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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to journey across Africa in search of Dr. David Livingstone as Henry Morton Stanley did years ago? Wonder no more. Join four modern explorers as they recreate the 970-mile expedition with only a compass, basic maps and Dr. Stanley's journals -- and do it in 30 days. The explorers include a navigator, survivalist, journalist and wildlife expert. Survival will depend on the explorers working as a team. With the magnificent vistas of Africa providing a beautiful backdrop of adventure, watch the expedition fight killer snakes, crocodiles, disease, traverse jungles and swamps.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
1 Season, 7 Episodes
May 31, 2009
Cast: Mireya Mayor, Pasquale Scaturro, Kevin Sites, Benedict Allen
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Expedition Africa Full Episode Guide

  • Spirits are on the upswing as the expedition starts its trek to the Malagarasi. With the finish line is finally in sight, the three experienced explorers use their common love of exploration to help them put aside their differences and enjoy the remainder of the expedition while Kevin has his sights set on the finish line. The group reaches an abandoned village where they reluctantly set up camp near croc-infested waters (they would learn that the village was abandoned because crocs attacked the children). Pasquale and Benedict find themselves getting along, while Kevin grows frustrated. The next day, Pasquale wants to get moving early because thunderstorms and danger loom on the horizon. They make their way to their next campsite, where a night of chatting leads the explorers to open up about their pasts and gives them a better perspective on their fellow expedition mates. The next day, they will begin the final trek toward Ujiji. They must say goodbye to the porters who have helped them come this far. But now, traveling alone, the rains come...

  • enedict and Pasquale reach an uneasy truce as the explorers trek to Tabora, site of the Livingstone house. There, one of the team comes down with malaria – ironically, the same place where Stanley contracted it. This puts the future of the expedition entirely in question. In the end, they decide to continue, and the Expedition heads off toward an uncertain future, knowing any relapse could lead to their failure. Time is critical if they want to make Ujiji in 30 days.With one of the team ill and needing care, the balance of power changes, and the group is exhausted. They make camp, but must build fires to ward off the danger from hippos. After a decision to rest for a day, confrontations ensue. Two of the team get into a huge fight, putting team unity – and hope for a successful expedition – into shambles.

  • In this episode, the explorers arrive at the Bahi Swamp, which despite its name is a harsh desert landscape. The explorers arrange for donkeys to help carry supplies for the next stage of the trip, and plan to beat the heat by setting out early. Tempers begin to fray when things don’t work out as planned, and things only get worse when the group sees what’s ahead of them: a massive stretch of desert with no shade or protection from the sun. Will divisions jeopardize their survival?

  • Terrible weather conditions turn the expedition into a struggle for survival. As the explorers begin the day’s hike, they realize the rainy season is closing in on them more quickly than they thought. Their progress is hampered by heavy downpours, and the group begins to fear hypothermia as they are forced to slog through mud and rain. When serious illness hits one member of the expedition, the explorers begin to wonder if they will ever get out of Sagara

  • In part 3, the need for fresh water has hit the critical point as they cross the Mkata Plain. Meanwhile, the explorers encounter a variety of wildlife; become fearful of lions as they pass through 10-foot high grass. Also, one of the explorers becomes injured, and two others are nearing a confrontation mode.

  • To make a journey over the Uluguru Mountains will test your patients, endurance and fears, which is why the rest of the team is frustrated that Pasquale, who's in the lead, is refusing to go slowly. one porter succumbs to the heat and exhaustion; and Kevin fears walking off the side of a sheer cliff.

  • Four explorers begin their trek through the jungle, but after just 10 miles, find themselves hampered by personality conflicts and poor organization.

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