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Guiding Light was created by Irma Philips and was based on her personal experiences. The television series started in mid 1950s prior to that, it was a radio series. In 1977, the show hours being broadcasted increased to a full hour. The final episode was broadcast September 18, 2009. Guiding Light was the longest running daytime drama in the history of daytime soaps. The show started airing on television in 1952, Guiding Light celebrated its 50th Anniversary as a television show in June 30, 2002 and has won several awards for outstanding achievements in daytime drama over the years.

Much of the episode takes place with murder situations and consequent trials. The show is known to be filled with adventure, as the series continues over a period of time, several prominent characters are introduced. One of the characters is diagnosed with multiple personalities while others are filled with spite. Generally, Guiding Light

58 Seasons, 1599 Episodes
June 30, 1952
Soaps, Drama
Cast: Daniel Cosgrove
Guiding Light

Guiding Light Full Episode Guide

  • The series finale of Guiding Light!!

  • Jeffrey threatens Edmund. Rick and Ed get a big surprise

  • Rafe prepares to leave town. News of Alan's death spreads through Springfield

  • Josh makes a big decision. Phillip, now a grandfather, makes peace with his family and makes a shocking discovery

  • A double wedding with Billy marrying Vanessa and Buzz marrying Lillian. Jonathan confronts Alan

  • Phillip and Alan prepare for surgery. Jeffrey comes face to face with Edmund again. Jonathan decides he wants to stay in Springfield

  • Alan pleads with Phillip to let him save him. Mallet runs into an old flame. Henry has his first birthday

  • Natalia is surprised by Olivia. Doris comes out to Ashlee. Alan makes a decision to save his son

  • Buzz gets devastating news about Company. Alan receives some news about Phillip from Ed. Natalia invites Olivia and Emma over

  • Phillip breaks the news to his family. Marina and Shayne make a big announcement.

  • Phillip collapses. The Lewis family gathers to celebrate Vanessa and Billy's engagement.

  • Reva takes the next step in her grieving process. Natalia interrupts Olivia's date with Matt.

  • Billy proposes to Vanessa. Rafe shocks Natalia. Buzz makes a big announcement to his family.

  • Jonathan tries to talk sense into Reva. Buzz, Cyrus and Remy find something very interesting. Marina and Shayne make a decision about Henry.

  • Holly returns to town. Mallet leaves Springfield. Natalia sets up a date for her and Olivia.

  • Phillip wants to spend the time he has left with his family. Mallet makes a tough decision regarding Henry.

  • Ed may have found a cure for Phillip. Cryus and Remy search treasure. Olivia turns down Natali

  • Shayne is suspicious of Jonathan. Mel and Cyrus heat up. Billy starts courting Vanessa.

  • Phillip decides it's time to tell his family about his health. Reva receives a surprise visitor.

  • When Blake and Ashlee learn that Buzz is back in town they make plans to talk to him without him finding out about the book. Olivia tells Josh how she fell in love with Natalia. Reva turns to Josh after she puts her wedding dress on and gets upset thinking about Jeffrey. Natalia tells Frank she wants to raise the baby with Olivia. Rafe learns about his mother's pregnancy. Frank and Natalia break the news to his family.

  • Jonathan and Jeffrey gets their hands on a doll that they can pretend to use as Sarah in their plan to catch Edmund but things don't go to plan. Edmond leaves a tape message for Jeffrey. Jeffrey decides that Jonathan needs to go to Springfield to protect Reva. Natalia explains to Olivia that she is pregnant with Frank's child. Natalia continues that whilst Frank can be a father to the child she wants to raise it with her. Frank finds out that Natalia is pregnant. Olivia goes to see Josh and asks him to sleep with her.

  • Josh helps Reva when she manages to lock herself out of her car. Natalia returns to Springfield. After tracking Olivia down, Natalia tells her about her pregnancy. Billy organizes a surprise wedding for Vanessa. Vanessa tells Billy that she isn't ready to get married again but agrees to go on a date with him.

  • Buzz and Cyrus manage to locate a suitcase of Jenna's old belongings. Mallet takes Shayne to the police station following the fight. Marina tries to offer Shayne some advise. Max's family and friends remember him on the anniversary of his death.

