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Franklin the turtle lives with his Mom, Dad and little sister Harriet in a diverse community of animal families called Woodland. He's a typical boy who plays with his best friend, Bear, and the other kids in the neighborhood. There are Beaver, Fox, Rabbit, Goose, Badger and their smallest friend, Snail.

Like most kids, Franklin and his friends go to school where Mr. Owl teaches them life lessons along with their school work. Franklin sometimes struggles with right and wrong but always has the support and guidance of his parents and grandparents, who live on a farm a little distance away, as well as his Aunt T and the rest of the adults in Woodland.

Franklin is a great role model for kids as he is always thoughtful of other people's feelings. Little sister Harriet tries his patience sometimes, as little sisters often do, but, with the help of his parents, he's learning how to be the best big brother ever.

Franklin faces the same challenges each day that your kids do. They can learn to handle difficult situations by following the example of the little turtle who wears a baseball cap and rides a bike just like they do.

Treehouse TV
6 Seasons, 79 Episodes
November 3, 1997
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Noah Reid, Leah Renee, Elizabeth Saunders, Richard Newman
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Franklin Full Episode Guide

  • To make the topic of "transportation" more interesting, Mr. Owl asks his students to build go-carts. Franklin, Bear and Snail team up for the class project, but have difficulty scavenging enough wheels. After making a lot of design modifications, they submit a two-wheeled go-cart that surprises the entire class;Inspired by Franklin's heroics while pretending to be the Green Knight, Snail, a trusty squire, expresses a desire to become a knight too. The two friends embark on a challenging quest so that Snail can prove his worthiness. Along the way, more knights join the quest and repeatedly interfere with Snail's chance to show how brave and daring he can be

  • Franklin and Bear arrive late at the library for a meeting about a forthcoming charity bike ride. Hearing only the tail end of Mrs. Goose's announcement, the boys assume they'll be competing in a bike "race". While all their friends are going door to door collecting pledges, Franklin and Bear spend all their time training for race day. By the time they realize the event is a fundraiser, it's too late. However, the boys get a chance to redeem themselves when a newspaper reporter sponsors their ride, hoping it will make good news story;Bear hits the jackpot when his bent penny jams a vending machine and gives him a huge load of candy. His good pal Franklin is one of many happy recipients who share in the unexpected windfall. When Franklin realizes the big loser is Mr. Mole, the owner of the machine, he looks for Bear to return the uneaten candy...but unfortunately it's all gone. While attempting to repay the machine with pennies from their own piggy banks, Franklin and Bear are confronted by Mr. Mole. The boys' explanation sounds far-fetched, but because Franklin makes a habit of being honest, Mr. Mole believes them

  • Franklin is chosen to coach the soccer team while Mrs. Porcupine is away. However, his easy-going approach is causing his team to slack-off. Beaver sees a lack of strong leadership and steps in to take command. Her coaching style is so tough that the players walk off the field in protest. When Franklin and Beaver combine their coaching strengths, the team performs much better;A cracked limb supporting the tree fort gives Franklin and Bear cause for concern. They decide it's better to be safe than sorry and make the unsafe tree fort off limits to everyone. Their friends complain about their over-cautious behavior, but one windy day, Franklin and Bear are finally thanked for averting a disaster

  • On his mother's urging, Franklin curbs his use of the word "stupid" when he gets mad. But old habits die hard and Franklin has an outburst in front of his impressionable sister. Now Harriet's saying the forbidden word and enjoying the reaction she gets every time she utters it. Franklin tries desperately to conceal from his parents the new word he's taught his little sister;Franklin and Bear have a hard time convincing their friends that they've seen a sea serpent in Woodland Pond. After realizing it was just a floating toy they saw, the boys feel too silly to admit it to their friends and fabricate evidence to support their bogus story. Little do they know that their friends are already wise to their shenanigans

