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  • TV-14
  • 1952
  • 58 Seasons
  • 6.5  (1,800)

Guiding Light is a historical soap opera that aired on CBS from 1952 to 2009, making it the longest-running soap opera in American history. The show is renowned for its consistent portrayal of the Bauer family, a working-class American family of German descent living in the fictional Midwestern town of Springfield. For the show's early years, the show revolved around the Bauer family, as they navigated their way through life, love, and family drama.

The show became increasingly popular throughout the years, with its storylines expanding to include new characters and families in the town, such as the Spauldings and the Lewises. With each passing year, the show reinforced its reputation for tackling issues that other programs dared not touch, such as racism, abortion, alcoholism, and even a same-sex romance between two female characters.

Over the years, Guiding Light became a staple of daytime television, featuring an impressive ensemble cast of talented actors, many of whom went on to achieve major successes in their careers. One of the most notable characters in the show's history is the beloved Reva Shayne, played by Kim Zimmer. Reva was a fiercely independent woman who had a tumultuous romantic life, being paired with a number of men over the years, including Josh Lewis, played by Robert Newman. The show's other notable characters include Alan Spaulding (Ron Raines), Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander), and Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell).

Throughout its run, Guiding Light tackled a variety of storylines, both dramatic and comedic, with a deft hand, entertaining audiences and providing a sense of familiarity to its viewers. Some of the show's most memorable storylines include the "Clone Reva" storyline, the "Rescue Josh" storyline, and the "Jonathan and Tammy" storyline.

Guiding Light was also known for pushing the boundaries of soap opera conventions, with its unique use of lighting, music, and picturesque location shoots. The show's use of location shoots in particular set it apart from the pack, as viewers were treated to stunning visuals of the show's various settings - from the Bauer farm to the Spaulding mansion.

The legacy of Guiding Light lives on today. The show may have ended its run in 2009, but its impact on the television landscape remains. A number of its cast members have gone on to achieve great things, with Kim Zimmer receiving a Daytime Emmy in 1985 for her performance as Reva Shayne. Additionally, the show was noted for its excellent use of music, with many of its songs going on to become beloved classics in their own right.

In conclusion, Guiding Light was a beloved, groundbreaking soap opera that captivated audiences for over half a century. Its characters, storylines, and visuals continue to be remembered by fans, making it a true cultural touchstone of American television history.

Guiding Light
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Ep. #15762
57. Ep. #15762
September 18, 2009
The series finale of Guiding Light!!
Ep. #15761
56. Ep. #15761
September 17, 2009
Jeffrey threatens Edmund. Rick and Ed get a big surprise
Ep. #15760
55. Ep. #15760
September 16, 2009
Rafe prepares to leave town. News of Alan's death spreads through Springfield
Ep. #15759
54. Ep. #15759
September 15, 2009
Josh makes a big decision. Phillip, now a grandfather, makes peace with his family and makes a shocking discovery
Ep. #15758
53. Ep. #15758
September 14, 2009
A double wedding with Billy marrying Vanessa and Buzz marrying Lillian. Jonathan confronts Alan
Ep. #15757
52. Ep. #15757
September 9, 2009
Phillip and Alan prepare for surgery. Jeffrey comes face to face with Edmund again. Jonathan decides he wants to stay in Springfield
Ep. #15756
51. Ep. #15756
September 8, 2009
Alan pleads with Phillip to let him save him. Mallet runs into an old flame. Henry has his first birthday
Ep. #15755
50. Ep. #15755
September 7, 2009
Summary not available
Ep. #15754
49. Ep. #15754
September 4, 2009
Natalia is surprised by Olivia. Doris comes out to Ashlee. Alan makes a decision to save his son
Ep. #15753
48. Ep. #15753
September 3, 2009
Buzz gets devastating news about Company. Alan receives some news about Phillip from Ed. Natalia invites Olivia and Emma over
Ep. #15752
47. Ep. #15752
September 2, 2009
Phillip breaks the news to his family. Marina and Shayne make a big announcement.
Ep. #15751
46. Ep. #15751
September 1, 2009
Phillip collapses. The Lewis family gathers to celebrate Vanessa and Billy's engagement.
