees herself and calls for help. When Police arrest the intruder and run his background they suspect he's behind a vicious multi-state murder spree.

  • when 23-year-old Laura Houghteling goes missing police suspect the family gardener, an eccentric man with a history of cross-dressing. Laura's mother believes he's innocent but when investigators search his storage shed they make a shocking discovery.

  • After being led to a suspected murder scene, investigators scramble to find where the victims are buried.

  • A look at the case of Audrey Marie Hilley, suspected of attempting to poison her daughter.

  • Anna Hopkins daughter vanished after a night at a local bar. Patrons report that she left with an unidentified man. Hopkins stakes out the bar hoping the man will return.

  • Details of Ramon Salcido's killing spree in 1989.

  • Profile of serial killer Gary Ray Bowles.

  • An elderly patient at a hospital suddenly dies, her son recalls his mother's concern that a stranger injected her hours before her death. They suspect a local nurse who's been practicing for 20 years, with a history of mysterious and sudden deaths on his watch.

  • A series of mob murders are investigated by New Jersey police who discover the victims are connected to Richard Kuklinski.

  • Details of the heinous crimes by Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker.

  • Details of the cruel acts committed by Gary Heidnik to Josefina Rivera.

  • The crimes of Arthur Shawcross, the Genesee River Killer, are detailed in the premiere.

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