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Home Made Simple is a reality TV series shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) aimed to aid viewers in solving the frustrations of everyday life. Whether it's a dirty floor or a child's 3rd birthday party, Home Made Simple is there to provide tips and tricks. The show aims to improve its audience's lives by giving them the ideas they need to make their house a happier, healthier place. It stars everyday moms and celebrities such as Soleil Moon Frye to inspire and engage its audience.

The show provides viewers with knowledge and skills like making homemade BBQ sauce, designing rooms, or planning weddings, all while keeping it simple and doable. DIY projects are walked through and explained. Viewers can expect to learn a lot throughout an episode, and especially a season.

Saturday 12:00 PM et/pt on TLC
1 Season, 53 Episodes
July 18, 2006
Cast: Wanda Colon, Nadia Geller, June Saruwatari, Patrick Brown
Home Made Simple
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Home Made Simple Full Episode Guide

  • The HMS team transforms a podcaster's home office into a stylish control station, with updated technology to help her business ventures boom.

  • Host Laila Ali meets a young couple living in a home with deep rooted family history. Justin and his wife, Catherine, inherited the home from Justin's father, who recently passed and the kitchen needs an update. Laila makes seared tuna and an apple crisp.

  • Host Laila Ali and the "Home Made Simple" team help two dads raising twins get the stylish and organized master suite they've put off since moving into their home. Laila cooks loaded ground turkey tacos.

  • Host Laila Ali meets twin sisters and models Erin and Desiree Green whose life mission is to help young girls who are bullied. The "Home Made Simple" team transforms Desiree's living room and surprises Erin with a new patio. Laila makes stuffed peppers.

  • Host Laila Ali meets a sporty young woman who, together with her family, fought to overcome a life-threatening eating disorder. The "Home Made Simple" team transforms her childhood bedroom into a sophisticated living space. Laila makes chicken wings.

  • Host Laila Ali meets a loving couple who grew up together in Alabama then relocated to California to start a family. The "Home Made Simple" team adds new life to a living room where everything is a shade of brown. Laila makes parmesan shrimp.

  • Host Laila Ali meets up with six-time Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix. The track and field champion calls upon the "Home Made Simple" team to make over her beloved aunt's family room. Laila makes a North African inspired chickpea bowl.

  • Host Laila Ali meets a mom who endured an extremely high-risk pregnancy and her now healthy twins. The "Home Made Simple" teams revives the family's dark and dreary A-frame family room. Laila cooks stewed chicken and gravy with Caribbean rice and beans.

  • Host Laila Ali meets a mom who's going back to school and a dad with a killer commute. The "Home Made Simple" team helps out by turning an unused guest bedroom into a fun family room. Laila makes lamb chops and sweet potato casserole.

  • Laila Ali meets a motivational author and mother, whose unfinished living room desperately needs design help; Mom, Dad and twins get to work on this makeover; Laila cooks gochujang guacamole and zucchini sushi rolls.

  • Host Laila Ali meets a mom, wife and young cancer survivor whose cramped and cluttered master bedroom is anything but a healing oasis; the team re-imagines the space with serenity and style; Laila cooks ratatouille and parmesan polenta.

  • Laila Ali and the team help a teacher, mother and wife bring new life into her living room with a gorgeous Moroccan makeover. The team surprises the family with a new laundry room. Laila cooks spaghetti for breakfast and chicken basil meatballs.

  • Host Laila Ali and the Home Made Simple team helps a mother of three, wife and home school teacher transform her crowded and chaotic living space into an organized, functional and stylized home. Laila cooks a cauliflower crust pizza.

  • Laila and the team give a patio makeover to a beloved widow who dedicates her life to education, inspiring those around her; her daughter flies in from South Africa to help with the transformation; Laila cooks roasted chicken

  • A newlywed couple with a non-profit animal rescue work to make a difference, but they can't actually work in their unfinished home office. The team has the purr-fect solution with a nod to organization, their love of travel and passion for animals.

  • It's a breathtaking surprise when mom and dad get shocked by their daughter, who sneaks home to renew the family's sweet 16 purple-themed living room into a romantic setting. With gratitude for her parents and hardwork, the transformation is amazing.

  • Watch what happens as the crew transforms a crowded, tiny bungalow to space-making modern-day design, for a family of five. This deserving group receives a special renovation, bringing in nature and nurture to their family, their home, and even their turtle.

  • A trio of grateful daughters want the American Dream for their hard working immigrant parents, the HMS team lends a helping hand in their living room with 3D interactive art, custom gaming tables, and convertible seating for the entire family.

  • A community's favorite mom gets an outdoor living space in her much-neglected backyard; the team sprinkles seeds of joy to create a garden wall for nourishment and a serene fountain for relaxation.

  • It's out with the old style and in with grown-up chic fashion when the crew transforms a college graduate's first-time home.

  • A family finds themselves trapped in a 50's living room nightmare and the team swoops in to transform these educators' newly purchased home into a rustic chic cottage, with a show-stopping whitewashed fireplace and crafty play space for their kids.

  • The Byrd family needs a victory: Dad lost his employment; Mom and Dad are sleeping on a mattress on the floor with their cute little boys; and resources are slimmer than ever. The crew comes in to lift up this loving couple's bedroom.

  • A selfless nurse hopes for an area where she can sit back and entertain her friends.

  • Celebrity chef Carla Hall helps offer a mother-daughter gift of love for a lady who's returned to her childhood bedroom to take care of her mother. Her children give her a big surprise: the ultimate Shangri-La bedroom oasis.

  • It's a big switcheroo when a daughter moves back in with her dad after grad school and the team challenges them to decorate the other's blank bedrooms and turn them into Dad and Daughter Dream suites.

  • A family room redo reclaims space for mom and dad; and features an island twist and Hawaiian surprise.

  • A woman's small apartment is transformed into a showroom that features family, dining and office spaces.

  • A family with strong collegiate ties come together to upgrade their 1970s home office to honor their sister, whose memory carries on through the mascot and school colors they choose for the decor.

  • A devoted teacher and mom of three kids under 3 concludes her days in a cramped master bedroom complete with a crib, but that's about to shift when the HMS Team and her spouse bring in the sunshine of design to her bedroom.

  • A lady and her daughters who nourish the homeless out of their small rundown kitchen in L.A. are surprised with a state-of-the-art new kitchen.

  • A room remodel for a single mother and her son.

  • A guy is offered needed help in making his wife a Tuscan-themed living room.

  • Billy Bob Thornton helps remodel a shabby retro kitchen.

  • A catch-all living room is transformed into a coastal-inspired area.

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