Hunters of the South Seas

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Writer Will Millard explores the extraordinary people of the Coral Triangle in the Western Pacific. Here whale hunters, spear fishermen and ocean traders all live in close connection to the sea.

Sunday at 09:00PM et/pt on BBC Two
1 Season, 3 Episodes
April 26, 2015
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Will Millard
Hunters of the South Seas

Hunters of the South Seas Full Episode Guide

  • In a remote part of the western Pacific, tiny island communities survive by a trading tradition called Kula, which involves epic canoe expeditions.

  • As formerly nomadic Bajau fishermen settle in stilted villages out at sea, their way of life rapidly changes.

  • In the Indonesian village of Lamalera, a community at the heart of the Coral Triangle has survived for centuries by hunting whales.