Another World

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  • TV-14
  • 1991
  • 35 Seasons
  • 6.8  (819)

For 35 years, the soap opera known as Another World treated NBC's daytime audience to unique drama and a number of stirring situations. The show, which was created by Ima Phillips and William J. Bell, was set in the fictional town of Bay City, and it followed the lives of a number of the town's characters throughout its long run. Although the program certainly followed most of the conventions associated with soap opera drama, it took a slightly different approach to the genre by focusing on the more idiosyncratic aspects of the relationships between the characters. As a result, Another World became a very popular program with a large number of enthusiastic and devoted fans. For nearly half of its amazing run on the air, Another World was NBC's highest rated soap opera. It captured the imaginations of viewers with its many unique story lines, but it gained a prominent place in the public's consciousness thanks to its willingness to break new ground in the medium of television. For instance, Another World was the first soap opera to feature a character crossover from a different program. This happened when the character of Mike Bauer moved to Bay City from the town of Springfield depicted on Guiding Light. Another World was also the first soap opera to extend its running time from a half hour to 60 minutes. This willingness to test the boundaries of television was a major reason why fans became so entranced by the show. For the most part, Another World's story lines focused on the relationships between the characters, which often included involvement in love triangles. One of the first successful such relationships depicted on the show was among the characters of Steve, Alice and Rachel. Steve and Rachel had a relationship that produced a child, but Steve decided to marry Alice, whom he thought would make a better wife. However, Steve only learns about his child when Rachel decides to crash the wedding. The drama among these three characters and their relationships would extend into later seasons of the show, and splinter off to involve a number of other important characters throughout the program's run. Another World was a groundbreaking program for a number of reasons, and many other soap operas have tried to imitate its style and tone. The show was one of the most successful daytime dramas in history thanks to its terrific writing, acting and direction, and it was able to capture the imaginations of fans everywhere. Though the show does not currently air new episodes, it lives on in the memories of fans and in repeat broadcasts.

Another World
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Sep 14, 2010
7173. Sep 14, 2010
September 14, 1992
Paulina asks Jake for some time and space. Dean is at a loss without his music. Jamie takes a big step with Kelsey. Ryan pushes Vicky away as his future looks even bleaker.
Sep 9, 2010
7170. Sep 9, 2010
September 9, 1992
Donna decides to take on Grant in order to get Ryan and Vicky back together. Vicky is touched by Grant's affection for Steven. Kevin comforts a disappointed Lorna after the reading of Lucas's will
Aug 19, 1992
7155. Aug 19, 1992
August 19, 1992
Sam's music career takes off. Felicia makes arrangements to tell the world Lorna is her daughter. Jake closes in on some damaging information about Kevin.
Aug 18, 1992
7154. Aug 18, 1992
August 18, 1992
Marley lets Byron have it. Grant warns Vicky not to toy with his heart. Lorna is finally ready to accept Felicia as her mother. Felicia and Lorna bond at Lucas's graveside.
Aug 17, 1992
7153. Aug 17, 1992
August 17, 1992
Grant appeals to Vicky now that she and Ryan are over. Iris breaks up with Spencer. Kelsey confronts Jamie over his heated past with Vicky.
Aug 14, 1992
7152. Aug 14, 1992
August 14, 1992
Dean comforts a grieving Jenna. Jake looks into Kevin's background. Felicia reaches out to Sally for Lucas. The investigation into Lucas' murder gets underway.
Aug 13, 1992
7151. Aug 13, 1992
August 13, 1992
Kelsey's mother warns her against getting involved with Jamie. Rachel, Kevin, and Paulina work to find out who framed Jamie-to Jake's dismay. Cass and Felicia carry out Lucas's final wishes to celebrate his life.
Aug 12, 1992
7150. Aug 12, 1992
August 12, 1992
Felicia, Lorna, and Jenna react to their loss. Vicky visits Ryan in his new apartment. Dennis gives Byron the score on his intentions towards Marley.
Aug 11, 1992
7149. Aug 11, 1992
August 11, 1992
John allows Lily to stay on for Gregory's sake. Jenna reels from the news that Lorna is Lucas and Felicia's daughter. Lorna faces her fears and visits the gravely ill Lucas.
Aug 10, 1992
7148. Aug 10, 1992
August 10, 1992
Jamie has to defend himself to Kelsey's mother-Ruth. Felicia coaxes Lorna into seeing Lucas. An unhinged Alan confronts Jenna. Felicia tells Jenna about Lorna's true identity.
Aug 7, 1992
7147. Aug 7, 1992
August 7, 1992
Kelsey breaks the news to her mother about not getting the job as Jamie's assistant. Marley and Vicky talk about Byron and Dennis. Dennis tries to be a friend to Jamie. Felicia demands Lorna make peace with Lucas before it's too late.
Aug 6, 1992
7146. Aug 6, 1992
August 6, 1992
Jamie's decision makes waves for him and Kelsey. Sam plays his first country music concert. Lorna confronts Kevin on his nightmares. Felicia and Jenna hold vigil for Lucas.
August 5, 1992
7145. August 5, 1992
August 5, 1992
Iris tells Jamie he's got to make his choice for the Mentor's program. Dean and Cass work to find Lucas's shooter. Rachel welcomes Jake to the family for Paulina's sake. Jake tries to throw suspicion off of him of making Jamie and Kelsey's tape.
Aug 4, 1992
7144. Aug 4, 1992
August 4, 1992
Jamie gives Felicia and Jenna the bad news about Lucas. Iris introduces Dennis to Tommy. Donna spends time with Lily. Byron confronts Marley on his being in a wheelchair.
Aug 3, 1992
7143. Aug 3, 1992
August 3, 1992
Lorna and Felicia worry over Lucas. Paulina buys a clue as to Jake's hand in Jamie's problems at work. Donna warns Grant away from Vicky and Ryan. Jake comforts a skittish Hannah.
Jul 31, 1992
7142. Jul 31, 1992
July 31, 1992
Ryan confronts Vicky on her scheme with Carl. Kelsey demands Jamie tell her how much the tape of them together could hurt her career. Lorna finds Lucas in a pool of blood.
Jul 30, 1992
7141. Jul 30, 1992
July 30, 1992
Lucas becomes victim of an ambush. Carl tells Ryan that Vicky is working with him. Dennis confronts Marley on her relationship with Byron.
Jul 29, 1992
7140. Jul 29, 1992
July 29, 1992
Rachel and Iris react to Jake's videotape of Jamie and Kelsey. Sally threatens to tell Felicia the truth about Lucas. John confesses to Donna his issues in having Lily at his house.
Jul 28, 1992
7139. Jul 28, 1992
July 28, 1992
Ryan and Vicky are swept away by their passion. Jake and Vicky call each other out on their schemes. Spencer tells Ryan that he'll always be his son. Jake continues his scheme against Jamie and Kelsey.
Jul 27, 1992
7138. Jul 27, 1992
July 27, 1992
Lorna wants to come clean about Lucas and Felicia being her parents. Cass advises Byron about Marley. Sally offers herself to Lucas. Vicky misses Ryan like crazy.
Jul 24, 1992
7137. Jul 24, 1992
July 24, 1992
Cass talks to Frankie about starting a family. Carl and Grant face off over Ryan. Jenna, Felicia, Dean, and Lucas celebrate their anniversary.
Jul 23, 1992
7136. Jul 23, 1992
July 23, 1992
Frankie and Ryan go on a stake-out. Dennis remains frustrated by Marley. Rachel warns Paulina about the issues between Jake and Jamie.
Jul 22, 1992
7135. Jul 22, 1992
July 22, 1992
Vicky gets a scary visit from a clown. Roger comes to Donna with a proposal. Donna bestows a family gift on Vicky. Jamie and John work to treat those injued at the construction site accident.
Jul 21, 1992
7134. Jul 21, 1992
July 21, 1992
Lorna continues to confound Kevin. Lucas remains firm on cutting Lorna out of his life. An accident leaves Amanda and Grant severely injured.
Jul 20, 1992
7133. Jul 20, 1992
July 20, 1992
Lorna saves Felicia from a nasty situation. Jamie tells Kelsey how much she means to him. Grant defends himself to Amanda.
Jul 17, 1992
7132. Jul 17, 1992
July 17, 1992
Carl hatches a plan to use Vicky to get Ryan. Lorna warns Ryan not to get ensnared in Carl's web. Lucas warns Felicia that Lorna is tearing them apart.
Jul 16, 1992
7131. Jul 16, 1992
July 16, 1992
Marley and Byron share a sensual kiss. Grant gives Kelsey advice about her career and Jamie. Dennis tries to save his friendship with Jamie. Matt and Hannah hang out.