  • Alan tells Ed that he cant help him with Phillip. James is unable to spend time with Daisy because Alan needs him. Blake and Ashlee work on Coop's manuscript. Cyrus has a dream involving Jenna. Mallet surprises Marina by telling her that they are going on holiday in a motor home. Christina is shocked when Marina tells her that Mallet thought she was the murderer. Shayne starts a fight at a bar.­

  • Rick flirts with Olivia. Things heat up between Olivia and Josh when she invites him to her room but she stops things from going too far. When Cyrus reads an entry from Jenna's journal, Buzz is intrigued. Rick decides to join an on line dating agency. Phillip visits a herbal shop where the women behind the counter thinks that somebody in Mexico might be able to help him. Phillip decides to go to Mexico to find out more. Daisy agrees to go camping with James where they end up making love.

  • Mel wants her brother to arrest Cyrus so that she can help him.Blake offers to turn Coop's manuscript into a book. Cyrus and Mel flirt as she gets him released. Cyrus agrees to help Blake get her hands on the manuscript. Phillip starts work on the house early. Phillip attempts to get James there to help and ends up in an argument with him when he finally shows up.

  • Buzz doesn't want Cyrus telling his family what he is up to. Remy finds out that Mallet helped Dinah escape. Reva attempts to offer her son some advise. Mallet wants to fix his and Marina's relationship. Jeffrey explains to Edmund that he needs to let everyone think he is still dead a little bit longer. Edmund calls Jonathan and threatens him. Jeffrey wants Jonathan to help him catch Edmund.

  • Lillian learns from Phillip that Alan has found out about his illness. Ed tells Phillip that the treatment is the only thing that can save him but it could also kill him too. Lizzie is pleased to see her father. Mallet says sorry to his wife for suspecting her after she learns about Dinah's confession. Reva learns that Jeffrey will be completely exonerated. As Jonathan helps Jeffrey he wakes up and tells him that Edmund is a threat to everyone that Reva loves.

  • Dinah confesses to Shayne that she wants to leave the United States as the police are going to arrest her. Shayne isn't happy when he hears his wife's confession. Reva is shocked when Shayne tells her what happened. Mallet helps Dinah leave town. Shayne finds Dinah's wedding ring. Jeffrey passes out and ends up being found by Jonathan.

  • Alan finds out about his son's illness after Ed mistakes him for Phillip on the phone. Alan confronts Phillip with what he has found out. Bill and Lizzie look around their new home and write down what needs fixing. Mat offers to help them with the renovations. Dinah tries to explain to Mallet what happened. Frank overhears Dinah's confession. Mallet lets Dinah know that Frank heard everything and he offers her his help.­

  • Reva attends the wedding with Billy. Mallet confides to Remy that he thinks Marina is still lying to him. Doris marries Shayne and Dinah. After Dinah finds out that Mallet is planning to take Marina to the police station for questioning she tells him she is responsible for the murder.

  • Reva packs things belonging to Jeffrey to give away to charity. Reva learns of Shayne and Dinah's engagement. Lizzie and Bill are surprised with a new house. Marina attempts to retrace her steps with Mallet of the day of the murder. Buzz wants Cyrus to help him with Coop's mystery. Mallet manages to account for all of Marina's day accept a 45 minute gap.

  • Mel decides to represent Cyrus. Buzz pays Cyrus's bail. Matt is happy for Dinah. Marina comes up with a way to prove her innocence to Mallet.

  • James asks Alex for her support in the company board meeting. Phillip learns from Ed that there is procedure that could save his life. Buzz wants to know what is wrong between Marina and Mallet. Marina wants to help Marina discover the truth. Dinah and Shayne break the news about their engagement.

  • The memorial service is held for Jeffrey. Reva is angry with Jeffrey for leaving her. Dinah blames herself for Jeffrey's death.

  • Reva decides to hold a memorial service for Jeffrey. Danny tells Olivia that he and Michell are returning to Springfield to live. Dinah tells Shayne that he is everything that she wants but she cant marry him. Marina turns to Danny for support after Mallet accuses her of murdering Edmund. Marina insists to Mallet that she didn't kill Edmund. Matt hears Dinah make a confession to baby Henry. Matt tries to convince Dinah to let go of her guilt and tries to get her to agree to marry Shayne.

  • Remy tells Cyrus that he knows he has the missing diamonds still and advises him to get rid of them. When the police show up Cyrus is forced to hand over the diamonds. Lillian isn't happy when she finds out that James left Phillip with Alan in the woods. Alan opens up to Phillip. Lillian persuades Beth to go with her to rescue Phillip and Alan. Olivia remains determined to find Natalia.

  • After Josh calls Olivia and gives her the bad news about Jeffrey she tries to summon up the strength to let Ava know. Phillip, James and Alan set off on the camping trip. Reva is forced to admit to herself that Jeffrey is gone. Dinah blames herself for what has happened to Jeffrey. Reva tells Shayne and Dinah that she wants to be on her own when she returns home.

