Hana's Helpline

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A duck aunt and her duckling son help animals who need emotional support. This series deals with the kind of social and emotional issues that real children experience at the age they first start going to school.

2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
June 12, 2007
Cast: Caroline Harker, Arabella Weir

Hana's Helpline Full Episode Guide

  • Lee the lion is very inquisitive and asks lots of questions, but nobody knows the answers. Hana shows him a place where he can find out all he needs to know.

  • Today, when Francis's grandmother pays him a visit, chaos ensues.

  • The agony aunt duck offers a helping hand to Penri the puffin, who misses his comfort blanket when he goes to school.

  • Rosie the panda has nerves when she is selected to present a bouquet to a very important figure. What advice will Hana give her?

  • Hana offers a helping hand of advice to Douglas the duckling, who insists that it's only possible to have fun by spending money.

  • Hana the duck discovers that Ernie feels inferior to his seemingly perfect cousin, Jeremy. What advice will she offer?

  • Hana the duck lends a helping hand today to Bert the bear, who suffers from travel sickness.

  • When Percy the peacock antagonizes everyone with his critical remarks, Hana the agony aunt duck waddles in to offer assistance.

  • Hana the agony aunt duck offers a helping hand to Bert who, after a sporting injury, expresses concern about playing basketball again.

  • Jasper the parrot is acting the "class clown," but behind the wisecracking he is molting.

  • Katy the kitten despairs that she has no special talent, until Hana the duck helps her to realize her passion for horticulture.

  • A little penguin called Hywel misses his home, where he could sledge any time he liked.

  • Hana helps out when poor Muzzy the mouse keeps having little accidents. Hana customizes a special toilet for Muzzy to use.

  • Katy the kitten wants to make music, but unfortunately she is a terrible singer!

  • Gwenda the giraffe is unwilling to share her best friend Ffion with anyone else. Can Hana find a solution?

  • The helpful duck agony aunt tries to assist a little hedgehog who never stays in one place long enough to make friends.

  • Hana helps out Sian, a skunk who has been having problems fitting in at her new school.

  • Lee is a big lion with an even bigger problem: he's terrified of creepy crawlies! Can Hana help him overcome his fear of beasties?

  • Ernie the eagle can't stand losing at anything! Can Hana help him learn to lose with grace?

  • Muzzy Mouse is upset when his grandad dies, so Hana helps him build a special garden to remember him by.

  • Myrtle the turtle has problems in counting up to ten, but due to Hana's help, she will be able to assist Owen in putting up shelves.

  • Greta the gorilla falls behind at school because she can't hear properly. Luckily, Hana is a very good listener.

  • Lee the lion cub keeps waking up in odd places until Hana discovers that he sleepwalks!

  • Patsy makes herself unpopular by being a messy little pig who never tidies anything away. Can Hana help her change her ways?

  • Douglas the duckling is so busy looking after his sick mum that he's always late for school. Hana helps him to realize that it's OK to ask for help.

  • Lee the lion cub wants to get his Mum a nice Mother's Day present but he's doomed to failure until he rings Hana's Helpline.

  • Francis is struggling to learn how to ride a bike but then his Mum hits on an idea to help him.

  • Bert the bear has no respect for other people's belongings until Hana shows him the error of his ways.

  • Hana decides it's high time Cyril the squirrel conquered his fear of heights.

  • Ffion the frog feels slighted when she gets a new skunk foster-sister but Hana has to plan to stop her sulking.

  • When Patsy Pig loses her favorite teddy bear, Hana organizes a search to find him.

  • Fergus the firefly is overlooked when Mrs. Winger is casting the school nativity play. Fortunately, Hana sees his potential to play the star that leads the wise men to Bethlehem.

  • Douglas the duck is being bullied and suffers in silence, but thanks to Hana he learns to share his problem with his friends.

  • Everyone tells Ernie the eagle to stop drumming except for Hana who spots his musical ability.

  • Muzzy the mouse is always being teased about being too small until Hana realizes he's just the right size to take part in a go-kart race.

  • Olivia the octopus isn't very good at sport but she blossoms as a ballerina under Hana's tutelage.

  • Gwenda the giraffe is terrible at hide and seek. She's just too tall. Hana teaches her that being tall means you can find friends everywhere.

  • Patsy the piglet wants to swap her baby brother for something better but with Hana's help she discovers it's fun to have someone to look after.

  • Ellen the ostrich is always getting lost until Hana teaches her the difference between left and right.

  • Muzzy the mouse is really scared of thunderstorms but with Hana's help he learns to control his fear through his drawing.

  • Lee the lion cub is afraid of going to the dentist. Hana aids him in overcoming his fear and soon he's brave as a lion.

  • Ffion the frog always tells terrible fibs to impress her friends. Hana helps her to be happy just being herself.

  • Patsy is a little pig with a personal freshness problem. Hana helps her discover that bathing makes you more popular.

  • Olivia is a little octopus who feels really clumsy until Hana helps her discover that with her hands she can do six things all at once.

  • Myrtle is a little turtle who's shy and can't make friends. Hana and the team help Myrtle come out of her shell.

  • Cyril is a squirrel who can never remember where he has put his belongings. Hana helps him find them with a special song.

  • Gazza the gorilla is scared of everything but with Hana's help he braves the great outdoors.

  • Douglas the duckling is really scared of swimming until Hana helps him and his chicken mum take the plunge.

  • Bert is a bear who's scared of the dark until Hana introduces him to Fergus, a firefly who can't sleep.

  • Ellen is sad because she's a bird who can't fly, but Hana helps her discover that she's an ostrich who can run really fast.