Howdini Entertaining

While it doesn't take rocket science to have a few friends over, formal entertaining requires the host or hostess to know a few things about proper ettiquette. The show Howdini Entertaining teaches average people every thing they need to know for hosting formal events. In this show, top experts in this field share their best secrets with simple, step-by-step instructions so that even the novice can learn how to become a gracious host.

Howdini Entertaining provides a crash course for the heart of all great parties: the alcohol. Professional mixologists demonstrate how to mix up the perfect cocktail for any occasion. Plus, wine editors disclose their insider secrets on everything booze, from how to pick a good wine to how to get the wine bottle open. Each topic is covered in a matter of minutes, making Howdini Entertaining one of the fastest ways to acquire class.

In addition to the crash course on booze, professional chefs divulge their greatest secrets on this show as well. They demonstrate how to throw together easy, make-ahead hor dourves that taste like they were created in a five-star restaurant. A real "cheese head" gives viewers step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a gourmet cheese plate, and other foodies condense years of experience into a few brief minutes.

This show is a DIY-er's dream come true. Anyone who has the desire to become a gracious host but lacks the know-how should check our this show. Every expert offers detailed instructions so that anyone can duplicate the process being demonstrated. This informative program offers both practical advice and creative solutions for both the seasoned and novice host or hostess. Howdini entertaining is a modern program that seeks to revive the lost art of entertaining.

Howdini Entertaining

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