  • Mallet is worried that Marina could of been Edmund's murderer. Reva learns that a body has been found in the plane that Jeffrey was flying and she is told that he was alone on the plane. Reva continues to insist that Jeffrey isn't dead. Marina thinks that Mallet should give up looking for Edmund's attacker. Daisy takes Colin to see Reva. Phillip wants his father and James to go camping with him after he finds the old camping gear in the attic.

  • Remy and Christina wake up in bed together and cant remember how the got there. They are shocked when they find out that their car is decorated with a Just Married sign. Mel is also shocked when she finds out that Cyrus stayed the night with her after she got drunk. Remy and Christina are shocked when they are congratulated on getting married. Buzz plays back a video which has Doris marrying Christina and Remy on it. Christina later admits to Buzz that she wasn't really drunk and wanted to remarry Remy. At the same time Remy admits the same thing to Cyrus. Reva is determined to find Jeffrey. Dinah turns to Cyrus for help when she wants to get her hands on a gun. Mallet discovers that the baby stroller was definitely the murder weapon.

  • Lizzie is relieved that the wedding is still going to take place and is pleased that her father is going to walk her down the isle. After performing the ceremony Doris announces Bill and Lizzie as husband and wife. They start down the aisle as the happy crowd applauds. Rick and Matt both compete to gain Mindy's attention. Everybody enjoys a dance at the wedding reception. When Lizzie throws her bouquet it breaks up and all the single women of Springfield end up with a piece.

  • Lizzie and Bill are struck by a serious of disasters on their wedding day.When Bill and Lizzie go to check the church out they realize the wedding invitations have the wrong day on them. When Dinah finds out what has happened she pulls all the stops out to make sure that the wedding will still go ahead. Shayne is worried for his son's safety.

  • Olivia and Doris try to find out where Natalia has gone. Lizzie doesn't want to sleep with Bill on the night before the wedding. Mallet thinks that Edmund could of sabotaged the plane that Jeffrey was on and that he could of framed Reva for his murder. Reva is determined to go and search for Jeffrey. Josh decides that he is going with Reva.

  • Jeffrey tells Reva that the plane he is on is about to crash and then the line goes dead. Mallet and Marina learn that Henry was named in Edmund's will. Marina reads a letter that Edmund wrote. Shayne and Mallet work out that Dinah was with Jeffrey. Reva becomes upset when Frank says that it looks likely that Jeffrey and Dinah are dead. Daisy is surprised when she receives a check to pay for her tuition. It is later revealed that Cyrus paid for the tuition and Buzz's new cooker.

  • Marina tells Mallet that even though Shayne is Henry's biological father it will be him that molds Henry into the person that he grows up to become. Natalia finds it hard to believe that she is pregnant. Olivia calls Natalia wanting to know when she will be at the BBQ.

  • Josh breaks down the door to help Reva and insists on taking her to the hospital. Josh rings Jeffrey telling him to come to the hospital. Josh learns that Shayne wont be coming to Thanksgiving. Reva is relieved when she finds out that the baby she is carrying is OK but Rick tells her that he needs to run more tests on her. Remy tries to make Christina feel better. To try and prove to Marina that he loves her Mallet wants to marry her here and now before they go on their trip.

  • Olivia is forced to so some fast thinking when her diner guests show up a day early. Buzz helps the evening become a success. Mallet is certain that somebody is trying to frame Bill. Marina is upset when Mallet offers to take her on a romantic trip and she realizes that in reality he just wants to locate Dinah. Reva finds herself in distress.

  • Lizzie talks to Bill and tells him that she doesn't believe he was behind her kidnapping. When Grady shows up Lizzie tells him that she is determined to find out who really kidnapped her. Grady goes to the hole with Lizzie that he put her in and when she is busy looking around he makes sure there are no footprints around. Cyrus attempts to find out if Daisy is really serious about getting back together with Grady. Daisy passes a test that Cyrus sets for her. Grady and Daisy share a kiss. Ashlee goes to see Rafe and tells him about Daisy getting back together with Grady. Lizzie remains determined to clear Bill's name. Natalia helps Olivia prepare for an important dinner party.

  • Lizzie wonders if Bill really was her kidnapper. Grady tells Daisy he wants her back and she comes close to telling him that she loves him. Ashlee thinks that Daisy would be mad to get back together with Grady. Alan learns from Grady that he was working with Dinah. Coop remembers how his relationship with Beth started. Ashlee accidentally admits to Grady that Daisy is in love with him and Daisy sees him trying to force Ashlee into telling him exactly what she said.

