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Every once in awhile, something comes along that changes things. You know, that one great invention that people wonder what they did before without it. The light bulb, the car, the telephone, the Internet - all great revolutions that changed mankind. "Facts of Fishing" THE SHOW may not be one of the greatest inventions ever, but it did totally change the way people viewed fishing shows. Up until the launch, many fishing shows were seen as boring, quiet, sleepy fishing shows. You know, the same one your great granddaddy used to fall asleep to every Saturday morning.

Facts of Fishing is a series that is currently running and has 13 seasons (94 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 2008.

Facts of Fishing is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Facts of Fishing on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Tuesday 10:30 AM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
13 Seasons, 94 Episodes
April 8, 2008
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Facts of Fishing Full Episode Guide

  • It's all about Top Tactics at Facts of Fishing, how Dave caught them this year and what made them MUNCH!

  • It's all about Top Tactics at Facts of Fishing, how Dave caught them this year and what made them MUNCH!

  • Dave's back on Mother Erie with his pal Simon Frost, dropshotting for giant smallies.

  • Who says you need a boat to catch the big ones? Watch Dave as he slams these largies from the bank.

  • Watch as Dave learns the game of Simon Says while fishing with Lake Erie Super-Stick Simon "The Iceman" Frost.

  • This week Dave goes out with his good friend, Great Lakes Salmon Specialist Scotty Richardson in search of super-sized Lake Ontario salmon!

  • Jerk, jerk, pause equals jerk, jerk, jaws.

  • This week Dave takes advantage of these bass trying to fatten up for the winter! Get ready as the fall feed bag is in full swing!

  • Do fish really bite better in the rain? Who knows? But today Dave is going to find out.

  • Dave kicks off the season by un-boxing a new bait. This one just happens to be designed by 2-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Jordon Lee.

  • How many different trout species can Dave catch on the Niagara in one day? Find out, and learn how to do the same on your river.

  • Smallmouth bass, in the Winter? Are you serious? Dave is! Learn how to cash in on the late season smallmouth bite.

  • Every year brown trout rush up Great Lakes tributaries to spawn, but did you know post-spawn offers some of the best opportunities to catch these nuggets of gold?

  • Dave tackles the fall bite using spinner bait techniques to break down how, when and where to find the fish munching.

  • When most anglers think of northern pike there imagination turns to shallow back bays. But sometimes delving deeper for gators pays off big time.

  • The jerk bait is truly a cold water weapon that seems to heat up the colder the water gets.

  • Ever have a random lake that you have always driven past & wanted to fish? Well that's exactly what we did for this FOF episode.

  • Do the fish bite better in the rain? We try answer that very question by concurring some Cree Lake critters with teeth!

  • If you put a split shot rig & a Carolina rig together you may end up with what Dave calls the "slip-a-lina" rig?

  • Cree Lake Saskatchewan may just be the greatest giant pike body of water in the world. These shallow water gators don't like swimbaits.......they hate them.

  • Are you using the wrong bait or simply the wrong rig? There is more than one way to rig a Jerk Shad for spring time small jaw.

  • Big baits, big bass & big trouble, yep this show features all 3 of the above. Thumping a magnum Shad crankbait = big fish and before Dave knows it Big Trouble.