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Most crimes are not solved in an hour television show. Blood, Lies and Alibis is a program about real crimes that have been committed over the years. The investigations incur hours, months and in some cases years to sift through the evidence and suspects before them.

Blood, Lies and Alibis take the viewers through the case through the eyes of the investigators and detectives that relentlessly pursued these killers. It shows the impact the crime has taken on the families left behind.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
June 4, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mike Goral
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Blood, Lies & Alibis Full Episode Guide

  • Several women go missing from the Kansas City area shortly after traveling to Missouri to meet a man they had met online. Police surveillance of conman John Edward Robinson led them to the gruesome discovery of the women's fate.

  • The body of a local beauty queen is found in a field near Sydney, Australia. Eyewitness accounts lead to John Travers, an out of control kid and leader of a local gang. Police work tirelessly performing multiple raids to bring in the loathsome crew.

  • A week-long search for a missing 10-yr-old Indiana girl ends sadly with her body being discovered in a nearby stream. Police are misled by false confessions and stories of secret meth labs until finally DNA evidence pins the crime on Anthony Stockelman.

  • Raymond Collin's body is discovered in a snow-covered truck in downtown Timmins, Ontario. With an assortment of possible suspects, co-operation by two Ontario police departments lead to the arrest and conviction of Robin Graves and Wayne Jones.

  • College student, Atif Rafay, finds his family brutally killed in their Washington State home. Police have few leads, and are stumped when the main suspects have solid alibis.

  • The stabbing death of a 20-year-old college student is investigated.

  • When 12-year-old Dawn Backes fails to return home after being out with friends, her parents' worst nightmare comes true. Darker still, is that Dawn could be a link in a serial attacker's chain.

  • Two men are killed by masked gunmen at a house party in Fort Qu'Apelle, Saskatchewan. Detectives investigate to determine if this was intentional or random, but no one is talking.

  • Governor's aid Anne-Marie Fahey disappears in Wilmington, Delaware. Friends, family, and investigators all fear the worst. When a love triangle surfaces, it is realized that the person behind her disappearance may be someone close to home.

  • Multiple murders occur in the mid west. All have one common denominator, truck stops. It takes the dedication of one Nashville homicide detective to finally catch this psycho and put him where he belongs, behind bars.

  • A series of stabbings in Flint, Michigan.

  • Three attacks in three different states leave two people dead and police dumbfounded. Detectives try to piece together these unrelated cases, and when they do, it forms one picture no one expected.

  • Women start disappearing after traveling to Missouri to meet a man they had chatted with online.

  • After a couple is found guilty of the 1990 rape and murder of Taunja Bennett, a Portland newspaper receives a mysterious letter signed with a happy face claiming he is responsible for the crime. Ultimately, Keith Jesperson was tried and found guilty.

  • Amidst increased immigration and mounting racial tension, a man begins shooting young immigrants on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. His weapon of choice, a laser-guided rifle, would earn him the nickname "The Laser Man."

  • When a patient of respected neurologist Richard Boggs dies, suspicions arise. But an autopsy concludes the man died of natural causes. A million-dollar payout on the man's life insurance helps authorities get to the bottom of the twisted case.

  • Claude Hawkins is killed while fishing in Coshocton County, Ohio. His murder mirrors other deaths in the nearby counties and a psychological profile points to Thomas Lee Dillon as a suspect and eventual convicted murderer.

  • A Swedish pastor's wife is murdered in her bedroom. The investigation reveals a deadly affair.

  • Stephen Grant reports his wife, Tara Lynn, missing five days after claiming she left their house in an unidentified black car. The investigation soon determines Stephen as a suspect, and a search of the family's home reveals Tara Lynn's dismembered body parts.

  • Police find the body of a missing 10-year-old girl in a stream; DNA evidence is used to find the killer.

  • Richard Ramirez, known as "The Night Stalker," breaks into multiple homes in the dead of night to terrorize the people inside. After 6 months and 14 murders a gang of citizens chase and beat him. He is finally apprehended for his heinous crimes.

  • After picnicking in Oregon, Ricky Dale Hemphill is found murdered and his companion, Charla Toma, has vanished. A tip leads the investigation to former convict Edward Delen Warren, and a wild plot involving a religious retreat that got out of hand.

  • Police discover a stolen, blood-stained SUV across from missing Susan McFarland's home. Evidence links both a suspicious man and her husband, Richard, to it. When police finally find Susan's body, they tie it to Richard via a left-behind candy wrapper.

  • In 1973, Pasadena police receive a phone call from a young man who claims he has murdered Dean Corll, known as the Candy Man. Police uncover the bodies of 27 boys and learn that Corll's killer was also his accomplice.

  • Greg Markwardt kills his sister-in-law, Kathy Odom, in 1987. He remains free for nearly two decades, but new DNA techniques allow a lamp cord from the scene to be tested, proving his DNA to be a match and forcing his arrest and subsequent conviction.

  • Stacey Castor poisons her first husband with antifreeze and gets away with it. She murders her second husband the same way and attempts to murder her daughter and frame her for both deaths.

  • The 1986 murder of Helle Crafts is discussed.

  • Erin Chorney is missing for over a year. Police suspect her boyfriend but have no evidence. In an elaborate sting operation, police officers convince Chorney's killer to tell them how he strangled her to death.

  • In 1980, Jamie Kellum kills college friend, Katherine Foster, in a fit of jealous rage. Two decades later, Kellum, now Jamie Letson, reveals her past to her AA sponsor, leading police to make an arrest in a 20 year old case.

  • Career criminal Gary Evans is suspected of being responsible for the disappearance of one of his former associates. After an intense manhunt, Evans is apprehended in Vermont and confesses to a life filled with crime and killing, with five murders to his credit.

  • Profiling the heinous crimes of Gerald and Charlene Gallego, a married pair of serial killers.

  • Profiling serial killer and rapist David Alan Gore and his accomplice, his cousin Fred Waterfield.

  • When Arletha Hopkins discovers her husband is abusing her daughter she kicks him out. He seeks revenge by killing her and forcing the girl to help hide the body. No one finds out till years later when she becomes pregnant and the story spills out.

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