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  • 1993
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.9  (192)

Hurricanes is a Canadian television series that aired from 1993 to 1997. The show was created by Daryl Duke and featured Canadian actress Jennifer Copping in the lead role. Hurricanes is set in the idyllic town of Pemberton, where two rival families, the Blackwoods and the McGregors, are compete to become the biggest power in the small town.

The series follows the lives of the Blackwood and McGregor families, who struggle to retain control over the town's resources and profits. The show revolves around the complex relationships between the families and their various business ventures.

Jennifer Copping plays the role of Leslie Blackwood, the daughter of the Blackwood family. Leslie is a strong and confident young woman who is determined to prove herself to her father, the patriarch of the Blackwoods. Her father, Bill Blackwood, is a shrewd businessman who will stop at nothing to maintain his family's power and status in the town.

The McGregor family, on the other hand, is led by patriarch Jeb McGregor, played by Canadian actor Christopher Crumb. Jeb is an old-fashioned man who believes in hard work and earning everything through honest means. However, his family has also engaged in various illegal activities to maintain their power in the town, and Jeb's morals are often put to the test.

Throughout the show, Leslie and Jeb become embroiled in a complicated love affair, which becomes a major source of tension between their two families. Hurricanes also features a host of other characters, including various love interests, business associates, and individuals looking to take advantage of the Blackwood and McGregor families' power struggles.

The show's plot twists and turns as the two families battle for control over Pemberton. Hurricanes also touches on various themes such as betrayal, greed, loyalty, and love, adding depth to its already complex characters and storyline.

One of the unique aspects of Hurricanes is its beautiful setting. The series was filmed in various locations throughout British Columbia, showing off the natural beauty of the area. The stunning visuals help to create an immersive experience for the audience, adding to the overall watching experience.

Overall, Hurricanes is a gripping drama that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With its complex characters, intricate plotlines, and stunning visuals, it is easy to see why the show was so popular during its run. Jennifer Copping's performance as Leslie Blackwood is particularly noteworthy, cementing her as one of Canada's brightest rising stars.

While the show may have ended in 1997, Hurricanes remains a classic Canadian drama that is still enjoyed by audiences today. If you're looking for a tense, exciting and engaging series to watch, Hurricanes is definitely worth checking out.

Hurricanes is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (73 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1993.

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26. Home-Team
September 12, 1995
When the Hurricanes are researching their family-trees, AMANDA and STATS go out on a limb to discover a secret under the sea...
Ball of Doom
25. Ball of Doom
September 12, 1995
Napper's luck takes a turn for the worse when he accidentally buys a cursed antique. Can he survive being the owner of...the Ball of Doom?
Space Ace
23. Space Ace
September 12, 1995
Are there aliens on other worlds whose soccer-skills are more advanced than our own?
A Lot Of Hot Air
22. A Lot Of Hot Air
September 12, 1995
Disaster strikes when the Hurricanes are shot out of the sky during a hot air balloon-race.
Who Do That Voodoo
21. Who Do That Voodoo
September 12, 1995
There's old magic in New Orleans when Papillon runs headlong into a Voodoo nightmare...
Daring Due
20. Daring Due
September 12, 1995
Helmut's a hero when he rescues a kid from a burning building...But when Napper gets the credit, his team-mate is all burned-up...
19. Shootout
September 12, 1995
It's the return of the Magnificent Eleven when the Hurricanes arrive in a remote Russian province and rescue a village from the criminal underworld!
Curse of the Gorgon
15. Curse of the Gorgon
September 12, 1995
Every day's a bad hair day for Medusa, the snake-haired monster whose stare turns men to stone. Are the Hurricanes her next victims?
Southern Exposure
12. Southern Exposure
September 12, 1995
A glitch on the Internet plunges the Hurricanes into a nightmare of mistaken identity. How can they prove they're soccer-stars and not wanted criminals!
11. Koh-I-Noor
September 12, 1995
Diamonds are forever and that's how long Cal will be in jail if the Cops find out he's got the Koh-I-Noor diamond in his kitbag!
Going Berserkers
9. Going Berserkers
September 12, 1995
Is Cal heading for a fall when he appears with Bennie The Viking Anders on a Swedish T.V. show?
Napper Thompson, Scourge Of The Underworld
8. Napper Thompson, Scourge Of The Underworld
September 12, 1995
When Napper has an accident with a new invention, he imagines he's the Blue Bumblebee, a radio detective from the past.
Fright At the Opera
7. Fright At the Opera
September 12, 1995
Who is the mysterious phantom determined to put an end to the rock-opera starring the Hurricanes? Could it be the team's own coach, easy-listening fan Jock Stone?
Diamonds on the Soles of Their Boots
6. Diamonds on the Soles of Their Boots
September 12, 1995
The Hurricanes buy shares in a South African diamond-mine, and get more than their share of trouble when they're buried alive!
Surfer Girl
4. Surfer Girl
September 12, 1995
When beach-babe Irena surfs into Cal's life, he accidentally feeds his friend Dylan to the sharks.
New Strikers Of The Purple Sage
2. New Strikers Of The Purple Sage
September 12, 1995
City-slickers the Hurricanes are given a rough ride on a Texan dude-ranch when they discover a saboteur at work.
Tide of Terror
1. Tide of Terror
September 12, 1995
In Scotland to play the Hebridean Giants, The Hurricanes face an even bigger problem.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 12, 1993
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (192)