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The Food Network Holidays is a series brought to you by Food Network stars. The show features dozens of holiday recipes. This will help with preparing and cooking main dishes, sides, and desserts. Some of the episodes will show how to make items like ham and prime rib. As with all the holidays, the Food Network Holidays will teach how to make famous desserts such as chocolate peppermint ice cream, yule log, and fabulous fudge.

Food Network Holidays is a Food series that is currently running and has 22 seasons (82 episodes). The series first aired on November 8, 2010.

Food Network Holidays is available for streaming on the Food Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Food Network Holidays on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Food Network
22 Seasons, 82 Episodes
November 8, 2010
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Food Network Holidays Full Episode Guide

  • First, learn why Manwich has been a sloppy joe sensation for over 40 years. Next, Subway has a sandwich to feed a giant appetite, and when it comes to peanut butter sandwiches, Skippy has things covered.

  • First, witness the clash of two titanic flavors with Doritos Collisions chips. Next, how do cream and milk come together to create the essential coffee complement? The Sassy Cow Creamery shows how they produce Half & Half.

  • First, Nestle reveals some surprising ingredients in an old favorite, the Butterfinger. Then, crab legs aren't the only things hopping at Joe's Crab Shack. And what kind of company produces elbows and hair?

  • First, Great American Cookies are always big, but one cookie is so huge you'll need friends to help eat it! Tornado Fries are a new, twisty take on french fries, and they're already as popular as they are giant!

  • First, chocolate, caramel and nougat form a candy bar that's out of this world in Mars' Milky Way. Next, see how NASA prepares its space food at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

  • First, Swiss Colony makes a hat that's too tiny to wear, but it's the perfect size for snacking! Roses blossom at Signature Brands so you can decorate your own cake, and Dreyer's uses a little flavor magic to turn ice cream into cake.

  • First, one company makes chicken nuggets a little wild, then check out a Swiss Colony treat that's as much fun as a barrel of monkeys. Also, polar bear paws are huge, especially at See's Candies! They make 89,000 pounds of them every year.

  • First, we'll set our mouths on fire with Atomic Fireballs like you've never seen before! Then, check out a hot Korean dish that's a hot hit in America, and find out how Frank's Red Hot Sauce fills 500 fiery bottles every minute!

  • First up, follow us to Blue Bunny, where we'll see how to make the perfect banana split, then Fisher Nuts has a less traditional version of that midnight treat. Later, Mrs. Fields delivers a giant cookie with a little twist.

  • Hostess reveals how those legendary cupcakes get their sweet, creamy centers. Then, Chipotle knows how to pack a burrito and Mrs. Cubbison's bakes more than 65,000 loaves of bread every day to keep America satisfied with stuffing.

  • This St. Patty's Day, Guy Fieri's got your menu so you can focus on your wardrobe.

  • Guy Fieri eases up on the calories but keeps a heavy hand with the flavor.

  • Sometimes flavors just go together, and today Guy's playing culinary matchmaker.

  • Guy invites buddy and hair style twin Anne Burrell over for an afternoon of culinary mayhem.

  • Guy fires up the romance with a spicy meal inspired by his Mexican vacations.

  • Guy Fieri dusts off favorite old recipes that are high on flavor but low on cost.

  • Tender turkey patties on rye with gruyere and mushrooms, along with a cheddar-topped potato salad, will satisfy hungry fans and linebackers alike. To toast your team's win, a grape mojito inspired by Guy's hometown.

  • Fall in love with Popeye's favorite food with Guy's "Spinach Converter" menu.

  • Guy Fieri brings new flavors to his holiday table.

  • Guy's bringing you big flavors in a big hurry and with his friend Terry Chandler's Ten-Gallon Hat-sized taste buds.

  • Guy Fieri's upping his chicken and rice game with a trip down the produce aisle.

  • Guy puts pork in the limelight with a rich pork and chicken cassoulet - Pork-Oulet!

  • Gary is topping hot dogs with his Green Tomato Chutney, and Guy is roasting giant Turkey Legs in Maple-Bourbon Brine. The also make Cheesy jumbo pretzels topped like everything bagels and bourbon-spiked Tailgate Sweet Tea.

  • Guy Fieri shares a menu of his mom's favorite comfort foods.

  • Guy honors US troops with a hearty, finger-lickin' good meal. Satay Chicken Wraps in naan bread with spicy peanut sauce really satisfy

  • Guy invites Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives friend Vickie Ochoa over for a Southwestern spread.

  • If you've read the tabloids, you know Guy's a pal of pork. So for this week he's scaring up a menu featuring Spanish Pork Blade Steaks, Guy's Spicy Spanish Rice, and a Mango Island Margarita.

  • Guy whips up a kid-friendly feast with pal Sunny Anderson.

  • Guy Fieri's cooking helpline is open! He's curing dinner boredom everywhere.