Ep. #15750
45. Ep. #15750
August 31, 2009
Reva takes the next step in her grieving process. Natalia interrupts Olivia's date with Matt.
Ep. #15749
44. Ep. #15749
August 28, 2009
Billy proposes to Vanessa. Rafe shocks Natalia. Buzz makes a big announcement to his family.
Ep. #15748
43. Ep. #15748
August 27, 2009
Jonathan tries to talk sense into Reva. Buzz, Cyrus and Remy find something very interesting. Marina and Shayne make a decision about Henry.
Ep. #15747
42. Ep. #15747
August 26, 2009
Holly returns to town. Mallet leaves Springfield. Natalia sets up a date for her and Olivia.
Ep. #15746
41. Ep. #15746
August 25, 2009
Phillip wants to spend the time he has left with his family. Mallet makes a tough decision regarding Henry.
Ep. #15745
40. Ep. #15745
August 24, 2009
Ed may have found a cure for Phillip. Cryus and Remy search treasure. Olivia turns down Natali
Ep. #15744
39. Ep. #15744
August 21, 2009
Shayne is suspicious of Jonathan. Mel and Cyrus heat up. Billy starts courting Vanessa.
Ep. #15743
38. Ep. #15743
August 20, 2009
Phillip decides it's time to tell his family about his health. Reva receives a surprise visitor.
Ep. #15742
37. Ep. #15742
August 19, 2009
When Blake and Ashlee learn that Buzz is back in town they make plans to talk to him without him finding out about the book. Olivia tells Josh how she fell in love with Natalia. Reva turns to Josh after she puts her wedding dress on and gets upset thinking about Jeffrey. Natalia tells Frank she wants to raise the baby with Olivia. Rafe learns about his mother's pregnancy. Frank and Natalia break the news to his family.
Ep. #15741
36. Ep. #15741
August 18, 2009
Jonathan and Jeffrey gets their hands on a doll that they can pretend to use as Sarah in their plan to catch Edmund but things don't go to plan. Edmond leaves a tape message for Jeffrey. Jeffrey decides that Jonathan needs to go to Springfield to protect Reva. Natalia explains to Olivia that she is pregnant with Frank's child. Natalia continues that whilst Frank can be a father to the child she wants to raise it with her. Frank finds out that Natalia is pregnant. Olivia goes to see Josh and asks him to sleep with her.
Ep. #15740
35. Ep. #15740
August 17, 2009
Josh helps Reva when she manages to lock herself out of her car. Natalia returns to Springfield. After tracking Olivia down, Natalia tells her about her pregnancy. Billy organizes a surprise wedding for Vanessa. Vanessa tells Billy that she isn't ready to get married again but agrees to go on a date with him.
Ep. #15739
34. Ep. #15739
August 14, 2009
Buzz and Cyrus manage to locate a suitcase of Jenna's old belongings. Mallet takes Shayne to the police station following the fight. Marina tries to offer Shayne some advise. Max's family and friends remember him on the anniversary of his death.
Ep. #15738
33. Ep. #15738
August 13, 2009
Alan tells Ed that he cant help him with Phillip. James is unable to spend time with Daisy because Alan needs him. Blake and Ashlee work on Coop's manuscript. Cyrus has a dream involving Jenna. Mallet surprises Marina by telling her that they are going on holiday in a motor home. Christina is shocked when Marina tells her that Mallet thought she was the murderer. Shayne starts a fight at a bar. ­
Ep. #15737
32. Ep. #15737
August 12, 2009
Rafe warns James not to hurt Daisy after he works out they are now together. Shayne defends his wife's name. Billy surprises his bother and son by announcing that he intends to remarry Vanessa. Shayne offers Bill his help with the house.
Ep. #15736
31. Ep. #15736
August 11, 2009
Rick flirts with Olivia. Things heat up between Olivia and Josh when she invites him to her room but she stops things from going too far. When Cyrus reads an entry from Jenna's journal, Buzz is intrigued. Rick decides to join an on line dating agency. Phillip visits a herbal shop where the women behind the counter thinks that somebody in Mexico might be able to help him. Phillip decides to go to Mexico to find out more. Daisy agrees to go camping with James where they end up making love.
