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In this epic prequel to the Gai-Rei series, Gai-Rei: Zero details the story of Kagura Tsuchimiya and Yomi Isayama and how the sister-like friends became bitter rivals. Suffering from respective tragedies the two girls struggle to overcome their family burden of being exorcists and fight to survive in a world where you can show no weakness.

So when the Japanese Ministry of Defense's Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters is decimated by Kasha (invisible spirits) and a mysterious woman wielding a katana everyone is baffled. The attack leaves only a small portion of the task force, including one katana wielding school girl, alive.

All that's left for the Paranormal Disaster Coutermeasure Headquaters and the assisting Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division to do is to figure out what caused Yomi Isayami to go rogue and how Kagura Tsuchimiya is connected.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 11, 2008
Action & Adventure, Anime
Cast: Tetsuya Kakihara, Misato Fukuen, Eri Kitamura, Tomoaki Maeno
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Ga-Rei-Zero Full Episode Guide

  • The SDCD gets a lock on Yomi's location, and Kagura sets out to cut down the monster she once considered her sister. Should she fail, the end of the world will surely follow.

  • When Kagura's father proves unable to stop Yomi's killing spree, the director and her dwindling SDCD counterattack unit mobilize in a daring attempt to forever silence their former comrade.

  • The action has come full circle, and the painful truth can no longer be avoided. Yomi's soul is consumed by evil; Noriyuki and Kagura must stop her murderous rampage - or watch their few remaining friends die in vain.

  • Yomi lies comatose in a hospital bed, her body broken beyond repair. When she finally wakes, painful truths come to light that threaten to sever any connection to those she once loved.

  • Following the gruesome murder of her father, Yomi is dispossessed by her greedy uncle. Seething with anger, she embarks on a maniacal quest for vengeance that could ruin her forever.

  • Kagura is reduced to hysterics after executing the school nurse, and Yomi's world is shattered by a treacherous act of betrayal. Can the two young exorcists find the strength to resume their duties?

  • A flock of mysterious blue butterflies marks the arrival of a white-haired boy with the power to attract evil spirits. Elsewhere, Kagura must overcome her tendency to hesitate in battle if she wants to save her friends.

  • Kagura and her comrades hatch a scheme that could bring two reluctant lovers together. Meanwhile, a rogue exorcist attempts to steal Yomi's place in the family business.

  • Yomi and Kagura venture into the darkest depths of the subway to exterminate a hoard of evil spirits. When the demons begin to look too human, Kagura hesitates and only an unforgiving ally can save her.

  • As the story reverts to the past, a young Kagura is welcomed to her new home by none other than Yomi. The two girls forge a fast friendship that can only be interrupted by the occasional exorcism.

  • A rival supernatural commando squad, the SDCD, is called in to clean up the mess left behind by their counterparts. What they discover will leave them reeling in disbelief. Could one of their own be responsible for the massacre?

  • An elite squadron trained to combat the supernatural responds to reports of invisible monsters terrorizing Tokyo. Their mission is complicated by the appearance of blue butterflies and a katana-wielding mystery woman.

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