Jul 15, 1992
7130. Jul 15, 1992
July 15, 1992
Dean asks Jenna to move in with him. Jamie's professional judgment is called into question regarding Kelsey. Lorna and Matt work to help launch Sam's country music career.
Jul 14, 1992
7129. Jul 14, 1992
July 14, 1992
Kelsey pulls away from Jamie. Jenna is freaked out by a mysterious note. Lorna and Ada continue to work together to save her company.
Jul 13, 1992
7128. Jul 13, 1992
July 13, 1992
Carl warns Vicky to not come between him and Ryan. Dennis crashes Byron and Marley's evening. Lorna takes on Roger. Spencer rebuffs Iris's efforts.
Jul 10, 1992
7127. Jul 10, 1992
July 10, 1992
Amanda comes to Grant with an offer. Vicky is appalled as Donna bad-mouths Ryan. Grant appeals to Ryan to not lose his way and throw away Vicky.
Jul 9, 1992
7126. Jul 9, 1992
July 9, 1992
Ryan decides to go back to where his nightmare began. Hannah, Jake, and Paulina enjoy a nice family moment. Spencer and Carl square off over Ryan and Justine.
Jul 8, 1992
7125. Jul 8, 1992
July 8, 1992
Kelsey feels the pressure at work as her relationship with Jamie gets out. Grant reaches out to Ryan. Jake continues to steam about Jamie.
Jul 7, 1992
7124. Jul 7, 1992
July 7, 1992
Ryan joins Carl in jail. Spencer comes clean to Ryan about Justine. Jenna tells Dean her dream wedding.
Jul 6, 1992
7123. Jul 6, 1992
July 6, 1992
Rachel stumbles upon a beaten up Carl at the Cory Stables. Ryan confronts Spencer on his biggest lie of all. Iris pleads with Spencer to let go of the past.
Jul 1, 1992
7122. Jul 1, 1992
July 1, 1992
Carl reveals a devestating secret to Ryan. Matt rails at Lorna for not supporting Dean. Cass and Frankie deal with the trauma of the past.
Jun 30, 1992
7121. Jun 30, 1992
June 30, 1992
Spencer demands to know what Vicky is up to. Carl surprises Jenna. Paulina and Jamie argue over Jake. Jake vows revenge on Jamie.
Jun 29, 1992
7120. Jun 29, 1992
June 29, 1992
Dean's concert gets underway. Dennis comes clean about his bet with Jake to Jamie. Paulina warns Jake to stop his scams or they're through.
Jun 26, 1992
7119. Jun 26, 1992
June 26, 1992
Frankie sets up a meeting between Carl and Ryan. Grant is stung when he discovers the secrets Vicky's been hiding. Lorna reveals to Kevin what Carl has on her. Lucas and Felicia argue over Lorna.
Jun 25, 1992
7118. Jun 25, 1992
June 25, 1992
Carl sends Ryan a message through Frankie. Felicia threatens Carl in an effort to protect Lorna. Kevin tends to Lorna after her accident at the Mill. Dean and Jenna are excited about his upcoming concert.
Jun 24, 1992
7117. Jun 24, 1992
June 24, 1992
A fed up Carl corners Frankie. Lorna breaks down to Felicia after Carl metes out his punishment. Cass warns Frankie about helping Ryan.
Jun 23, 1992
7116. Jun 23, 1992
June 23, 1992
Dean is ready to make the ultimate commitment to Jenna. Paulina advises Hannah about Kevin. Kelsey continues to get heat at the hospital over Jamie.
Jun 22,1992
7115. Jun 22,1992
June 22, 1992
Lucas remains frosty towards Lorna to Felicia's dismay. Spencer warns Vicky that Carl may use her to get to Ryan. Marley and Dennis talk about their dreams.
Jun 19, 1992
7114. Jun 19, 1992
June 19, 1992
Marley is horrified to learn about Jake and Dennis's bet. Carl and Ryan nearly come to blows. Jenna and Lorna have a difference of professional opinion.
Jun 18,1992
7113. Jun 18,1992
June 18, 1992
Vicky vows to get Ryan back. Hannah is touched by Paulina's support. Kelsey gets hazed at the hospital.
Jun 17,1992
7112. Jun 17,1992
June 17, 1992
Matt and Jenna give Dean some surprising news. Paulina worries about a missing Hannah. Carl gives Mara instruction on how to deal with Dean.
Jun 16,1992
7111. Jun 16,1992
June 16, 1992
Ryan tells Vicky that they are over for good. Jake gets incriminating photos of Jamie. Iris advises Dennis to go for love. Marley laments her love life.
Jun 15,1992
7110. Jun 15,1992
June 15, 1992
Lorna makes her statement to Kevin about Rick's shooting. Lucas urges Sally to start over. Matt, Dean, and Jenna learn of Lorna's association with Carl.
Jun 12,1992
7109. Jun 12,1992
June 12, 1992
Vicky confronts Carl. Spencer worries about Ryan to Iris. Paulina asks Jake to move in with her. Donna and Ryan race to save Vicky from Carl.
Jun 11,1992
7108. Jun 11,1992
June 11, 1992
Marley pulls a con for a good cause. Kevin confronts Lorna on her affiliation with Carl. Donna and Rachel worry about Carl.
Jun 10,1992
7107. Jun 10,1992
June 10, 1992
Grant enlists Marley's help with Vicky. Jamie and Kelsey are caught in a compromising position. Donna appeals to Ryan for Vicky.
Jun 9,1992
7106. Jun 9,1992
June 9, 1992
Jake sets up Jamie and Kelsey. Carl continues to bait Ryan. Jamie reacts to the news that Jake and Paulina are back together. Ryan begs Frankie for her help.
Jun 6,1992
7105. Jun 6,1992
June 8, 1992
Grant is turned away by Ryan. Vicky is determined to help Ryan get out of jail. Carl pays Ryan a visit.Lorna is torn about helping Ryan and turning in Carl.
Jun 5, 1992
7104. Jun 5, 1992
June 5, 1992
Spencer pushes Grant to help Ryan. Felicia urges Lorna to fight back against Carl. Jamie comforting Vicky leads to a misunderstanding with Kelsey. Matt and Dean worry about Jenna.
Jun 4, 1992
7103. Jun 4, 1992
June 4, 1992
Frankie finally agrees to marry Cass. Rachel worries to Paulina about Jamie and Kelsey. Carl and Amanda have a surprising chat.
Jun 3, 1992
7102. Jun 3, 1992
June 3, 1992
Cass shows Frankie around Venice. Vicky reels from Ryan's arrest and their broken relationship. Byron and Dennis compete for Marley.
Jun 2, 1992
7101. Jun 2, 1992
June 2, 1992
Felicia asks Lorna what Carl has on her. Ryan is arrested. Lucas lashes out at Lorna when she tries to protect Jenna. Jake and Paulina enjoy their new relationship.
Jun 1, 1992
7100. Jun 1, 1992
June 1, 1992
Dennis challenges Marley to take the leap. Ryan reels from Vicky's revelation. Rick meets a dire end with Ryan caught in the crossfire.
May 29, 1992
7099. May 29, 1992
May 29, 1992
Rick plans another move against Jenna. Vicky prepares to tell Ryan the truth about her and Grant. Cass surprised Frankie with a special trip.
May 28, 1992
7098. May 28, 1992
May 28, 1992
Felicia breaks the news to Lucas about Lorna being their daughter. Jenna and Dean worry they're being followed. Rachel is shocked at news about Paulina and Jake. Lorna begs Carl to keep their relationship a secret.
May 24, 1992
7097. May 24, 1992
May 24, 1992
Byron confronts Dennis on his issues. Vicky begs Grant to not tell Ryan about their night together. Iris turns to Marley for help with Dennis.
May 26, 1992
7096. May 26, 1992
May 26, 1992
John reminds Donna that he isn't Michael's stand-in. Despite knowing the truth, Lorna rejects Felicia as her mother. Jake can't wait to tell the world about his and Paulina's reunion.
May 25, 1992
7095. May 25, 1992
May 25, 1992
Jake finally wins over Paulina. Rick and Carl square off. Kelsey and Jamie share a special night. Lorna has a heart to heart with her grandmother, Helen.
May 22, 1992
7094. May 22, 1992
May 22, 1992
Felicia and Lorna pay a visit to Lorna's grandmother. Vicky begs Ryan to be careful of Carl. Jake asks Paulina what more can he do to prove his love for her.
May 21, 1992
7093. May 21, 1992
May 21, 1992
Lucas accuses Lorna of trying to scam Felicia. Iris and Donna discuss Dennis and Marley. Jamie continues to push the envelope with Kelsey. Mara leaves Dean and Matt in the lurch.