  • Franklin eagerly accepts an invitation to join Goose at her family's annual migration celebration. But Franklin gets cold feet when he learns the tradition includes taking part in a ceremonial dance. Once Franklin gets involved in all the merriment, he has as much fun as his feathered friends;The school camera club is having a photography exhibit and Franklin is determined to take a butterfly picture for the show. But the butterfly won't sit still and Franklin uses up his roll of film without getting a single shot. His discouragement is soon forgotten when Franklin sees the interesting images he took by accident

  • Franklin unintentionally exposes Skunk's secret that she doesn't know how to swim, embarrassing her in front of her friends. Later, Skunk finds out that Franklin has something to hide too; a skin rash on his foot. Franklin is reluctant to go to the school swimming party, fearing Skunk will take that opportunity to get even by telling his secret in front of everyone;Franklin has an embarrassing moment on the soccer field and scores a goal against his own team. Regardless of how funny it is, Franklin is upset that Bear, his best friend, is laughing harder than everyone. In the end, Franklin learns to deal with life's embarrassing moments by laughing along with his friends.

  • As a new member of the Woodland Trailblazers, Franklin is eager to learn new skills and earn cool-looking merit badges. Harriet is too little to be a Trailblazer, but she's very interested in everything her big brother is doing, and often gets in his way. After Franklin decides to show more patience toward his little sister and share his time with her, he earns an unexpected merit badge from the troop leader;When the novelty of looking at the moon and stars quickly fades, Franklin trades his new telescope to Beaver for her pup tent. Beaver's avid interest in astronomy reveals wonders in the night sky that Franklin is amazed to see. Now he wants his telescope back, but Beaver in intent on keeping it. A compromise is made when Franklin proposes an idea for a hilltop observatory

  • Franklin wins a contest to skate with professional hockey star, Bill Buffalo. Overcome with nervous jitters, Franklin performs poorly at the arena in front of family and friends and worst of all, his hockey hero. When Bill Buffalo secretly visits the frozen pond to watch the local kids play hockey, he sees how skillful a player Franklin truly is;Franklin feels responsible for Harriet scraping her knee in a wagon ride mishap. To preclude all risk of future injury, Franklin becomes overprotective and discourages Harriet from doing just about everything. Eventually Franklin learns that small scrapes and bruises are part of growing up as we explore and play in the world around us

  • Franklin and Bear are having so much fun skateboarding at the playground, that they forget about their parents' sundown curfew. They arrive home in the nick of time by taking an unapproved shortcut through a ravine that's infested with poison ivy. Unable to conceal their itchy rashes, the boys confess the unfamiliar route they took home. Franklin and Bear take an unapproved shortcut through a ravine and get an itchy poison ivy rash;Franklin takes his goldfish, Goldie, on a family picnic by the pond. While frolicking by the water's edge, Harriet accidentally tips Goldie's fishbowl and the little fish becomes lost in the big pond. Franklin ignores Harriet's heartfelt apologies as he struggles to deal with the loss of his beloved pet. Franklin has an emotional struggle to accept Harriet's apology for losing his pet goldfish

  • Franklin and Bear have been making homemade cookies for a while now and this time, they've made their biggest batch ever. They want them to last a long time, but are tempted to eat them all up at once. After Bear literally gets his paw caught in the cookie jar, they find the cookies to be the least of their worries.

  • Franklin and Bear want their homemade cookies to last a long time, but they're overcome with the temptation to eat more than the daily ration. Their self-control becomes much easier when Bear's paw becomes stuck in the cookie jar;Franklin's aversion to unfamiliar foods becomes more intense when he learns about the strange menu at Beaver's upcoming picnic. Luckily, Skunk is bringing pizza, but if Franklin and Bear don't get to the picnic on time, they'll be eating twig salad and green algae pie

  • Franklin and Beaver discover an impressive piece of quartz, but problems with its shared ownership creates problems with their friendship. When Franklin and Beaver realize how unpleasant their quarrelling is to others, they decide to give their rock specimen away;During a soccer match, Snail deflects the ball and scores the winning goal, but the victory comes at the cost of a cracked shell. Despite Franklin's advice, Snail refuses to tell his parents about the injury for fear of being pulled from the team. Putting his friendship on the line, Franklin gives Snail one more chance to tell his parents or he will have to do it for him