Ep. #15735
30. Ep. #15735
August 10, 2009
Mel wants her brother to arrest Cyrus so that she can help him.Blake offers to turn Coop's manuscript into a book. Cyrus and Mel flirt as she gets him released. Cyrus agrees to help Blake get her hands on the manuscript. Phillip starts work on the house early. Phillip attempts to get James there to help and ends up in an argument with him when he finally shows up.
Ep. #15734
29. Ep. #15734
August 7, 2009
Buzz doesn't want Cyrus telling his family what he is up to. Remy finds out that Mallet helped Dinah escape. Reva attempts to offer her son some advise. Mallet wants to fix his and Marina's relationship. Jeffrey explains to Edmund that he needs to let everyone think he is still dead a little bit longer. Edmund calls Jonathan and threatens him. Jeffrey wants Jonathan to help him catch Edmund.
Ep. #15733
28. Ep. #15733
August 6, 2009
Lillian learns from Phillip that Alan has found out about his illness. Ed tells Phillip that the treatment is the only thing that can save him but it could also kill him too. Lizzie is pleased to see her father. Mallet says sorry to his wife for suspecting her after she learns about Dinah's confession. Reva learns that Jeffrey will be completely exonerated. As Jonathan helps Jeffrey he wakes up and tells him that Edmund is a threat to everyone that Reva loves.
Ep. #15732
27. Ep. #15732
August 5, 2009
Dinah confesses to Shayne that she wants to leave the United States as the police are going to arrest her. Shayne isn't happy when he hears his wife's confession. Reva is shocked when Shayne tells her what happened. Mallet helps Dinah leave town. Shayne finds Dinah's wedding ring. Jeffrey passes out and ends up being found by Jonathan.
Ep. #15731
26. Ep. #15731
August 4, 2009
Alan finds out about his son's illness after Ed mistakes him for Phillip on the phone. Alan confronts Phillip with what he has found out. Bill and Lizzie look around their new home and write down what needs fixing. Mat offers to help them with the renovations. Dinah tries to explain to Mallet what happened. Frank overhears Dinah's confession. Mallet lets Dinah know that Frank heard everything and he offers her his help. ­
Ep. #15730
25. Ep. #15730
August 3, 2009
Reva attends the wedding with Billy. Mallet confides to Remy that he thinks Marina is still lying to him. Doris marries Shayne and Dinah. After Dinah finds out that Mallet is planning to take Marina to the police station for questioning she tells him she is responsible for the murder.
Ep. #15729
24. Ep. #15729
July 31, 2009
Jeffrey looks at a picture of Reva and Colin tells the that as soon as he has found Edmund he will be coming home to them. Reva and Josh remember the past as they get ready for their son's wedding. After Rick gives Olivia a check up he tells her she needs to slow down with her drinking. After Marina breaks down she and Mallet promise not to keep secrets from one another again. Mallet discovers that Edmund set up a trust fund for Henry. Alan wonders what Phillip is up to as they head out on their trip and accuses him of wanting to gain control of the company.
Ep. #15728
23. Ep. #15728
July 30, 2009
Reva packs things belonging to Jeffrey to give away to charity. Reva learns of Shayne and Dinah's engagement. Lizzie and Bill are surprised with a new house. Marina attempts to retrace her steps with Mallet of the day of the murder. Buzz wants Cyrus to help him with Coop's mystery. Mallet manages to account for all of Marina's day accept a 45 minute gap.
Ep. #15727
22. Ep. #15727
July 29, 2009
Mel decides to represent Cyrus. Buzz pays Cyrus's bail. Matt is happy for Dinah. Marina comes up with a way to prove her innocence to Mallet.
Ep. #15726
21. Ep. #15726
July 28, 2009
James asks Alex for her support in the company board meeting. Phillip learns from Ed that there is procedure that could save his life. Buzz wants to know what is wrong between Marina and Mallet. Marina wants to help Marina discover the truth. Dinah and Shayne break the news about their engagement.