  • Rick offers Olivia some advise who in turn later offers Natalia some advise. Olivia tells Natalie that if she sells her house to the Governor he will help her in return concerning Rafe. Dinah goes to see Mallet to let him know she is leaving Springfield for a while to find some doctors who can help her brother. Alan is shocked when Grady tells him that he kidnapped Lizzie and that they could set up Bill to look like the guilty party. After much thought Alan agrees to the idea.

  • Grady finds himself unable to kill Bill. Dinah feels bad for everything that she has done and Lizzie wonders why she hasn't been visiting Bill. Dinah tells her brother that she wishes that she could change everything. Grady goes to see Alan with a plan.

  • Dinah is worried when Mallet tells her they will catch Lizzie's kidnapper.Grady is worried when Lizzie tells him that when Bill recovers she is sure he will be able to name who was involved in her kidnap. Grady decides to get rid of Bill once and for all.

  • Reva is shocked that her sister is leaving Springfield. Cassie says goodbye to all her friends. Dinah visits her brother and blames herself for everything that has happened. Dinah refuses to help Alan turn Lizzie against her brother.

  • Olivia continues to try and help Natalia and Rafe. Reva decides to try and find a new woman for Josh and decides it could be Blake. Cassie and Cyrus are questioned about the missing necklace. Mallet finds the missing necklace in one of RJ's broken toys. Cassie tells Cyrus that it would be best of he stayed away from her. Mallet realizes that Cyrus stole the necklace and made sure it was found on purpose so that it would push Cassie away from him. Cassie tells her sister that she has decided to make a fresh start away from Springfield.

  • Cyrus learns from Cassie about Lizzie being found and he heads off to see his brother to find out what happened. After RJ gives Cassie the OK to pursue Cyrus she kisses him. Cyrus breaks into the Spaulding safe. Buzz tries to offer Cassie some advise. Marina works out that Cyrus broke into the safe but he denies it. Lizzie is reunited with her family at the hospital and she tells them about Bill being in surgery. When Alan finds out that Bill had been drinking before driving the van he is furious. After Bill is brought out of surgery Lizzie learns that he is in very bad shape. Lizzie tells an unconscious Bill that she wont give up on him.

  • Lizzie is happy to be reunited with Bill. Daisy works out that Grady is in some sort of trouble. Grady thinks that he might have left behind some incriminating evidence. Bill calls Frank to let him know he has found Lizzie and Dinah is relieved when she finds out that Grady hasn't been caught. Bill fights with Grady but is over powered. Daisy is relieved when she finds Grady. Bill tells Lizzie that he loves her.

  • Dinah learns that Bill is meeting somebody who claims to have Lizzie but knows it is a hoax as Grady is with her. Dinah tries to steal money from the Spaulding safe that she can give it Grady so that he will free Lizzie but she is caught by Mallet. Lizzie causes damage to the van she is locked in in an attempt to escape. Dinah puts a cell phone by Lizzie so that Bill can hear her. Fluid drips from the van as Dinah and Mallet drive off in it with Lizzie in the back.

  • Dinah has a nightmare involving Grady. Bill makes a live television plea for Lizzie to be released. Bill receives a text message giving an address where Lizzie is. Grady is forced to take his mask off and as Lizzie begins to help him up she is attacked from behind. It ends up being Cyrus. Cyrus tells his brother that he has to get rid of Lizzie.

  • Natalia learns that Olivia is now stable at the hospital. Olivia learns that she will need a pacemaker.

  • Josh fills Reva in on everything that has been happening and he learns from her about the baby she is expecting. Natalia decided that she is going to appeal over the length of her son's sentence. When Olivia finds it hard to breathe again, Remy finds himself taking charge of the situation.

  • Buzz gives Reva some advise. Reva is surprised by a visit from Josh. Cyrus is worried what Dinah is up to with his brother. Bill lies to Frank about what has happened to Lizzie. Reva asks Jeffrey to help find Lizzie and he agrees to help.

  • Grady is nearly caught at the meeting point when Mallet manages to get away from Dinah. Dinah manages to warn Grady by calling Mallet's cell phone and he hears it ring. Bill is upset that Lizzie is still being held captive. Matt returns to Springfield. Grady lunties Lizzie after he calls Daisy and she tells him that even though she still loves him she cant be in his life anymore. Dinah is shocked when she goes to the basement and finds Lizzie gone.

