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  • TV-PG
  • 2014
  • 3 Seasons
  • 5.4  (257)

Fat N' Furious Rolling Thunder is an exhilarating reality show, aired on the Discovery Channel, that follows the adventures of the Fat N' Furious crew, consisting of Steve McGranahan, Tommy Christmas, and Chuck Kountz. The show revolves around their passion for muscle cars, their workshop, and their unique approach to creating the perfect drag racing machines.

Throughout the course of the show, viewers get to know the characters of the Fat N' Furious crew, their fascinating backgrounds and how they came to be involved in the world of high-performance cars. Steve McGranahan, known as the "strongest man in the world", is a former SWAT team member, while Tommy Christmas is a seasoned drag racer, having competed nationally for years. Chuck Kountz, on the other hand, is a master mechanic who has been building cars for over 30 years.

The viewer's excitement accelerates as the Fat N' Furious team takes on one project after another, from restoring classic muscle cars to customizing drag racing monsters. They work tirelessly in their workshop, pouring all their skills and savoir-faire into each project, and as each build takes shape, they hit the road to test their vehicles at various racing events around the country.

The team takes pride in their unconventional approach to building cars, which often involves mixing and matching different models and brands to create unique automobiles. They are impossible to miss at the racing events they attend, as their vehicles are always loud, colorful, and impressive. There is never a dull moment on the show as the Fat N' Furious crew navigates unexpected issues, such as blown engines or faulty parts.

One of the show's most enjoyable aspects is the camaraderie between the crew members, which is evident throughout each episode, as they joke around, share stories and knowledge, and constantly push each other to excel. While their love for cars may be the glue that binds them together, it is their friendship and unwavering support for each other that keeps them going during the most challenging times.

Throughout the show, the Fat N' Furious team faces several obstacles that test their resolve, from tight deadlines to unexpected hurdles that threaten to derail their projects. However, they always manage to come through, thanks to their resilience, expertise, and unwavering determination.

Overall, Fat N' Furious Rolling Thunder is an adrenaline-fueled show that offers viewers a peek into the world of high-performance car building and drag racing. It's an enjoyable and exciting ride, filled with breathtaking rides, automotive eye candy, and a cast of likable characters who are always up for a challenge. If you're a car enthusiast, this is a show you don't want to miss!

Fat N' Furious Rolling Thunder is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on June 23, 2014.

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Fly Falcon Fly
8. Fly Falcon Fly
July 18, 2016
Tommy rebuilds his 65' Ford Falcon to enter in the final race of the season at Quaker City Motorsports Park. Also, the Christmas Auto boys beef up a 73' Gran Torino for a fireman that wants to race one of his colleagues on a road course.
1,000 Horses
7. 1,000 Horses
July 11, 2016
Tommy and the gang at Christmas Auto commission a '74 Ford Pinto Wagon from a client who wants it to be a 12 second street beast. Also, the boys bring in a '67 Plymouth Belvedere from a client who wants a 1000hp, 9 second Super Stock clone.
Hellcat Challenger
6. Hellcat Challenger
June 13, 2016
A '67 Dodge Dart is commissioned for a soldier; a 72' Dodge Challenger is made for a young man.
Muddin' And Monzas
5. Muddin' And Monzas
June 6, 2016
A 1980 Chevy Monza is reconstructed for racing. In addition, a 1974 Ford Bronco is remodeled into an off-road vehicle for Truck Night.
Monster Riviera
4. Monster Riviera
May 23, 2016
A '65 Buick Riviera undertaking is worked on. Later, the boys restore a '85 Chevy El Camino.
Go Gto Go
3. Go Gto Go
May 16, 2016
A '66 Pontiac GTO is constructed for a road course. Later, a 63' Impala low rider is revamped.
Mopar Muscle
2. Mopar Muscle
May 9, 2016
Tommy and the guys revamp a teacher's 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner GTX to race an imported, DIY-Tuner Car that a former pupil has been boasting about. Also, a son brings in a '59 Lincoln Continental to be fixed up in memory of his late mother.
The Chevy Connection
1. The Chevy Connection
May 2, 2016
Tommy consents to restore a '68 Chevelle for a client who hopes to hand it down to her boy. It belonged her late husband and she desires to keep it in the family. Also, the guys dig up a '71 Chevy C10 from a client who wishes for his pickup to be converted into a sleeper.
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Fat N' Furious Rolling Thunder is available for streaming on the Discovery Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fat N' Furious Rolling Thunder on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    June 23, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    5.4  (257)