May 20, 1992
7092. May 20, 1992
May 20, 1992
Dennis drowns his sorrows. Byron comforts Marley. Carl and Ryan face off. Cass pushes Frankie for a wedding date.
May 19, 1992
7091. May 19, 1992
May 19, 1992
Jenna pleads with Dean to stop his vendetta against Rick Vicky tells Grant that whatever was between them is over. Dennis becomes determined to be a part of his child's life.
May 18, 1992
7090. May 18, 1992
May 18, 1992
Carl pays Donna a surprise visit. Jenna worries about Dean when he doesn't show up at her taping. Olivia bids a tearful good-bye to Marley and leaves for Europe. Marley fears Dennis blames her for Olivia's leaving.
May 15, 1992
7089. May 15, 1992
May 15, 1992
Jenna goes on Felicia's show to set the record straight about her porn tape. Marley and Dennis search for a missing Olivia. Felicia tells Lucas her suspicions about Lorna. Lorna makes contact with a person from her past to find out the truth.
May 14, 1992
7088. May 14, 1992
May 14, 1992
Vicky asks Ryan if he still wants to get married. Jake warns Paulina about Kevin. John moves in with Donna as a precaution against Carl. Grant moves to break up Vicky and Ryan once and for all.
May 13, 1992
7087. May 13, 1992
May 13, 1992
Dennis and Marley are shocked when Olivia decides to leave Bay City. Iris warns Jamie about his relationship with Kelsey. Cass is shocked by Frankie's life changing decision. Jenna and Dean continue to fight over his overprotectiveness.
May 12, 1992
7086. May 12, 1992
May 12, 1992
Ryan and Grant agree on the terms for Vicky's employment. Lorna tells Felicia to let her lost child remain dead. Carl, now back in Bay City, resumes his games with his enemies.
May 11, 1992
7085. May 11, 1992
May 11, 1992
Ryan rushes to D.C. to see Vicky. Lorna tells Carl she wants out of his world. Jamie and Kelsey dance around the possibility of starting a relationship.
May 8, 1992
7084. May 8, 1992
May 8, 1992
Felicia confronts Lorna about her past-and the possibility that she is her daughter. Kelsey gives in to her attraction to Jamie. Grant and Vicky take their passion to the next level.
May 8, 1992
7083. May 8, 1992
May 8, 1992
Vicky continues to enjoy Grant's company while taking a break from Ryan. Carl takes over Sunburst from Rick. A confused Marley seeks comfort from Jamie after Dennis' plea to her.
May 7, 1992
7082. May 7, 1992
May 7, 1992
Frankie continues to get bad vibrations about her and Cass's reunion. Dennis asks Marley to forget her fantasies and live in the real world with him.
Apr 29, 1992
7081. Apr 29, 1992
April 29, 1992
Donna and John get passionate on the dance floor. Jenna and Matt are worried about Dean's overprotectiveness. Felicia questions Lorna about her past.
May 5, 1992
7080. May 5, 1992
May 5, 1992
Vicky tells Grant that she and Ryan are over. Dean asks for Ryan's help with Rick. Dennis is torn when Olivia accepts his proposal when he finally has a chance with Marley.
May 2, 1992
7079. May 2, 1992
May 2, 1992
Jake declares war on Kevin for Paulina. Dennis finally tells Marley his true feelings. Vicky and Ryan get to the heart of what's wrong with their relationship.
May 1, 1992
7078. May 1, 1992
May 1, 1992
Vicky and Ryan try to get their relationship back on track. Jake keeps pushing Kelsey to Jamie. Olivia is shocked at Liz's reaction to Dennis' proposal. Iris tries to convince Dennis not to marry Olivia.
Apr 30, 1992
7077. Apr 30, 1992
April 30, 1992
Kelsey reaches out to Jamie. Frankie and Cass talk about starting over. Paulina tries to keep Jake at bay.
Apr 29, 1992
7076. Apr 29, 1992
April 29, 1992
Vicky and Ryan argue over Grant's interference in their relationship. Felicia decides to find out if Lorna truly is her daughter. Marley and Vicky share their woes. Dennis wonders if getting married is the right decision.
Apr 28, 1992
7075. Apr 28, 1992
April 28, 1992
Marley reacts to Iris's revelation about Dennis. Dennis and Olivia talk about getting married. Donna confronts Vicky on her attraction to Grant.
April 16, 1992
7068. April 16, 1992
April 16, 1992
Matt defends Lorna to Felicia. Donna warns Grant that Vicky is off limits. Lorna finds herself a pariah in Bay City.
April 15, 1992
7067. April 15, 1992
April 15, 1992
Dean stands firm with Lorna, Matt, and Jake that Jenna isn't to be exploited. Dennis pleads with Olivis for a chance to be a father to their baby. Donna offers to fix John up with a new woman.
April 14, 1992
7066. April 14, 1992
April 14, 1992
Dean and Jenna are hesitant about Jenna dancing in his sexy new music video. Iris and Dennis are at odds over his baby with Olivia. Lorna bears the brunt of Dean's anger.
April 13, 1992
7065. April 13, 1992
April 13, 1992
With Spencer and Grant's secret finally out, it's brother vs. brother as Ryan confronts Grant. Felicia asks for some time and space from Lucas after his revelations. Finally, Cass and Frankie are reunited.
April 10, 1992
7064. April 10, 1992
April 10, 1992
Frankie makes a desperate dash to the airport to stop Cass from leaving Bay City. Spencer decides to tell Ryan the truth. Marley fights to keep her dream of a baby with Jamie alive. Dennis asserts that he wants to be a father to his and Olivia's baby.
April 9, 1992
7063. April 9, 1992
April 9, 1992
Dennis reveals to a shocked Marley that he's the father of Olivia's baby. Ryan makes a surprising request of Grant. Cass decides to leave Bay City after he sees Frankie and John in an embrace.
Apr 8, 1992
7062. Apr 8, 1992
April 8, 1992
John is delighted by Frankie's surprise. Lucas confronts Cass about Jenna. Dean and Jenna confront Rick on his trickery. Olivia tells Dennis he's the father of her baby.
Apr 7, 1992
7061. Apr 7, 1992
April 7, 1992
Felicia and Lucas try to regroup after their fight and Jenna's accusations. John and Cass anxiously await Frankie's return. Olivia's feelings for Dennis are brought to the surface after his accident.
Apr 6, 1992
7060. Apr 6, 1992
April 6, 1992
Marley rushes to Dennis' bedside after his race car accident. Ryan warns Lucas that he needs to come clean to Felicia and Jenna or risk losing them. Vicky tries to maintain bonds with Grant despite Ryan's reservations.
Apr 3, 1992
7059. Apr 3, 1992
April 3, 1992
Dennis tries to dissuade Jamie about reuniting with Marley. Matt uses his Cory connections to keep Jenna's tape out of the news. Dean and Jenna take Matt and Lorna to task for their role in the tape fiasco. Marley distracts Dennis at an inopportune time.
Apr 2, 1992
7058. Apr 2, 1992
April 2, 1992
Vicky starts her new job as Ryan's assistant, but just can't stay away from Grant. Olivia admits to Marley that Sam isn't the father of her baby. Grant worries Spencer may tell Ryan the truth about them.
Apr 1, 1992
7057. Apr 1, 1992
April 1, 1992
Jenna faces down the school Chancellor and her fellow students. Jake appeals to Paulina to believe that he loves her. Jake goes after Jamie for ruining his life.
Mar 31, 1992
7056. Mar 31, 1992
March 31, 1992
Felicia, Dean, Jenna, and Lucas reel from Jenna's tape being exposed. Jake gets out on bail and rushes to see Paulina. Lorna pleads her innocence to Felicia and Jenna.
Mar 30, 1992
7055. Mar 30, 1992
March 30, 1992
Dean's interview with Felicia gets underway. Jenna's tape goes live on the air. Jamie's call to the cops lands Jake in jail. Marley and Jamie look to a new beginning with their adopted child.
Mar 27, 1992
7054. Mar 27, 1992
March 27, 1992
Lorna gets an idea on how to expose Jenna's tape to all of Bay City. Jamie mistakenly rushes to defend Paulina from Jake. Vicky is forced to choose between love and her career.
Mar 26, 1992
7053. Mar 26, 1992
March 26, 1992
Jamie fears the worst when Paulina leaves to meet Jake. Matt and Rachel clash over Lorna. Lorna views Jenna's tape.
Mar 25, 1992
7052. Mar 25, 1992
March 25, 1992
Iris appeals to Grant for Spencer's sake. Dennis pulls away as Marley lays it on the line to Jamie. Kevin tells Paulina that he'll wait for her until she's ready.
