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  • 1996
  • 21 Seasons

Gun Dog TV is a popular show that airs on Outdoor Channel. The show is centered around the training and hunting of gun dogs. Each episode is hosted by an expert in gun dog training who takes the audience on a journey of hunting and training with their canine companions.

The show features many different breeds of gun dogs including retrievers, spaniels, and pointers. The hosts emphasize the importance of choosing the right breed for the type of hunting and training that the owner wants to do. Throughout the episodes, the hosts showcase their knowledge of dog training, from basic obedience training to advanced hunting techniques.

One of the key elements of the show is the emphasis on building strong bonds between the dogs and their owners. The hosts demonstrate various ways of training the dogs and teach the audience how to create a bond with their own dogs. They showcase the benefits of having a well-trained gun dog, especially in the field when hunting.

The show is also packed with exciting hunting scenes. Viewers get to see the dogs in action as they retrieve birds and become an indispensable part of the hunting experience. The hosts give a lot of detail on how to work with dogs in the field and provide valuable tips for viewers who are looking to improve their dog training skills.

Another important aspect of Gun Dog TV is the emphasis on gun safety. The hosts make sure that viewers are aware of the potential risks and how to avoid them. They also demonstrate the importance of using proper equipment, wearing protective gear, and practicing responsible hunting.

One of the highlights of each episode is the "Hunt of the Week" segment, where the host takes the audience on a hunting trip with their gun dogs. This segment is always packed with exciting scenes of the dogs doing what they do best, retrieving game in the field.

The show also features various industry experts, veterinarians, and other special guests. They provide valuable insights and tips on dog training and hunting techniques.

In addition to the episodes of the show, Gun Dog TV also has a website where viewers can find exclusive content, such as training tips, gear reviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. The website also hosts a community forum where viewers can connect with other gun dog enthusiasts and share their experiences.

In conclusion, Gun Dog TV is an exciting and informative show that is perfect for gun dog enthusiasts and hunters alike. The hosts provide valuable insights on dog training, hunting techniques, gun safety, and equipment. With its engaging hunting scenes and valuable tips, the show is a must-watch for anyone who wants to improve their gun dog training skills.

Gun Dog TV is a series that is currently running and has 21 seasons (80 episodes). The series first aired on July 7, 1996.

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Warm, Windy and Wild
13. Warm, Windy and Wild
March 22, 2016
We wrap up the season with some wild quail action in tough conditions.
Oil Patch Blues
12. Oil Patch Blues
March 15, 2016
Randy Lack travels to Eastern New Mexico to hunt scaled quail aka Blues with some old friends and good gun dogs.
Scout-n Peace River
11. Scout-n Peace River
March 8, 2016
"Scout" is a 6 year old yellow lab and she has many, many miles and many retrieves in her life. This week we watch a pro gun dog at work in Alberta.
Habitat Heaven
10. Habitat Heaven
March 1, 2016
Jason Johnson has created a paradise for game birds, hunters and gun dogs in Kansas.
Cactus Quail
9. Cactus Quail
February 23, 2016
The numbers are up for desert quail this year, and Randy Lack is getting his young bird dog the experience they need.
Shane's World
8. Shane's World
February 16, 2016
Shane Garner and his black lab "Clover" share good times in the duck blind in Southeast Missouri.
Clay and Clays
7. Clay and Clays
February 9, 2016
Dave Miller and his Springer Spaniel "Clay" return to Kansas for pheasants. Also Dave discusses who his life has changed now that he is a Guinness World Record Holder.
Get Boogie with It
6. Get Boogie with It
February 2, 2016
"Boogie" is a 12 week old yellow lab pup who is having a big 'ol time learning the ropes waterfowling hunting in Alberta.
Game of Stone
5. Game of Stone
January 26, 2016
"Stone" is a black lab and he shows off his strong skills in the water retrieving ducks in Lake St. Clair, Ontario.
Desert Dogs
4. Desert Dogs
January 19, 2016
Co-host Randy Lack chases desert quail with some of his rookie gun dogs.
Four Legged Clover
3. Four Legged Clover
January 12, 2016
Shane Garner's veteran lab Clover brings the crew some good luck for ducks in Southeast Missouri.
Straight Outta Greensburg
2. Straight Outta Greensburg
January 5, 2016
David Miller returns to Greensburg, Kan. to hunt with Jason Johnson for pheasants with a variety of gun dog breeds during a banner year for birds.
Welcome to Alberta
1. Welcome to Alberta
December 29, 2015
Gun Dog TV begins a new era with a dynamite dry field hunt for waterfowl near Peace River, Alberta.
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Gun Dog TV is available for streaming on the Outdoor Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gun Dog TV on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    July 7, 1996