  • Marina tells Cassie to be wary of Cyrus after she and Cyrus are questioned at the police station. Grady tells Dinah that if she tries to double cross him he will tell her brother everything. Everybody argues about what is the best thing to do about Lizzie. Lizzie attempts to escape by cutting through the ropes that are binding her with the key. Grady shows up just as she is about to escape. Mallet agrees to help Dinah and Bill get Lizzie back safely. Dinah fills Grady in on what is happening. Bill heads off with the money for the ransom as Dinah stalls Mallet.

  • Cassie and Cyrus are questioned by Marina and Mallet about the stolen stereo. Frank gives Marina and Mallet the money they need to buy the house. Lizzie continues to be held captive. Dinah packs some of Lizzie's belongings to make it look like she left town.

  • Reva finds it hard to rest and look after herself and her unborn child. When RJ asks his mother if she is dating Cyrus she explains that they are just friends. Marina and Mallet take extra jobs working together so that they can afford to pay for Harley's house. Rick tells Olivia what is wrong with her.

  • Decker forces Bill to start the presentation without Lizzie. Dinah hits Grady. Lizzie attempts to get hold of her mobile phone. Bill presents a great speech and makes his father very proud. Dinah shows up and decides to tell Bill about Lizzie but changes her mind after Bill says that maybe Dinah was right about Lizzie just using him. Olivia is offered a tour in China and she accepts. Olivia's condition grows worse and she calls Natalia for help. Dinah tells Grady that she is glad that she has him around. Natalia agrees to help Olivia whatever way she can. Natalia takes Olivia to the hospital where they see Rick.

  • Lizzie and Bill argue. After talking to his father Bill realizes that Lizzie means more to him than anything and decides to tell her how he feels. Dinah is shocked when she finds out that Grady has kidnapped Lizzie and has tied her up.

  • Marina is shocked when she finds out that Mallet bought Harley's house for them to live in. Bill and Lizzie grow closer whilst working on a presentation together. Billy tells his son that he wants to get back together with Vanessa.

  • Both Beth and Vanessa offer Bill some advise. Alan is determined to make sure that Bill and Lizzie don't end up together. Dinah isn't happy that her mother has taken Bill's side.

  • Reva and Jeffrey's car runs out of petrol whilst they are on their honeymoon. Jeffrey leaves Reva to go find a petrol station and two bikers stop at the car to help. When Jeffrey returns he tells Reva that they need to return home. Cassie and Cyrus attempt to help Josh be allowed to return home. Olivia feels tired whilst doing the photo shoot and asks to take a break. Natalia stands in for Olivia when she says she is her assistant and manages to impress.

  • Rafe's court case gets under way and at the end he is sentenced to two years in jail. Rafe tells Daisy after to move on with her life. Olivia starts her new job. Josh needs Cassie's help.

  • Alan doesn't like being treated like an invalid. Alan interrupts Bill and Lizzie's meeting with Decker and takes over. Natalia and Rafe meet with a lawyer who tries to convince them that accepting a deal is the way forward. Buzz goes to see Rafe. Bill wants his parents to move into the house.

  • Lizzie decides that Alan should move into the house with her and Bill. Marina attempts t help Daisy prepare herself for a stakeout. Lizzie is worried when Alan disappears from the hospital. Decker cancels his business meeting with Bill so that Bill can help Lizzie find Alan.

  • Cyrus and Cassie enjoy an evening out together. Bill and Lizzie both continue to play games to try and make the other jealous. Grady clashes with Bill. Lizzie spends some time with Alan.

  • Dinah continues to plot with Grady to split her brother and Lizzie up. Bill attempts to convince Lizzie that Alan is faking his current condition. Grady's attempts to seduce Lizzie fail but later the plans begins to work. Mallet saves Marina and tells her that he loves her.

  • Buzz shares his concerns about Natalia with Olivia. Olivia saves Natalia from Russo but looses her job in the process. Daisy gives the file she took to Ashlee and Marina discovers that it is missing. Daisy gets herself into big trouble.

  • Daisy comes up with an idea which could help get Rafe's trial date pushed forward. Daisy steals a file off of Marina's desk in the police station. Olivia accepts a job offer from Decker. Natalia is forced to take drastic measures to help her son.

  • Casie helps Cyrus. Clayton wants to buy Harley's house for Remy and Mel. Daisy finds it hard to get over Grady. Dinah doesn't want Grady distracted by Daisy.