Mar 24, 1992
7051. Mar 24, 1992
March 24, 1992
Lorna makes a deal with Rick for his tape of Jenna. Olivia signs the papers for Marley to adopt her baby. Iris plays matchmaker for Dennis with Marley.
Mar 23, 1992
7050. Mar 23, 1992
March 23, 1992
Dean and Jenna pledge their love to one another. Lorna sets her sights on getting a copy of an incriminating tape of Jenna. Paulina tells Jake to back off.
Mar 20, 1992
7049. Mar 20, 1992
March 20, 1992
Jenna and Dean enjoy a romantic evening at Tops. Grant stirs up trouble between Ryan and Vicky. Jake and Paulina share a passionate kiss.
Mar 19, 1992
7048. Mar 19, 1992
March 19, 1992
Kelsey remains determined to focus on her career despite her attraction to Jamie. Sam warns Jake to not toy with Paulina. Kevin and Hannah hang out.
Mar 18, 1992
7047. Mar 18, 1992
March 18, 1992
Chris confronts Rick over his protectiveness of Jenna. Rachel warns Donna about her infatuation with John. Marley and Sam each seek legal advice about Olivia's baby.
Mar 17, 1992
7046. Mar 17, 1992
March 17, 1992
Ryan is devestated after testifying against Spencer. Marley asks Dennis to help her smooth things over with Jamie. Kelsey panics over her exams.
Mar 16, 1992
7045. Mar 16, 1992
March 16, 1992
Rick continues working on his video of Jenna. Spencer refuses Grant and Ryan's help with his hearing. Paulina lashes out at Jake for interfering with her love life.
Mar 13, 1992
7044. Mar 13, 1992
March 13, 1992
Marley misses her date with Jamie when Olivia comes to her in a panic. Iris is determined to stand by Spencer during his hearing. Grant suggests a way to Spencer that he could help him. Jamie and Kelsey share a close moment at the hospital.
Mar 12, 1992
7043. Mar 12, 1992
March 12, 1992
Paulina puts her foot down with Jamie. David reveals his feelings to Olivia. Jake is worried about Paulina and Kevin's relationship.
Mar 11, 1992
7042. Mar 11, 1992
March 11, 1992
Byron, Cass, Dennis, John, and Jamie share an awkward guy's night out. Lucas wonders what to tell Felicia about what he discovered about Jenna's father.
Mar 10, 1992
7041. Mar 10, 1992
March 10, 1992
Grant and Paulina say their final good-bye. Kelsey and Jamie continue to spar at work. Grant is determined to punish Ryan for betraying his family-by taking Vicky.
Mar 3, 1992
7040. Mar 3, 1992
March 9, 1992
Sam expresses doubt about his future as an artist. Lucus worries what it could mean if Cass is proven to be Jenna's father. Marley is hopeful for her and Jamie's future.
Mar 6, 1992
7039. Mar 6, 1992
March 6, 1992
Marley begins the process to adopt Olivia's baby. Jenna and Dean struggle over the price of Dean's fame. Lucas uncovers info on Jenna's father-could it be Cass?!
Mar 5, 1992
7038. Mar 5, 1992
March 5, 1992
The Love Doctor is in and on the job to help the lovelorn residents of Bay City . Spencer warns Grant away from Vicky for Ryan's sake.
Mar 4, 1992
7037. Mar 4, 1992
March 4, 1992
Marley breaks her happy news to Dennis. Kelsey's party gets underway. Paulina reaches out to Jamie. Grant moves in on Vicky.
Mar 3, 1992
7036. Mar 3, 1992
March 3, 1992
Amanda tells Sam about Olivia's visit to the abortion clinic. Paulina and Jake must work together for Dean. Rick becomes more attached to Jenna.
Mar 1, 1992
7035. Mar 1, 1992
March 2, 1992
Iris confronts Spencer over his secret woman. Marley is grateful for Olivia's offer but worries about Sam's wishes. Jamie learns the truth from Kelsey.
Feb 27, 1992
7034. Feb 27, 1992
February 28, 1992
Olivia offers her baby to Marley. Jamie confronts Kelsey and ends up in an awkward situation. Lorna seethes as Matt continues to cater to Jenna.
Feb 27, 1992
7033. Feb 27, 1992
February 27, 1992
Rachel gives Paulina advice about Grant and Jake. Jamie and Dennis continue their search for Spencer's other woman. Olivia takes the next step to end her pregnancy.
Feb 26, 1992
7032. Feb 26, 1992
February 26, 1992
Felicia warns Lorna away from Matt. Jenna calls Rick seeking an extra job. John takes Donna bowling.
Feb 25, 1992
7031. Feb 25, 1992
February 25, 1992
Lucas tells Ryan that he wants their undercover case to be resolved soon. Vicky faces unexpected consequences of Grant and Paulina's break-up. Jake accuses Kevin of using Paulina against him.
Feb 24, 1992
7030. Feb 24, 1992
February 24, 1992
Jake comforts Paulina after she has a devestating confrontation with Grant. Olivia is torn over what to do with her baby. Jenna catches Rick's unwanted attention.
Feb 21, 1992
7029. Feb 21, 1992
February 21, 1992
Jake goads Vicky into continuing her plan to break of Paulina and Grant. An anxious and guilty Olivia moves to take drastic action about her pregnancy. Paulina begs Grant to shut Vicky out of their lives.
Feb 20, 1992
7028. Feb 20, 1992
February 20, 1992
Jake and Paulina settle their marriage once and for all. Lucas vows to come clean to Felicia. Grant gets a photo and Jake and Paulina in a compromising position.
Feb 19, 1992
7027. Feb 19, 1992
February 19, 1992
Grant surprises Paulina with wedding plans. Things become awkward when Marley runs into Dennis and Jamie. Vicky regroups in her efforts to break up Paulina and Grant.
Feb 18, 1992
7026. Feb 18, 1992
February 18, 1992
Jamie and Dennis speculate on the identity of Spencer's mystery woman. Cass is anxious to prove Frankie wrong by passing her fidelity test. John comforts Donna over Michael's letter.
Feb 17, 1992
7025. Feb 17, 1992
February 17, 1992
Jamie continues to pursue his mystery woman. Vicky and Paulina catfight while Grant and Jake spar.
Feb 14, 1992
7024. Feb 14, 1992
February 14, 1992
It is the night of the Cory Ball. Grant sets up Jake to get an eyeful of him and Paulina as a couple. Jamie eyes a mystery woman. Cass is put to the test. Marley drops her case against Paulina to Vicky's rage.
Feb 13, 2009
7023. Feb 13, 2009
February 13, 1992
Felicia worries that Lorna will try to ruin things between Jenna and Dean. Jake confronts Bridget about his father's past. Bay City prepares for the Holiday Ball.
Feb 12, 2009
7022. Feb 12, 2009
February 12, 1992
Cass has a feverish fantasy set in 40s noir.
Feb 11, 2009
7021. Feb 11, 2009
February 11, 1992
Cass turns to Felicia for help with Frankie. John confronts Frankie about their relationship and Cass. Vicky asks Donna for help with Grant after she kissed him.
Feb 10, 1992
7020. Feb 10, 1992
February 10, 1992
Kevin stuns Jake and Paulina with news about Jake's father. Vicky continues to drive a wedge between Grant and Paulina. Donna investigates what's going on between Frankie and John.
Feb 7, 1992
7019. Feb 7, 1992
February 7, 1992
Jake takes Paulina to his hometown. Jenna tries again to have a romantic birthday celebration for Dean. Marley finally loosens up on her getaway with Dennis.
Feb 6, 1992
7018. Feb 6, 1992
February 6, 1992
Paulina agrees to help Jake find out what Grant is up to. Iris opens up to Spencer about Mac. Amanda refuses to hide from Olivia.
Feb 5, 1992
7017. Feb 5, 1992
February 5, 1992
Cass has a proposal for Frankie. Jake asks Paulina for a favor that could cost her Grant. Spencer reassures Iris of his intentions.
Feb 4, 1992
7016. Feb 4, 1992
February 4, 1992
Felicia reels at the news that Dean and Jenna plan to live together. Marley and Dennis's trip is anything but romantic.
Feb 3, 1992
7015. Feb 3, 1992
February 3, 1992
Jake's comforting Marley leads to a set-back with Paulina. Felicia grows more suspicious of Sally and Rick. Lorna and Matt share a hot encounter.
Jan 31, 1992
7014. Jan 31, 1992
January 31, 1992
Grant tries to use his influence to save Paulina. Frankie looks to her Tarot cards for a sign. Jake enlists Sam's help for a special night with Paulina.
