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General Hospital 2 is a popular Korean medical drama based soap opera. Life is never simple on this show. The physicians on the show can never seem to just go to work and come home without some sort of drama or event happening. They work together in a very stressful environment that has people’s lives at stake. With tempers flaring, emotions elevating and romance on the horizon this show is full of unexpected events.

Jung Ha Yoon is a graduate student on the show that has recently passed her bar exam and wants to become a medical malpractice litigation specialist. Jung Ha Yoon knows everyone is not her fan at the hospital and tries to prepare for the events that occur in the most professional manner. There are some true friendships amongst the staff but they are tested on a daily basis while on shift at the hospital.

MBC America
1 Season, 17 Episodes
March 24, 2009
Korean Drama
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