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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
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Facing Trauma is a compelling and informative documentary series that explores the physical and emotional scars of trauma in individuals. The show is hosted by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jacono, who uses his medical expertise to help survivors of traumatic experiences address their physical scars while also addressing the emotional trauma that they have endured.

Each episode of Facing Trauma follows a different patient as they begin their journey of healing with Dr. Jacono. The patients range from survivors of accidents and assaults to those who have undergone significant physical changes as a result of medical conditions. They all share one thing in common - their physical scars have left emotional trauma that has yet to be addressed.

The show offers a unique perspective on trauma recovery, as Dr. Jacono not only offers surgical treatments, but he also provides psychological support to his patients. He helps them confront their fears and address the emotional wounds that they may have been avoiding for years.

The show's host, Dr. Andrew Jacono, is a plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He is board-certified in both facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as head and neck surgery. Dr. Jacono is known for his compassionate approach to his patients, and in Facing Trauma, he showcases his dedication to helping patients recover physically and emotionally from the effects of trauma.

Throughout the series, viewers are given an inside look at the surgical procedures that Dr. Jacono performs on his patients. From reconstructive surgeries to address injuries sustained in accidents, to facial surgeries to restore self-confidence, each procedure is unique to the patient's needs.

But the show doesn't just focus on the physical aspect of trauma recovery. Dr. Jacono also works alongside therapists and counselors to provide his patients with the emotional support they need to move forward. Viewers witness patients digging deep to process their emotions and confront their trauma in ways they may never have before.

One of the most impactful facets of the show is the honest and raw discussions that Dr. Jacono has with his patients. He doesn't shy away from difficult conversations, and he encourages his patients to share their emotions and be vulnerable. These conversations are often emotional and difficult, but they allow the patients to confront their trauma and start the healing process.

Facing Trauma is a show that highlights the power of resilience and the human spirit. It showcases how trauma can impact a person's life in a myriad of ways, and the lengths that individuals will go to overcome it. It's a show that leaves viewers inspired and in awe of the resilience of the human spirit.

In conclusion, Facing Trauma is a captivating and emotional documentary series that takes an in-depth look at how trauma can impact a person's life. With the guidance of Dr. Andrew Jacono, viewers are given a firsthand look at how medical and emotional support can help individuals heal from physical and emotional scars. The series is both inspiring and heartbreaking, as viewers witness patients confront their trauma in a way that is both vulnerable and empowering. Facing Trauma is a must-watch show for anyone looking to understand the complexities of trauma and the healing process.

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Evelyn / Ashley
6. Evelyn / Ashley
November 23, 2011
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Brittany / Shakeera
5. Brittany / Shakeera
November 16, 2011
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Sharon / Christine
4. Sharon / Christine
November 9, 2011
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Mary / Haley
3. Mary / Haley
November 2, 2011
A violent relationship leaves a woman needing reconstructive surgery; and a woman run over by a car is recovering both physically and emotionally.
Alyssa / Kateshia
2. Alyssa / Kateshia
October 26, 2011
Facial reconstructive surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono helps two women move on from tragedy. Alyssa's face was severely disfigured in a car accident.
1. Pilot
February 20, 2011
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    February 20, 2011
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