Jan 30, 1992
7013. Jan 30, 1992
January 30, 1992
Olivia enlists Liz in her scheme. Frankie continues to be torn between Cass and John. John has high hopes for his and Gregory's future with Frankie.
Jan 29, 1992
7012. Jan 29, 1992
January 29, 1992
Ryan becomes fed up with her obsession over Grant and Paulina. Sally comes through for Lucas. Jenna and Dean argue over her job offer.
Jan 28, 1992
7011. Jan 28, 1992
January 28, 1992
Paulina worries she and Grant are over before they began. Jenna supports a nervous Dean. Vicky ups her game to break up Grant and Paulina for good.
Jan 27, 1992
7010. Jan 27, 1992
January 27, 1992
Cass returns with medicine to save Gregory. John confides to Jamie his growing feelings for Frankie. Olivia asks Sam to really be a part of her pregnancy. Vicky succeeds in ruining Grant and Paulina's getaway.
Jan 24, 1992
7009. Jan 24, 1992
October 24, 1992
Gregory's condition brings Frankie and John closer together. Paulina views a shocking scene as Vicky's plan goes into action. Olivia rails at Sam over Amanda's proposal.
Jan 23, 1992
7008. Jan 23, 1992
January 23, 1992
Cass races against the clock and a snowstorm to save Gregory. Vicky makes plans to crash Grant and Paulina's weekend getaway. Marley leans on Dennis's shoulder.
Jan 22, 1992
7007. Jan 22, 1992
January 22, 1992
John holds vigil over a worsening Gregory. Cass works to find the cure for Gregory's condition. Marley confronts Vicky over her vendetta against Paulina.
Jan 21, 1992
7006. Jan 21, 1992
January 21, 1992
Frankie comforts John as Gregory fights for his life. The gloves come off as Vicky and Paulina square off over Grant.
Jan 20, 1992
7005. Jan 20, 1992
January 20, 1992
John and Cass fight over Frankie. Rayn asks Vicky to leave Paulina and Grant alone. Jake tries to get used to life without Paulina.
Jan 17, 1992
7004. Jan 17, 1992
January 17, 1992
Spencer calls Iris out on her games. Grant prepares to ruin Jake in the press. Cass and Frankie work a case together.
Jan 16, 1992
7003. Jan 16, 1992
January 16, 1992
Donna lends a helping hand to John. Paulina learns that Marley may press charges against her.
Jan 15, 1992
7002. Jan 15, 1992
January 15, 1992
Matt and Lorna spar over the company. Byron gives Cass advice about Frankie. Sam and Amanda realize Liz and Olivia are hiding something.
Jan 14, 1992
7001. Jan 14, 1992
January 14, 1992
Jenna and Dean sneak away to their love nest. Amanda proposes an idea to Sam about Olivia's baby. Olivia confesses to Liz that Sam may not be her baby's father.
Jan 13, 1992
7000. Jan 13, 1992
January 13, 1992
Jenna and Dean go undercover. Grant and Paulina talk about their future. Sally confronts Rick about Lucas.
Jan 10, 1992
6999. Jan 10, 1992
January 10, 1992
Amanda appeals to Olivia to not cut Sam out of her baby's life. Vicky tries to persuade Jake to help her with Grant and Paulina. Grant and Paulina share a passionate reunion.
Jan 9, 1992
6998. Jan 9, 1992
January 9, 1992
Donna confronts Michael about Rachel. Paulina confesses her secrets to Amanda. Vicky encourages Marley to get revenge on Paulina.
Jan 8, 1992
6997. Jan 8, 1992
January 8, 1992
Marley remains confused about her relationship with Jamie. Vicky is incensed that Grant is back with Paulina. Jake stalls on giving Paulina a divorce.
Jan 7, 1992
6996. Jan 7, 1992
January 7, 1992
Frankie seethes as Cass appears to move on. Jake and Grant face off over Paulina. Jenna worries as Dean gets pulled more into the rock star life.
Jan 6, 1992
6995. Jan 6, 1992
January 6, 1992
Jake surprisingly offers support to a broken Jamie. Grant reels from hearing the truth about Paulina and Jake.
Jan 3, 1992
6994. Jan 3, 1992
January 3, 1992
Jamie walks in on Dennis and Marley in a compromising situation. Ryan worries about how close Grant and Vicky have become. Spencer tries to guide Grant away from Vicky and back to Paulina.
Jan 2, 1992
6993. Jan 2, 1992
January 2, 1992
Cass hatches a plan to finally win Frankie over. Rachel breaks-up with Michael. Jenna and Dean's New Year gets off to a bumpy start.
Dec 31, 1991
6992. Dec 31, 1991
December 31, 1991
Amanda and Sam get married. Marley and Vicky finally have it out over Jamie. Ryan finds Vicky just in time for a New Year's kiss.
Dec 30, 1991
6991. Dec 30, 1991
December 30, 1991
Marley and Jamie's cancelled wedding turns into an opportunity for Amanda and Sam. Paulina reels from seeing Vicky in Grant's arms.
Dec 27, 1991
6990. Dec 27, 1991
December 27, 1991
Jamie and Marley's wedding takes a surprising turn at the altar. Grant comforts Vicky after her fight with Ryan. Jake fantasizes about what might have been with Paulina.
Dec 26, 1991
6989. Dec 26, 1991
December 26, 1991
Ryan confronts Vicky on her surrogacy plan. Marley jumps to conclusions after seeing Vicky and Jamie together. Michael asks Rachel to come away with him on a romantic getaway.
Dec 25, 1991
6988. Dec 25, 1991
December 25, 1991
Felicia has a plan to reunite Cass and Frankie on Christmas. Vicky offers to be a surrogate for Jamie and Marley's baby. The Corys try to unite for the Christmas holiday.
Dec 24, 1991
6987. Dec 24, 1991
December 24, 2010
Christmas Eve in Bay City. Spencer reaches out to Ryan. Paulina tells Marley the truth about who shot Jake. Jake struggles with his feelings for Paulina.
Dec 23, 1991
6986. Dec 23, 1991
December 23, 1991
Olivia reels with the news of her pregnancy. Donna and Michael help John deal with memories of Sharlene. The truth is out about Jake and Paulina.
Dec 20, 1991
6985. Dec 20, 1991
December 20, 1991
Sam is determined to get to the truth about Olivia's pregnancy. Rachel supports Paulina as she goes to the police to tell the truth about Jake's shooting. Olivia gets surprising news.
Dec 19, 1991
6984. Dec 19, 1991
December 19, 1991
Grant worries that Paulina tried to kill herself because of him. Jake turns to Marley for help. Paulina comes clean to Rachel about her secret with Jake.
Dec 18, 1991
6983. Dec 18, 1991
December 18, 1991
Lorna is caught between her feelings for Matt and Carl's plans. Vicky's party for Marley is a disaster. Spencer reaches out to Ryan.
Dec 17, 1991
6982. Dec 17, 1991
December 17, 1991
Frankie turns to Cass as she worries about John. Paulina reveals the truth to a stunned Jamie. Jake admits to having fallen for Paulina.
Dec 16, 1991
6981. Dec 16, 1991
December 16, 1991
John continues to spiral downward in the wake of Sharlene's death. As Paulina recovers from her brush with death, Jake worries what truths she'll reveal.
Dec 13, 2009
6980. Dec 13, 2009
December 13, 1991
Paulina's desperate actions leave her life in Jake's hands. Dennis' plan to cozy up to Marley works. Lorna tries to keep Matt at bay as he pushes to be with her.
Dec 12, 2009
6979. Dec 12, 2009
December 12, 1991
Grant continues to make his move on Vicky. An old flame of Lucas' arrives in Bay City. Lorna reveals her feelings to Matt. Paulina prepares to tell Grant the truth as Jake gets word her inheritance has come through.
Dec 11, 1991
6978. Dec 11, 1991
December 11, 1991
Marley begins to unravel. Vicky tries to figure out how to help her sister. Cass helps Frankie get settled at home.
Dec 10, 1991
6977. Dec 10, 1991
December 10, 1991
Frankie's move home brings up tension between Cass and John. Jake comes closer to declaring his feelings to Paulina. Amanda realizes that dealing with Olivia isn't going to be easy.
Dec 9, 1991
6976. Dec 9, 1991
December 9, 1991
The tension builds between Paulina and Jake as they fight their attraction. Dean warns Jeanna against Matt. Sam's offer to Olivia leaves her incensed.
Dec 6, 1991
6975. Dec 6, 1991
December 6, 1991
Jenna's disappearing act upsets Felicia and Lucas . Frankie tells Cass she's ready to move back home. Amanda and Sam worry how Olivia's news could affect their new start.