  • Cassie listens in as Grady ask his brother to rob an armored truck with him. Cassie advises Cyrus that his brother is bad news. Alan remains confused. Dinah tries to find out more about Bill and Lizzie's relationship. Alan's condition begins to improve. Dinah wants Grady to break up her brother and Lizzie's relationship.

  • Frank runs Company whilst his father is away and he decides to offer Natalia a job which she accepts. Remy is upset that Ava wont be coming back. Olivia drives Natalia to go visit Rafe. Alan's condition begins to improve but after he opens his eyes he cant speak. When Bill and Lizzie give him a piece of paper to write on he asks who they are.

  • Grady hits Bill and he falls to the ground. Lizzie shows up and Grady runs off. Bill warns his sister that he will regain everything that she took from him. Daisy visits Rafe. Natalia has a bad day. Daisy accuses Grady of ruining Rafe's life.

  • Jeffrey surprises Reva with a new sports car. Jeffrey offers Daisy a job. When Reva is told that she cant fly she suggests that her and Jeffrey take a road trip for their honeymoon instead. Bill gives Lizzie a hard time. Lizzie is upset when she learns that Alan is in a coma and Bill secretly does something nice for her. Cyrus warns his brother to be wary of Dinah. Grady is determined to win Daisy back. Dinah tells Grady that she wants to see her brother hurt and later Grady wearing a ski mask confronts Bill with a club.

  • After Bill learns that Lizzie owns the Spaulding mansion again he moves out. Dinah finds herself attrached to Grady. Dinah warns Lizzie that her brother will never forgive her for what she has done. Bill tells Lizzie that the company owns the house and that he has decided to move back in but they will live in separate parts. Jeffrey and Reva decide that she should keep the baby.

  • Grady is determined to win Daisy back and ends up clashing with Mallet. Cyrus is furious with his brother. Cyrus tells Cassie that he has decided to take his brother out of the country. Bill throws Dinah out after having confronted her. Things heat up between Lizzie and Bill. Dinah goes to see Cyrus but ends up running into Grady who agrees to help her with her latest scheme.

  • Mallet attempts to talk a couple out of buying Harley's house. Alan gets ready for his surgery. Bill tries to find out from Alex if she has been working with Dinah. Lizzie clashes with Dinah. Alan thinks Bill is Gus and admits to him that Dinah has been working with him. Bill confronts his sister with what he has found out.

  • Dinah is surprised when Alex tells her that Lizzie now owns half of the company. Lizzie urges her grandfather to have the surgery he needs. Bill doesn't want Lizzie involved in the company. Alan visits Rafe. Dinah tells Alan that their deal is over and Bill wonders what is going on when he sees them together.

  • Grady continues with his plan to keep Daisy away from Rafe. Daisy is shocked when she learns from Cassie that Grady was the one who turned Rafe in. Daisy tells Grady that she cant be with him anymore. Both Reva and Jeffrey are worried about the baby she is expecting. Reva talks to Cassie and Billy as Jeffrey talks to Buzz.

  • Reva stops the fight between Josh and Jeffrey and tells Josh that her cancer might be back. Josh decides to pay a visit to see Shayne. Everything goes wrong for the wedding but Reva and Jeffrey are finally married. The doctor informs Jeffrey that Reva's cancer hasn't returned and tells him that Reva is pregnant.

  • Lizzie slips away from Bill so that she can search for Alan alone. Dinah lets Alan know that her brother is looking for him and Bill is surprised when Alan shows up to see him. Daisy tries to find jobs for her and Grady. Cyrus attempts to make a fresh start in his friendship with Cassie.

  • Dinah agrees to a deal offered to her from Alex. Reva doesn't tells Jeffrey about what is wrong as he makes plans for their wedding. Reva is surprised by Jeffrey's wedding plans. Lizzie just misses finding Alan in New York. Lizzie is surprised that Bill has followed her there. Bill tells Lizzie that she is more important to him than anything else.

  • Josh sees Reva admiring her wedding dress and tells her that he is still determined to win her back. Bill learns that Alan is in New York and informs Lizzie. Bill follows Lizzie who heads off to New York to find him. Jeffrey tells Reva that he wants to marry her now. Natalia visits her son. Doris wants Rafe locked up for good.

  • After a night out with Blake, Cassie is sad when she returns home to an empty house. Cyrus sees her upset through the window and tries to comfort her. She tells him that if he left town with Grady things would be better for her. Rafe is forced to give himself up. Natalia insists to Rafe that she didn't call the police. Olivia manages to convince Rafe that Natalia is telling the truth. Natalia and Olivia learn the truth about Alan. Cyrus isn't happy with Grady for calling the police on Rafe. As things heat up between Daisy and Grady, Rafe sits alone in his cell.