  • Franklin and friends engage themselves in wacky tests of endurance when Gee Whiz Magazine offers its young readers a chance to be famous. Franklin and Bear soon discover that holding hands for a whole day is a bigger challenge than they first thought;Franklin's patience is put to the test when a trip to the circus is delayed by Mom and Dad's need to complete some household chores. Franklin learns the long wait can be more fun when he and his friends stage an impromptu circus performance of their own

  • Franklin learns that bigger isn't always better when he and his friends create a parade float of mammoth proportions. As the time draws near for the parade to begin, the ambitious young crew realize they haven't got the strength to move it. A variation on the traditional parade allows everyone to see what the boys have made;Skunk is sad that she's moving and so are her friends. Franklin organizes a surprise party at the tree house to boost everyone's spirits, but the surprise turns out to be the location of the Skunk family's new home

  • Franklin feels he's neglected his duties as big brother in preparing Harriet for school. His intensive math and spelling program is lost on Harriet, who just wants to play. Franklin discovers in the end that what seems like play time to him, is learning time for young Harriet;Franklin discovers that his sneezing outbursts only happen when he's near Bear! The two boys do their best to maintain a close friendship without getting too close, but it isn't easy. A coating of mud on his fur-bearing friend leads Franklin to an allergy cure

  • Franklin gets tired of reading Harriet's favourite book to her over and over and devises a plan to have it go temporarily missing. When the plan backfires and the book really does become lost, Franklin must go to great lengths to replace it;Franklin's new friendship with Beaver's cousin Betty comes to an unexpected end after someone suggests he now has a girlfriend. Ultimately, Franklin ignores the good-natured teasing and resumes having fun with his new friend - and if she happens to be a girl, who cares?

  • Franklin overextends himself when he tries to attend Bear's ball game and Beaver's art show at the same time. Madly riding back and forth on his bicycle, Franklin soon becomes exhausted and confused, giving neither event the attention it deserves;Franklin and Bear are aspiring hockey pros who already have one big fan - Mrs. Muskrat. She regularly comes to the rink with words of encouragement and mugs of hot chocolate. When Franklin and Bear have the opportunity to meet hockey star, Coyote, they ask who his hockey hero used to be. To their surprise, Coyote praises the greatness of someone who never scored a goal

  • The Churchill Bears are passing through town and Mr. Mole arranges an exhibition game with Franklin's less experienced baseball team. Franklin and friends are certain they'll be humiliated in front of the hometown spectators, but the visiting coach surprises them by trading some players to even up the teams;To promote literacy, the library is giving out tee-shirts to young readers, and Franklin wants to be the first one in the neighbourhood to wear one. Franklin succeeds in the challenge, but discovers he's read all his books so fast, he didn't get a chance to enjoy them

  • Franklin and Bear have grown a giant pumpkin that's a contender for first prize at the county fair. While en route to the official weigh-in, their pumpkin rolls away and has an unfortunate accident. With help from Mrs. Muskrat, the boys still create something worthy of a fair competition;Franklin wants to play music with Beaver and Bear, but his little sister refuses to give up the drum he needs. After making a number of musical instruments to trade with Harriet, Franklin realizes he doesn't need the drum anymore. His new dilemma is trying to decide which homemade instrument to play first

  • Franklin and his friends have a backyard camp out and decide to stay awake all night and watch the sunrise. Bear and Snail eventually succumb to the sandman, but Franklin and Rabbit manage to keep their weary eyes open until dawn. They've stayed awake all night, but can they stay awake for a pancake breakfast?;Striking up a deal with Dad to do extra chores, Franklin gets an advance on his allowance and buys the much coveted Super Snooper Spy Kit. Franklin finds it difficult to keep his part of the bargain, now that he already possesses the object for which he was saving

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