Dec 5, 1991
6974. Dec 5, 1991
December 5, 1991
Olivia's announcement shocks Amanda. Marley and Dennis reach an understanding. Donna works to keep Grant away from Vicky.
Dec 4, 1991
6973. Dec 4, 1991
December 4, 1991
Donna confronts Grant about Vicky. Iris and Jake argue over Dennis. Dean and Jenna enjoy a new chapter of their romance.
Dec 3, 1991
6972. Dec 3, 1991
December 3, 1991
Vicky surprises Grant with the news of her and Ryan's engagement. Jenna and Dean finally make love. Paulina has a nightmare about Vicky taking Grant away. Jake comforts her.
Dec 2, 1991
6971. Dec 2, 1991
December 2, 1991
The Cory's welcome family and friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. Cass is worried that Frankie is too involved with helping John.
Nov 29, 1991
6970. Nov 29, 1991
November 29, 1991
Frankie apologizes to Cass. Ryan talks to Jamie about Vicky. Marley is disapponted she isn't pregnant.
Nov 28, 1991
6969. Nov 28, 1991
November 28, 1991
Cass and Frankie argue over the issues between them. Marley is concerned when Jamie includes Dennis in their wedding plans. Dean dedicates a song to Jenna.
Nov 27, 1991
6968. Nov 27, 1991
November 27, 1991
Ryan crashes Grant's victory party. Paulina and Grant give in to their passion. Ryan proposes to Vicky.
Nov 26, 1991
6967. Nov 26, 1991
November 26, 1991
Grant's victory party takes a surprising turn. Jenna goes to New York and finds Dean with another woman. Rachel has surgery to fix her vision.
Nov 25, 1991
6966. Nov 25, 1991
November 25, 1991
Family and friends gather for Sharlene's memorial service. Olivia sparks a fight between Sam and Amanda. Rachel prepares for surgery.
Nov 22, 1991
6965. Nov 22, 1991
November 22, 1991
Vicky worries about an MIA Ryan. Paulina confronts Jake about his bet with Dennis. Dean takes off for NYC.
Nov 21, 1991
6964. Nov 21, 1991
November 21, 1991
Frankie confronts John about his denial of Sharlene's death. Jake uses Dennis to break up Jamie and Marley. Kathleen says good-bye to Bay City.
Nov 20, 1991
6963. Nov 20, 1991
November 20, 1991
Lorna takes on Carl to protect Matt. Ryan turns in his badge and goes gunning for Carl. Grant struggles over choosing his career over his father.
Nov 19, 1991
6962. Nov 19, 1991
November 19, 1991
Dean and Jenna share one last dance. Ryan worries if he did the right thing about his father. Paulina comes to Grant in his time of need to Jake's displeasure.
Nov 18, 1991
6961. Nov 18, 1991
November 18, 1991
Sam asks Amanda to move in with him. Dean prepares to leave for New York. Frankie and Cass try to convince John to accept Sharlene is gone.
Nov 15, 1991
6960. Nov 15, 1991
November 15, 1991
Spencer encourages Grant to distance himself from Spencer. Rachel is torn between Spencer and Michael. Paulina's plans with Grant are sidelined by Spencer's arrest.
Nov 14, 1991
6959. Nov 14, 1991
November 14, 1991
Paulina decides to tell Grant the truth about her and Jake. Spencer admits his role in Grant's connection to Carl. Ryan struggles to do the right thing.
Nov 13, 1991
6958. Nov 13, 1991
November 13, 1991
As Grant celebrates his victory, Ryan discovers Grant's secret with Carl. Donna and Michael worry about Rachel and Spencer's closeness. Jenna sends Dean to New York.
November 12, 1991
6957. November 12, 1991
November 12, 1991
Carl takes action to ruin the election for Grant. Jamie rises to Paulina's defense against Jake. Dean and Matt are at odds over their music contract.
November 11, 1991
6956. November 11, 1991
November 11, 1991
John comes face to face with Taylor and the horrible truth about the fate of Sharlene. Jake confronts Paulina over her meetings with Grant.
November 8, 1991
6955. November 8, 1991
November 8, 1991
Vicky turns to her father for help with Ryan. Frankie and Cass make a fresh start as business partners. The truth about Taylor's fate is finally revealed.
November 7, 1991
6954. November 7, 1991
November 7, 1991
Paulina worries that Grant has feelings for Vicky. Vicky stalls Ryan's marriage proposal by challenging him to a test.
November 6, 1991
6953. November 6, 1991
November 6, 1991
A drugged Carl begs for mercy from his victims. Vicky encourages Grant to get a life. John leans on Frankie. Kathleen says good-bye to Cass and Bay City.
November 5, 1991
6952. November 5, 1991
November 5, 1991
Carl's victims unite to take their revenge. Matt pushes Jenna to convince Dean to go to New York. Carl realizes he's been poisoned!
Oct 31, 1991
6951. Oct 31, 1991
October 31, 1991
The plan to finally snare Carl goes into action. Frankie consoles a grieving John. Sam worries about Amanda falling into Carl's trap.
Oct 30, 1991
6950. Oct 30, 1991
October 30, 1991
Jake worries Dean is throwing away his music career for Jenna. Carl and Rachel agree to meet before he leaves Bay City for good.
Oct 29, 1991
6949. Oct 29, 1991
October 29, 1991
Grant vows that it's over between him and Paulina as he sets his sights on Vicky. John vows to find Sharlene. Vicky and Ryan argue over her working for Grant.
Oct 28, 1991
6948. Oct 28, 1991
October 28, 1991
Jamie and Marley reach a new level in their relationship. Matt disappoints Jenna once again.
Oct 25, 1991
6947. Oct 25, 1991
October 25, 1991
Frankie and John grieve for a lost Sharlene. Jenna is shocked by her new dancing job. Jamie tells Marley their engagement is off.
Oct 24, 1991
6946. Oct 24, 1991
October 24, 1991
Vicky gives Grant advice about Paulina. Jenna and Felicia are at odds. John fears the worst for Sharlene after an explosion at the docks.
Oct 23, 1991
6945. Oct 23, 1991
October 23, 1991
Michael, Sam, Jake, Cass, and Jamie team up to take down Carl. Carl makes it clear to Amanda that he intends to have her by any means necessary.
Oct 22, 1991
6944. Oct 22, 1991
October 22, 1991
Carl hatches another plan to snare Amanda. John and Frankie continue to search for Sharlene. Paulina and Jake remember the anniversary of the shooting.
Oct 21, 1991
6943. Oct 21, 1991
October 21, 1991
John and Frankie worry about a missing Sharlene. Vicky steps up to the plate to take care of Grant to Ryan's concern. Paulina tends to a beaten Jake.
Oct 18, 1991
6942. Oct 18, 1991
October 18, 1991
Sharlene plays matchmaker for Cass and Frankie. Carl rattles Kathleen and Amanda as he prepares to leave town. Jenna and Dean prepare to make love.
Oct 17, 1991
6941. Oct 17, 1991
October 17, 1991
Jenna makes her choice between Matt and Dean. Sharlene is pushed to the edge in fear of what Taylor will do next. Ryan prepares to ask Vicky to marry him.
Oct 16, 1991
6940. Oct 16, 1991
October 16, 1991
Rachel is faced with a risky surgery to cure her blindness. Marley becomes increasingly concerned that she will lose Jamie.
Oct 15, 1991
6939. Oct 15, 1991
October 15, 1991
Paulina tries to quell her increasing attraction to Jake. Rachel recovers from her sudden blindness. Sharlene fears that Taylor has returned.
Oct 14, 1991
6938. Oct 14, 1991
October 14, 1991
Jamie and Marley's elopement is dropped as the verdict for Carl's trial is handed down.
Oct 11, 1991
6937. Oct 11, 1991
October 11, 1991
Dean takes out Jenna on their first official date. Marley and Jamie prepare to elope. Carl makes his move on Amanda.
Oct 10, 1991
6936. Oct 10, 1991
October 10, 1991
Marley worries that Paulina is trying to break her and Jamie up. Jake confronts Jamie about helping Grant win Paulina back. Marley and Jamie prepare to elope.
Oct 9, 1991
6935. Oct 9, 1991
October 9, 1991
Rachel's vision trouble damages the case against Carl. Carl makes plans for himself and Amanda. Matt confronts Jenna about her feelings for Dean.
Oct 8, 1991
6934. Oct 8, 1991
October 8, 1991
Rachel loses her vision as she takes the stand to testify against Carl. Jake tells Grant to stay away from Paulina. Marley Is on edge as she continues her fertility treatments.
October 7, 1991
6933. October 7, 1991
October 7, 1991
Kathleen takes the stand at Carl's trial. Dean tells Matt he's quitting. Ryan's case against Carl takes a hit as a witness goes missing.
