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The Food Network Challenge is a competitive television series show that will air on the Food Network channel. Each one of the episodes will feature a professional chef who is on a time limit within their own professional specialty. The winner of the challenge will receive a gold medal along with a check for $10,000.

The competition is going to be judged by other specialists within the culinary bracket who fit into the specific challenge. The contestants, or rather the chefs, on the show are given an 8-hour window to complete the test where there are specific rules that must be followed. For example, the cake competitions will require that the cake be a maximum and minimum height. The cake must also adhere to a specific theme and has to be moved to be judged without the cake falling or tipping over. At the end of the challenge, the host of the show will say, Competitors, Stop Your Work.

The episodes for the show are actually filmed in front of an audience where there is a tourist attraction nearby or filmed at the tourist attraction. The challenges will depend on the exact competition and can range from two people to hundreds of people. There are some competitions that are held to examine which of the competitors is best each week. There are the occasional competitions that are held as championships or even by invitation only.

The winner of the competition will receive a check, usually for $10,000, along with the gold medal. In the more invested challenges, the winner will be competing for different levels of medals along with a higher stake of prize money. In these competitions, the winner will generally receive a check for up to $50,000.

Food Network Challenge is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (235 episodes). The series first aired on February 3, 2007.

Food Network Challenge is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Food Network Challenge on demand atPhilo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Food Network, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
12 Seasons, 235 Episodes
February 3, 2007
Cast: Keegan Gerhard
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Food Network Challenge Full Episode Guide

  • Challenge celebrates the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future.

  • Cakes that breathe fire, blast water and shoot electricity -- anything goes as Challenge takes on Pokemon cakes. Ian Ziering welcomes four top cake artists to the kitchen, and the three finalists must find a way to shoot thunderbolts, fire razor leaves and ignite flames on their cakes. The cake and artist with the best battle moves will be crowned the Challenge champion and take home $10,000.

  • Ian Ziering welcomes four cake artists to the kitchen as Challenge celebrates the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Winning Food Network Challenge takes courage, brains and a lot of heart, and although four start the journey, only three will continue down the yellow brick road. In the end, one Challenger's ruby red slippers will walk away with $10,000.

  • Ian Ziering hosts a flurry of action in the kitchen as four cake artists hop off the bunny slope and take on a black diamond challenge: winter sports cakes. The judges send one Challenger home after the first round, and the final three skate to the finish line, but only one will take home the gold medal and $10,000.

  • Challenge celebrates one of the most-beloved holiday films of all time, A Christmas Story. Host Ian Ziering welcomes four competitors, and there's no shortage of "Oh ffffudge!" moments on this wild ride. One competitor is sent home, and the remaining three go on to vie for $10,000 and the ultimate prestige title, Food Network Challenge Champion.

  • In this holiday special, four cake designers use inspiration from Christmas tales and carols to create their cakes.

  • Four of the top cake designers in America are celebrating Thanksgiving by making cakes inspired by "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." Plus, a special surprise is in store for the competitors that will make this holiday unforgettable.

  • Four cake designers compete to create masterpieces inspired by the LEGO toy universe. The winner will receive ten thousand dollars.

  • Four top cake artists compete to create ghost story cakes that thrill and chill. The winner will receive ten thousand dollars.

  • Things get weird when four of the best cake designers on Earth give us their take on aliens from outer space. The alien cakes must also come to life with special effects. The winner will walk away with $10,000.

  • Extreme cakes inspired by Disney's The Lion King are created by four competitors. $10,000 is awarded to the winner of the challenge.

  • Four pastry chefs create pirate-themed cakes in a competition for $10,000.

  • Top cake designers compete to create the ultimate dinosaur cake for the grand prize.

  • Four of the best cake designers in the country compete to create the best Smurfs cake for the grand prize.

  • Four chocolatiers will create their version of a mythical creature and must bring it to life.

  • Four gifted cake artists create Star Wars cakes to celebrate the grand re-opening of Disney Resort's Star Tours ride.

  • Four top cake decorators get in touch with their passionate side by creating the cover of their very own original Romance Novel out of cake.

  • Four cake designers create cakes that celebrate the fads, fashion and music of the 1980s, with surprise guest judge - 80's pop superstar Tiffany.

  • Four top chocolatiers create scenes straight out of the old west.

  • Four cake designers compete for the Challenge Championship Title. Their task includes creating WWE Wrestling cakes that include the Superstars and their signature moves.

  • Four Sugar Artists create four tres chic sugar ensembles, complete with accessories for four mannequins that are four miles away.

  • Three pastry chefs must build a Rube Goldberg machine - an elaborate machine that accomplishes a simple task - out of sugar.

  • Four of the best donut bakers prepare some of their original recipes.

  • Four cake artists are given eight hours to create cakes inspired by the original film, Hop, in which the Easter Bunny's son EB runs away from Easter Island to pursue his dream of being a rock & roll drummer.

  • Four Cake Designers compete in a cake car demolition derby and create two cakes. The first: A super-sized, super-cool fantasy demo derby car with lights, exhaust and moving parts. The second: A smaller, remote-controlled cake on wheels for TV's first cake demo derby! $2,000 goes to the derby winner. $10,000 goes to the best big cake.

  • Four Cake Designers attempt to capture the spirit of Fat Tuesday in their cakes. The cake with best take on the bayou's biggest party dances away with $10,000.

  • Four cake designers create life-size replicas of show dogs.

  • Four chocolatiers create a backdrop for a wedding proposal.

  • Four Cake Designers create cakes that actually tell jokes!

  • Four Cake Designers recreate bugs at least 3-feet tall - with moving parts - using cake.