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Mysterious deaths aboard a luxurious ship traveling from Spain to Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s reveal secrets surrounding two sisters traveling together.High Seas is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on May 24, 2019.

High Seas is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch High Seas on demand atNetflix online.

3 Seasons, 22 Episodes
May 24, 2019
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Ivana Baquero, Jon Kortajarena, Alejandra Onieva, Eloy AzorÑn
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High Seas Full Episode Guide

  • The Barbara de Braganza is attacked on multiple fronts just as the virus starts spreading and the passengers and crew attempt to procure a vaccine.

  • Veronica seeks help for the bandaged woman traveling with Carmen. Nicol?s wonders why the B?rbara de Braganza changed course. Fabio interrogates Ayala.

  • When Fabio gets detained, Eva tries to find Steve's photograph. Carmen's prisoner attempts an escape.

  • As the crimes continue, Eva's involvement raises suspicions. Fabio distrusts Carolina. The crew begins to have doubts about the captain's abilities.

  • When a serious crime occurs aboard the ship, Fabio warns Eva their mission is getting dangerous. Carolina becomes entangled in the mystery.

  • The B?rbara de Braganza prepares to set sail from Argentina to Mexico but, first, Eva is asked to help undercover agents find a man harboring a virus.

  • As the ship pulls into port at Rio de Janeiro, Nicolás searches for the gold, Eva looks for her missing sister and devastating secrets come to light.

  • Santiago makes an arrest but Eva, Carolina and Casandra aren't convinced the right suspect has been apprehended. Carlos puts his plan into action.

  • A letter and a new witness create more confusion about Rosa Mar'n's disappearance. Clara's grief and trauma overwhelm her.

  • Eva and Nicolás work together to uncover the truth about Casandra. Fernando's denials are met with doubts. Natalia starts discrediting Clara.

  • Carolina starts to distrust Fernando. Eva attempts to learn more about Rosa Mar'n as strange events keep occurring. Dimas makes a startling discovery.

  • Casandra conducts a seance and convinces more people about the presence of a ghost on the ship. Veronica feels conflicted. Natalia worries about Clara.

  • When Casandra's stories about ghosts start troubling Carolina, Eva begins investigating the new passenger. Natalia negotiates with Detective Varela.

  • The ship rescues five castaways, including a woman named Casandra, who claims to have intuitive powers. Nicolás helps Eva search for her father.

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