October 4, 1991
6932. October 4, 1991
October 4, 1991
Olivia vows to get back at Amanda and Sam. Carl turns his attention to Amanda as he forms a new plan. Dean pleads his case to Jenna.
October 3, 1991
6931. October 3, 1991
October 3, 1991
Dean confronts Jenna on her feelings for him. Sam breaks up with Olivia. Ryan walks out on Vicky.
October 2, 1991
6930. October 2, 1991
October 2, 1991
Grant and Paulina make plans for the future. Jake and Iris strike a deal regarding Paulina's inheritance. Cass grieves for his and Frankie's lost child.
October 1, 1991
6929. October 1, 1991
October 1, 1991
The people of Bay City brace themselves as Carl's trial begins. Carl and Ryan battle each other in court.
September 30, 1991
6928. September 30, 1991
September 30, 1991
Rachel prepares for Carl's trial as she hides her blurring vision. Jenna reels from cutting Matt and Dean out of her life. Cass confronts Frankie about her pregnancy.
September 27, 1991
6927. September 27, 1991
September 27, 1991
Cass discovers that Frankie was pregnant. Carl's trial date is set.
September 26, 1991
6926. September 26, 1991
September 26, 1991
Jenna makes her choice between Matt and Dean. Carl's plan fails and he goes before the Grand Jury. Donna makes a play for Spencer.
September 25, 1991
6925. September 25, 1991
September 25, 1991
Cass pleads with a dying Frankie to come back to him. Frankie's life flashes before her eyes as she prepares to die. In heaven, Frankie is reunited with her lost child.
September 24, 1991
6924. September 24, 1991
September 24, 1991
Olivia's secret is revealed by Amanda after she saves Alli. Frankie hovers near death in the aftermath of the explosion.
September 23, 1991
6923. September 23, 1991
September 23, 1991
Olivia manipulates Sam to keep him from Amanda. Frankie gets caught in the middle of Carl's explosive trap for Kathleen .
September 20, 1991
6922. September 20, 1991
September 20, 1991
Carl sets up another trap for Kathleen. Sam and Amanda long for each other as Olivia fears the worst.
September 19, 1991
6921. September 19, 1991
September 19, 1991
Rachel wants to testify to put Carl away. Lorna's jealousy of Jenna irks Matt. Olivia gives her blessing to Jenna to dance in the music video.
September 18, 1991
6920. September 18, 1991
September 18, 1991
Tensions rise between Jenna and Dean as they pair up to dance for the video. Lorna betrays Carl.
September 17, 1991
6919. September 17, 1991
September 17, 1991
Jake lies to Marley about Jamie and Paulina's relationship. Jamie vows to save Paulina from Jake. Paulina hopes to get Grant back.
September 16, 1991
6918. September 16, 1991
September 16, 1991
Rachel works to keep Paulina from getting her inheritance. Sam and Amanda enjoy their new beginning. Cass and Frankie kiss.
September 13, 1991
6917. September 13, 1991
September 13, 1991
Jenna finds Lorna's note to Matt. Kathleen and Cass end things for good. Carl makes bail and is released from police custody.
September 12, 1991
6916. September 12, 1991
September 12, 1991
Cass tells Frankie he's moving out of Kathleen's place. Olivia uses her injuries to keep Sam close and away from Amanda.
September 11, 1991
6915. September 11, 1991
September 11, 1991
Frankie takes the plunge and goes on a date. Grant gets closer to Vicky to Paulina's shock and despair.
September 10, 1991
6914. September 10, 1991
September 6, 1991
Carl tries to flee town as Ryan closes in. Dean reveals his feelings to Jenna. Matt confronts Lorna on her deception.
September 9, 1991
6913. September 9, 1991
September 9, 1991
Carl is arrested and taken to jail. Kathleen looks to a future without Cass. Jenna stuggles with Dean's revelation.
September 6, 1991
6912. September 6, 1991
September 6, 1991
Carl tries to flee town as Ryan closes in. Dean reveals his feelings to Jenna. Matt confronts Lorna on her deception.
September 5, 1991
6911. September 5, 1991
September 5, 1991
Carl calls Rachel. Rachel wants Paulina to work at Cory publishing. Jake lies to Marley about Jamie and Paulina's relationship.
September 4, 1991
6910. September 4, 1991
September 4, 1991
Rachel recovers from Carl's attack. Jamie comforts a guilty Paulina. Dean puts Matt on notice about his feelings for Jenna.
Spetember 3, 1991
6909. Spetember 3, 1991
September 3, 1991
Jenna decides to search for her father. Bay City reels from Rachel's close brush with death.
September 2, 1991
6908. September 2, 1991
September 2, 1991
Rachel is saved in the nick of time from Carl's henchman.
August 30, 1991
6907. August 30, 1991
August 30, 1991
Frankie leaves town to see her mother as Cass pleads with her for a second chance. Carl's plans for Rachel lead to a shocking surprise.
August 29, 1991
6906. August 29, 1991
August 29, 1991
Cass tells Frankie that he's come clean to Kathleen. Rachel falls into Carl's trap. Sam is troubled as Olivia makes plans for their future.
August 28, 1991
6905. August 28, 1991
August 28, 1991
Sam fights his feelings for Amanda. Olivia fantasizes about Sam. Cass tries to reassure Kathleen that she isn't alone.
August 27, 1991
6904. August 27, 1991
August 20, 1991
Rachel recovers memories from the night Grant was shot. Cass chooses between Frankie and Kathleen.
August 26, 1991
6903. August 26, 1991
August 26, 1991
Rachel and Carl battle to neutralize each other. Hannah puts the moves on Dean. Jenna and Dean come to a truce.
6902. 08/23/91)
August 23, 1991
Jake and Paulina butt heads as they assume married life. News of Ryan's suspension spre...
August 22, 1991
6901. August 22, 1991
August 22, 1991
Rachel recovers memories from the night Grant was shot. Cass chooses between Frankie and Kathleen.
August 21, 1991
6900. August 21, 1991
August 21, 1991
Marley asks Jamie for a Christmas wedding. Rachel begins to recover memories of the night Grant was shot.
August 20, 1991
6899. August 20, 1991
August 20, 1991
Jamie and Marley have a passionate reunion. Paulina is confirmed as Mac's daughter. Frankie gives Cass an ultimatum.
August 18, 1991
6898. August 18, 1991
August 19, 1991
Cass returns to Bay City. Frankie decides to tell Cass about the miscarriage. Jake marries Paulina. Iris confronts Paulina at the wedding with her test results.
August 16, 1991
6897. August 16, 1991
August 16, 1991
Carl pays Grant a visit. A surprise visitor at the wedding stuns Jake.
August 15, 1991
6896. August 15, 1991
August 15, 1991
Matt and Lorna try to calm Dean after his publicity stunt goes awry. Jamie confronts Paulina on her feelings for Jake. Iris gets stunning test results.
August 14, 1991
6895. August 14, 1991
August 14, 1991
Paulina gets a wedding present from her late mother. Iris hatches a plan to destroy Paulina at her wedding to Jake.
August 13, 1991
6894. August 13, 1991
August 13, 1991
Ryan questions Grant about the night he was shot. Vicky prepares to return to Bay City. A drunk Jake kisses Paulina.
August 12, 1991
6893. August 12, 1991
August 12, 1991
Ryan and Frankie question Rachel in hopes of identifying Grant's shooter. Dean's stunt lands him in jail. Paulina tries on her wedding gown.
August 9, 1991
6892. August 9, 1991
August 9, 1991
Dean performs a meltdown as a tearful Jenna watches. Spencer and Paulina square off over Grant. Kathleen is lonely without Cass.
August 8, 1991
6891. August 8, 1991
August 8, 1991
Carl formulates a plan to neutralize Rachel and Grant. Paulina holds vigil at Grant's bedside. Ryan tries to prove Carl's guilt.
August 7, 1991
6890. August 7, 1991
August 7, 1991
Carl puzzles over his encounter with Rachel. Ryan and Spencer remain at odds as Grant fights for his life.
August 6, 1991
6889. August 6, 1991
August 6, 1991
Ryan and Paulina fear the worst for Grant after a shooting. Rachel and Michael make plans to stop Spencer. Ryan keeps Signet's identity a secret.
August 5, 1991
6888. August 5, 1991
August 5, 1991
Grant gets caught in the crossfire of Frankie and Ryan's plan to meet Signet. The Corys react to Jake and Paulina's rushed engagement.
August 2, 1991
6887. August 2, 1991
August 2, 1991
The murder charges against John are dropped. Sharlene and John try to put Taylor behind them. Rachel has a shocking encounter with a mysterious man.