  • Rick tries to offer Olivia some advise. When Rafe discovers that Natalia has set him up he feels completely alone. Rafe calls Daisy interrupting her time with Grady. Grady secretly listens in to the conversation. Daisy lies to Grady about where she is going. As Daisy goes to see Rafe, Grady calls the police. The police show up to arrest Rafe.

  • Daisy is happy to see Rafe again and when Grady returns there is some tension. After Rafe leaves, Daisy attempts to convince Grady that it is him that she really wants to be with. Rick tells Bill and Lizzie what is wrong with Alan. Lizzie tells her grandfather what is wrong with him and urges him to go to to the hospital. Bill learns that somebody from the company has been leaking information to Alan. Alan and Natalia are reunited with Rafe.

  • Cyrus advises Grady and Daisy to sort things out with all the people they have upset. After Grady pops out, Daisy is surprised when Rafe shows up. Reva agrees to postpone the wedding for a few weeks after learning from Jeffrey that he has more evidence against Alan. Josh discovers that the wedding has been postponed. Josh warns Jeffrey that he will win Reva back.

  • Alan learns from Dinah that Jeffrey has new information on him. Bill talks to Lizzie about Alan. Alan refuses to let Rick treat him. Bill learns about the deal that Lizzie made with Jeffrey. Daisy clashes with Cassie and is later comforted by Grady and they discuss the future.

  • Dinah looks through papers in Bill's office but is caught by him. Dinah manages to cover. Beth is surprised by Lizzie's behavior. Alan is helped by Bill after he suffers a seizure. Jeffrey is determined to bring Alan to justice.

  • Bill cancels a pool party that Dinah is throwing when he learns that Remy is there. Remy wants to return to work and writes a letter to Ava telling her he misses her. Alan tells his sister about his plan to use Dinah so that he can regain control of the company. Dinah has dinner with Alan where he is able to convince her to work with him.

  • Bill throws himself into his work. Bill tells his sister that he is having the charges against her dropped and later tells her that he has tricked her into signing all her assets over to him. Alan attempts to convince Lizzie to stay in Springfield. Mallet and Marina make love for the first time. A memorial is held for baby Max. Alan asks Dinah to work with him to bring Bill down.

  • Tammy's murder trial gets underway. Alan lets Cyrus and Grady know that he has bribed the jury. Reva works out that Alan has been up to something and tries to let Jeffrey know. Cyrus blames himself for Grady's problems. Cassie gives her testimony on the stand.

  • Ashlee creates a video blog about the weight that she has lost. Natalia continues to miss Rafe. Alan has a vision that Rafe will come home soon. Jeffrey tells Beth that he is determined to bring Alan to justice. Grady catches Frank following him. Daisy tells Grady that she still isn't certain what she is going to say at the trial. Jeffrey issues a threat to Daisy after seeing her with Grady.

  • Dinah learns about what has happened to the baby. Clayton tries to comfort Remy. An upset Bill lashes out at his sister and has her arrested. Jeffrey wants to marry Reva today. Jeffrey and Olivia are worried about how to tell Ava about what has happened.

  • Reva runs into Jeffrey on his way out and he seems distracted. When he leaves to try to contact Olivia, Reva and Jeffrey discuss wedding ideas. Remy tells his sister that he wants to move to Chicago with Ava and raise the baby there. Bill tells Lizzie that he is worried that he is going to lose the baby to Remy. The baby has trouble breathing and everyone is shocked when he later dies. Lizzie tries to comfort Bill.

  • Mallet tries to help a drunken Bill. Bill is jealous when he sees Remy holding the baby. Olivia finds somewhere new to stay. Remy tells his parents about the baby and he decides he wants to rename his son. Dinah tries to offer her brother some advise. Lizzie returns to Springfield to help Bill.

  • Olivia returns to Springfield. Bill and Remy are both stopped from seeing baby Max. Bill is shocked when the governor refuses to give him his endorsement. Dinah answers a call from Ava for Bill and tells him that Ava said that he has to let Remy be part of Max's life. Bill gets drunk and throws all of Ava and Olivia's belongings out of the house. Dinah calls Lizzie hoping that she can help her brother.

  • Marina is surprised when she finds Daisy living out of her car and offers her a place to stay. Natalia is asked out on a date by Frank. Grady tells Daisy that he has come up with a plan to deal with Reva.