Ep. #15725
20. Ep. #15725
July 27, 2009
Shayne attempts to convince Dinah to marry him. Reva breaks down after she thinks she has heard Jeffrey's voice. Jeffrey is revealed as being alive stranded in the jungle. Shayne and Dinah make love. Marina is determined not to loose what she and Mallet have. Olivia tells Ava about her relationship with Natalia.
Ep. #15724
19. Ep. #15724
July 24, 2009
The memorial service is held for Jeffrey. Reva is angry with Jeffrey for leaving her. Dinah blames herself for Jeffrey's death.
Ep. #15723
18. Ep. #15723
July 23, 2009
Reva decides to hold a memorial service for Jeffrey. Danny tells Olivia that he and Michell are returning to Springfield to live. Dinah tells Shayne that he is everything that she wants but she cant marry him. Marina turns to Danny for support after Mallet accuses her of murdering Edmund. Marina insists to Mallet that she didn't kill Edmund. Matt hears Dinah make a confession to baby Henry. Matt tries to convince Dinah to let go of her guilt and tries to get her to agree to marry Shayne.
Ep. #15722
17. Ep. #15722
July 22, 2009
Olivia gets herself arrested as she tries to find out where Natalia is and turns to Josh for help. Phillip talks to Alex about what Alan told him. Phillip is able to get Alan to take another trip with him. Mallet does not know what to do about Marina but finally confronts her and tells her that he thinks she killed Edmund. Shayne asks Dinah to become his wife.
Ep. #15721
16. Ep. #15721
July 21, 2009
Remy tells Cyrus that he knows he has the missing diamonds still and advises him to get rid of them. When the police show up Cyrus is forced to hand over the diamonds. Lillian isn't happy when she finds out that James left Phillip with Alan in the woods. Alan opens up to Phillip. Lillian persuades Beth to go with her to rescue Phillip and Alan. Olivia remains determined to find Natalia.
Ep. #15720
15. Ep. #15720
July 20, 2009
Josh attempts to help Reva. Reva decides not to give up on Jeffrey coming home and relights the lantern. When Aland Phillip argue on the camping trip James takes the car and leaves. Remy finds out that the feds are looking for the missing diamonds and he lets Cyrus know.
Ep. #15719
14. Ep. #15719
July 17, 2009
After Josh calls Olivia and gives her the bad news about Jeffrey she tries to summon up the strength to let Ava know. Phillip, James and Alan set off on the camping trip. Reva is forced to admit to herself that Jeffrey is gone. Dinah blames herself for what has happened to Jeffrey. Reva tells Shayne and Dinah that she wants to be on her own when she returns home.
Ep. #15718
13. Ep. #15718
July 16, 2009
Mallet is worried that Marina could of been Edmund's murderer. Reva learns that a body has been found in the plane that Jeffrey was flying and she is told that he was alone on the plane. Reva continues to insist that Jeffrey isn't dead. Marina thinks that Mallet should give up looking for Edmund's attacker. Daisy takes Colin to see Reva. Phillip wants his father and James to go camping with him after he finds the old camping gear in the attic.
Ep. #15717
12. Ep. #15717
July 15, 2009
Phillip decides against telling anyone about his illness. Buzz and Cyrus manage to get Christina and Remy to admit how they really feel to one another. Dinah and Mallet try to locate Edmund. Reva continues to try and find Jeffrey.
Ep. #15716
11. Ep. #15716
July 14, 2009
Remy and Christina wake up in bed together and cant remember how the got there. They are shocked when they find out that their car is decorated with a Just Married sign. Mel is also shocked when she finds out that Cyrus stayed the night with her after she got drunk. Remy and Christina are shocked when they are congratulated on getting married. Buzz plays back a video which has Doris marrying Christina and Remy on it. Christina later admits to Buzz that she wasn't really drunk and wanted to remarry Remy. At the same time Remy admits the same thing to Cyrus. Reva is determined to find Jeffrey. Dinah turns to Cyrus for help when she wants to get her hands on a gun. Mallet discovers that the baby stroller was definitely the murder weapon.
Ep. #15715
10. Ep. #15715
July 13, 2009
Lizzie is relieved that the wedding is still going to take place and is pleased that her father is going to walk her down the isle. After performing the ceremony Doris announces Bill and Lizzie as husband and wife. They start down the aisle as the happy crowd applauds. Rick and Matt both compete to gain Mindy's attention. Everybody enjoys a dance at the wedding reception. When Lizzie throws her bouquet it breaks up and all the single women of Springfield end up with a piece.