August 1, 1991
6886. August 1, 1991
August 1, 1991
Things heat up between Matt and Lorna. Cass and Frankie make a break in John's case. Dean and Jenna continue to pine for each other.
July 31, 1991
6885. July 31, 1991
July 31, 1991
Grant worries that Ryan is in over his head with Carl. Donna takes a more active role in Hudson Enterprises to Michael's annoyance. Hannah and Jake come to an understanding.
July 30, 1991
6884. July 30, 1991
July 30, 1991
Carl rattles Kathleen with a gift. Frankie continues her search for Signet despite Kathleen's protests. Lorna stands up to Carl as her feelings for Matt grow.
July 27, 1991
6883. July 27, 1991
July 27, 1991
Cass' feelings for Frankie resurface. A desolate Paulina agrees to marry Jake as soon as possible. Sharlene and John find another link to Taylor-Cindy.
July 26, 1991
6882. July 26, 1991
July 26, 1991
Cass and Frankie can't let go of each other. Vicky returns to a surprised Ryan. John and Sharlene come closer to finding Taylor.
July 25, 1991
6881. July 25, 1991
July 25, 1991
Jenna and Dean give in to temptation. A surprise call from Vicky lands Ryan in hot water. Kathleen fumes as Cass stalls on marriage.
July 24, 1991
6880. July 24, 1991
July 24, 1991
Carl sends Amanda a gift. Jenna's adoption is approved. Felicia and Lucas' wedding day arrives. Kathleen tells a shocked Frankie that she and Cass are getting married.
July 21, 1991
6879. July 21, 1991
July 21, 1991
Sam warns Amanda to stay away from Carl. Kathleen worries about Ryan and Frankie's search for Signet.
July 20, 1991
6878. July 20, 1991
July 20, 1991
John is indicted for Taylor's murder as he and Sharlene close in on Taylor's location. Sam searches for Amanda. Grant arrives to witness Paulina wearing Jake's engagement ring.
July 19, 1991
6877. July 19, 1991
July 19, 1991
Michael confronts Donna after Stacey leaves town for good. Jake proposes to Paulina in front of the shocked Corys. Frankie and Ryan continue the plan to trap Signet.
July 18, 1991
6876. July 18, 1991
July 18, 1991
Michael proposes to Stacey. Amanda loans Matt money. Matt and Jenna fight temptation.
July 17, 1991
6875. July 17, 1991
July 17, 1991
Kathleen worries she's scared Cass away by bringing up marriage. Michael tries to make a clean break with Donna as they settle their assets. Taylor continues her revenge on John and Sharlene from beyond the grave.
July 16, 1991
6874. July 16, 1991
July 16, 1991
Olivia and Mark doubt that Sam and Amanda are over each other. Jamie pushes Paulina back to Grant and away from Jake. Carl targets Amanda Cory as he expands his carefully crafted plan.
July 15, 1991
6873. July 15, 1991
July 15, 1991
Cass is flustered as Kathleen pushes for marriage. Paulina is surprised to discover the mystery woman is Hannah. Olivia worries about Sam's feelings for Amanda.
July 12, 1991
6872. July 12, 1991
July 12, 1991
Felicia and Lucas meet with the adoption worker. Cass begs Frankie to not go after Signet. Paulina comes face to face with the mystery woman.
July 11, 1991
6871. July 11, 1991
July 11, 1991
Jake presents Paulina with an engagement ring. Sharlene and John get a lead on Taylor. Jamie begs Paulina to tell him the truth about Jake.
July 10, 1991
6870. July 10, 1991
July 10, 1991
Sam returns home to Amanda's surprise. Paulina investigates the mysterious woman using her name. Donna presses her luck with John.
July 9, 1991
6869. July 9, 1991
July 9, 1991
Donna continues her plan to destroy Stacey. Frankie works with Ryan to go after Signet.
July 8, 1991
6868. July 8, 1991
July 8, 1991
Cass foils Carl's plans for Kathleen. Ryan worries that Carl is setting him up. Cass walks in on a moment between Ryan and Frankie.
July 3, 1991
6867. July 3, 1991
July 3, 1991
The citizens of Bay City prepare for the 4th of July Fireworks show where unknown to all, Carl will unleash his explosive plan.
July 2, 1991
6866. July 2, 1991
July 2, 1991
Carl mounts a new plan to find the traitor in his organization. Ryan scolds Frankie on her plan to get Cass back. Cass warns John and Sharlene to be careful in their investigation of Taylor.
July 1, 1991
6865. July 1, 1991
July 1, 1991
Jake presents Paulina with a marriage license. Sharlene worries about Frankie's plan to win Cass back. Kathleen struggles to tell Cass the truth about Frankie.
June 12, 1991
6852. June 12, 1991
June 12, 1991
Vicky worries over Ryan's closeness with Frankie. Paulina ends her engagement with Grant after Jake threatens to expose her. Lucas worries he may lose Felicia to Mitch.
June 11, 1991
6851. June 11, 1991
June 11, 1991
Cass tells Kathleen he wants to start a new life with her. Ryan rushes Frankie to the hospital. An enraged Jake confronts Paulina over her betrayal.
June 6, 1991
6848. June 6, 1991
June 6, 1991
Ryan continues his investigation of Taylor's death. Kathleen and Cass go to Virginia to find Signet. Frankie tells Dean to let her and Cass work things out on their own.
June 5, 1991
6847. June 5, 1991
June 5, 1991
Michael comforts Donna after Marley's rejection. They share a kiss. Marley asks Jamie for time away to see a fertility specialist. Jake's plan to break-up Marley and Jamie goes into action.
Jun 4, 1991
6846. Jun 4, 1991
June 4, 1991
Donna reaches out to Marley with a wedding gift. Cass has dreams of Frankie and Kathleen. Marley announces that she wants to postpone the wedding.
June 3, 1991
6845. June 3, 1991
June 3, 1991
Ryan receives some serious news regarding John. Iris wants John's resignation from the hospital. Kathleen plans to go away with Cass. Jake comes to see Donna.
May 28, 1991
6841. May 28, 1991
May 28, 1991
Frankie reels from her baby news as Cass prepares to leave town with Kathleen. John and Sharlene's troubles mount as Taylor's story comes to an end.
May 14, 1991
6831. May 14, 1991
May 14, 1991
Taylor tries to keep Judy quiet. Donna crashes Vicky and Ryan's intimate moment. Kathleen hopes she and Cass are back on track. Cass and Frankie make love.
May 13, 1991
6830. May 13, 1991
May 13, 1991
John and Sharlene try to get the truth from Judy about Taylor. Cass and Frankie share a special night. Jake reveals his plan to Kathleen
May 10, 1991
6829. May 10, 1991
May 10, 1991
Vicky and Donna vow to discover Lucas' secret. Cass and Kathleen share an intimate moment. Sharlene and Taylor square off.

For 35 years, the soap opera known as Another World treated NBC's daytime audience to unique drama and a number of stirring situations. The show, which was created by Ima Phillips and William J. Bell, was set in the fictional town of Bay City, and it followed the lives of a number of the town's characters throughout its long run. Although the program certainly followed most of the conventions associated with soap opera drama, it took a slightly different approach to the genre by focusing on the more idiosyncratic aspects of the relationships between the characters. As a result, Another World became a very popular program with a large number of enthusiastic and devoted fans.

For nearly half of its amazing run on the air, Another World was NBC's highest rated soap opera. It captured the imaginations of viewers with its many unique story lines, but it gained a prominent place in the public's consciousness thanks to its willingness to break new ground in the medium of television. For instance, Another World was the first soap opera to feature a character crossover from a different program. This happened when the character of Mike Bauer moved to Bay City from the town of Springfield depicted on Guiding Light. Another World was also the first soap opera to extend its running time from a half hour to 60 minutes. This willingness to test the boundaries of television was a major reason why fans became so entranced by the show.

For the most part, Another World's story lines focused on the relationships between the characters, which often included involvement in love triangles. One of the first successful such relationships depicted on the show was among the characters of Steve, Alice and Rachel. Steve and Rachel had a relationship that produced a child, but Steve decided to marry Alice, whom he thought would make a better wife. However, Steve only learns about his child when Rachel decides to crash the wedding. The drama among these three characters and their relationships would extend into later seasons of the show, and splinter off to involve a number of other important characters throughout the program's run.

Another World was a groundbreaking program for a number of reasons, and many other soap operas have tried to imitate its style and tone. The show was one of the most successful daytime dramas in history thanks to its terrific writing, acting and direction, and it was able to capture the imaginations of fans everywhere. Though the show does not currently air new episodes, it lives on in the memories of fans and in repeat broadcasts.

  • Premiere Date
    May 15, 1991
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (819)