History Specials, Inside the White House Collection

HISTORY® brings you an exclusive, all-access glimpse into the little-known secrets of the American Presidency. Go behind the velvet ropes to discover the treasures hidden inside the White House. Find out what makes Air Force One one of the world's most unique planes, and get the inside story on the President's secret briefcase. You'll even explore the fascinating ways sexual politics have influenced American history.

History Channel
1 Season, 5 Episodes
August 25, 2008
Documentary & Biography, History
History Specials, Inside the White House Collection

History Specials, Inside the White House Collection Full Episode Guide

  • Did you know that an extramarital affair launched the Civil War? Or that one of the things that made George Washington so appealing as a presidential choice was his sterility? Beltway Unbuckled explores the fascinating ways sexual politics have impacted and created American history. Many people think that the 2008 presidential election is the first time that sex and gender have played a role in American history, but that is far from the truth. In Beltway Unbuckled, we learn surprising and intriguing information about the lesser known facts that have shaped our country's history.

  • We Americans like to think we know our President. We followed him during the campaign, invited him into our living rooms during countless televised appearances and even learned about his cholesterol count after each annual physical at Bethesda.

  • The White House has been home to America's presidents and their families for more than 200 years. It is the most photographed and toured residence in the country, but inside access to television cameras is normally off limits. Now, almost half a century since Jackie Kennedy took viewers on a personal tour of the home, HISTORY goes behind the velvet ropes at America's most famous address, giving the country a long overdue look inside. Join in as President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush guide our cameras through the public places at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, offering a glimpse of the private residence normally off-limits to cameras. Accompanying President and Mrs. Bush on the tour will be America's foremost antique experts, Leigh and Leslie Keno, of Antique Roadshow fame. Throughout the visit, some of the most intriguing questions about the White House and its famous residents will be answered. From who installed running water, to who commissioned the construction of the famous balcony off the third floor's private quarters and what happened to the White House swimming pool, The White House: Behind Closed Doors reveals the secrets of America's most recognizable residence.

  • Moments after the President of the United States is sworn into office he gains access to "The Nuclear Football," a briefcase that contains the most volatile top-secret information in the world--America's nuclear launch codes.

  • Viewers will go where only the most elite insiders from the highest levels of the US government are allowed--on board Air Force One. Discover what makes this uniquely modified Boeing 747 faster, more secure, more comfortable and more capable than any other comparable plane. Take a 20,000-mile voyage through the heart of Africa and join the crew and privileged passengers on one of Air Force One's most challenging missions.

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