Ep. #15714
9. Ep. #15714
July 10, 2009
Lizzie and Bill are struck by a serious of disasters on their wedding day.When Bill and Lizzie go to check the church out they realize the wedding invitations have the wrong day on them. When Dinah finds out what has happened she pulls all the stops out to make sure that the wedding will still go ahead. Shayne is worried for his son's safety.
Ep. #15713
8. Ep. #15713
July 9, 2009
Olivia and Doris try to find out where Natalia has gone. Lizzie doesn't want to sleep with Bill on the night before the wedding. Mallet thinks that Edmund could of sabotaged the plane that Jeffrey was on and that he could of framed Reva for his murder. Reva is determined to go and search for Jeffrey. Josh decides that he is going with Reva.
Ep. #15712
7. Ep. #15712
July 8, 2009
Lillian tries to convince Phillip that he should not wait to tell the rest of the family that he is dying. Lizzie tells her brother that she no longer wants him to come to the wedding. Phillip promises his daughter that her wedding day will be perfect. Lizzie decides to let James come to the wedding after all. Marina burns the legacy that Edmund has left. Reva is convinced that Jeffrey is still alive. Shayne is relieved when Dinah shows up and he tells her about Jeffrey's plain going down. Dinah tells everyone that she is convinced that Edmund is still alive.
Ep. #15711
6. Ep. #15711
July 7, 2009
Jeffrey tells Reva that the plane he is on is about to crash and then the line goes dead. Mallet and Marina learn that Henry was named in Edmund's will. Marina reads a letter that Edmund wrote. Shayne and Mallet work out that Dinah was with Jeffrey. Reva becomes upset when Frank says that it looks likely that Jeffrey and Dinah are dead. Daisy is surprised when she receives a check to pay for her tuition. It is later revealed that Cyrus paid for the tuition and Buzz's new cooker.
Ep. #15710
5. Ep. #15710
July 6, 2009
Olivia is worried about where Natalia is gone and finds out from Father Ray that she asked him not to tell anyone where she is. Bill and Lizzie are surprised with pre wedding parties. Bill ends up clashing with James at the party and Billy and Alan end up in a fight. Alan decides not to go to the wedding. Reva receives a call from Jeffrey.
Ep. #15709
4. Ep. #15709
July 3, 2009
Marina tells Mallet that even though Shayne is Henry's biological father it will be him that molds Henry into the person that he grows up to become. Natalia finds it hard to believe that she is pregnant. Olivia calls Natalia wanting to know when she will be at the BBQ.
Ep. #15708
3. Ep. #15708
July 2, 2009
Lillian attempts to convince Phillip to be honest with the rest of the family about his illness. The preparations for the BBQ are made. Lillian tries to make sure that James does not go away on the trip with Alan. Phillip asks Daisy to convince James to come to the BBQ. Mindy, Michelle and Danny show up at the BBQ. Natalia talks to Father Ray and tells him about her pregnancy. Father Ray thinks that Natalia should go away for a while to think about things.
Ep. #15707
2. Ep. #15707
July 1, 2009
Natalia finds out if she is she is pregnant or not and later tells Blake that she is expecting Frank's child. Reva looks forward to the time that Jeffrey will come home. Buzz receives a new oven from an unknown source after his breaks down. Phillip learns that his son has been arrested for drinking. Phillip wants James to attend the Bauer BBQ with him. After getting James released Alan wants him to go away with him. ­
Ep. #15706
1. Ep. #15706
June 30, 2009
Lillian finds out about Phillip's illness. James drinks after walking out on a Spaulding shareholders meeting that Alan set up. Natalia insists to Blake that she cant be pregnant but later buys a pregnancy test kit. Olivia tells Phillip she wants them both to be good parents to their daughter. Olivia tells Phillip she is going to tell Emma about her relationship with Natalia. Natalia waits to find out if she is pregnant or not.
  • Premiere Date
    June 30, 1952
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (1,800)