  • Frank returns home and tells his father that he couldn't find Harley or Rafe. Daisy is reunited with Grady. Jeffrey asks Hawk for permission to marry his daughter.

  • Bill tells his parents the truth about the baby and that he intends to raise him as his own son. Bill offers Remy money to leave him, Ava and the baby alone but he refuses. Reva tells Josh that she still intends to marry Jeffrey but he refuses to give up on her. Jeffrey learns the truth from his daughter about the baby and promises to be there for her. Reva works out that Ava is suffering with postpartum depression. Ava leaves town to get help before Bill can say goodbye.

  • Bill and Ava are worried about the baby when it is rushed out of the delivery room. Ava and Bill finally get to see the baby and he tells Ava that no matter what he wants to raise the child as his own. Lizzie lies to the Governor to help save Bill's career. Remy shows up at the hospital with flowers. Lizzie tells Alex about her plans to leave town.

  • Ava and Bill are forced to do some fast talking when it is leaked that Bill was seen at the cabin with Lizzie. Ava gets stuck in a lift with Remy as her waters break. Lizzie attempts to convince her mother that the family would be better off starting again away from Springfield. Bill is furious with Dinah and accuses her of leaking the story about him and Lizzie. Alan tells Bill and Lizzie that Ava's baby is on the way and that Gus told him. Ava finally manages to get out of the lift and is taken to the hospital. Bill tries to reassure Ava that everything will be alright.

  • Ava clashes with Lizzie. Lizzie decides to move away from Springfield. Reva and Josh share a kiss but after Reva says they should let go of the past. Cassie tells Josh that she is letting him go and he packs up his belongings. As Josh leaves, Cassie runs after him.

  • Josh and Reva remember the past that they shared as the actors playing them in the movie film their wedding scene. Cassie is jealous when she sees Josh sharing a dance with Reva. Josh tells Reva that they could have a future and that he doesn't think his marriage to her sister can survive after every thing that has happened.

  • Cyrus goes to see Jeffrey and issues a threat to him. Grady has some good news that he shares with Daisy. Cassie and Josh's relationship continues to have problems.

  • Lizzie is worried after Alan tells her that Bill will soon loose everything. Alan believes that he has seen Gus again and after falling over he insists to Bill that Gus pushed him. Lizzie manages to get under Bill's skin. Dinah finds out that her brother bought the property she was interested in buying.

  • Josh learns that Reva and Jeffrey are no longer living together and helps her move back in to Cross Creek. Cyrus tapes Reva when she confesses to him that she set Foley up. Daisy tells Foley that she loves him.

  • Bill feels the baby kick. Lillian offers Lizzie some advise. Ava and Remy spend some time together. Bill runs into Lizzie at the cabin. Reva clashes with Josh for trying to get the movie stopped. Cassie and Josh attend their therapy session.

  • Lizzie hopes that she will be able to reclaim control of the family company. Ava is taken to the hospital. Dinah believes that her brother has let her down.

  • Coop shares a close moment with Ashlee. Grady is threatened by Buzz.

  • Reva learns that Jeffrey was the one who tried to get production on the film stopped on Josh's behalf. Mallet and Marina share a kiss after talking about their ex partners. Reva sees Daisy and Grady hugging. Reva drugs some drugs on Grady and then calls Frank. Frank later works out that Reva has set Grady up as Grady tells Daisy that somebody in her family is out to get him.

  • Reva tells Josh that she is no longer engaged to Jeffrey but they are still a couple. Reva is shocked when she sees the film as it wasn't as it was supposed to be. Olivia learns from Jeffrey that he has told Bill the truth about the baby. Cassie warns her sister that Josh is hers. Alan is determined to get the company and family home back.

  • Lizzie tells Remy that Bill isn't the father of Ava's child. Josh and Cassie decide to host this year's annual BBQ. Lizzie isn't happy when she sees Bill and Ava sharing a kiss.

  • Ava tells Remy that she really does care for him but she also refuses to give up Billy so that they can be together. Ava is confronted by Billy.

  • Bill and Ava sign the wedding papers and Lizzie issues him with an ultimatum. Lizzie decides that Harley's old house will be the Spaulding's new home. Mallet shows up to arrest Alan and Beth stops him from confessing.

  • Cassie admits to her sister that she has cheated on Josh. Reva isn't happy that Jeffrey didn't tell her what he knew. Josh and Cassie attempt to reconnect. Josh attempts to talk to Cyrus about the affair. Cyrus learns about Grady's confession.

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