Imus in the Morning

When you want a real trigger-tripper, tune the radio to Imus In The Morning! The artful radio host is a human cattle prod! No matter his proclamations, they are intense and gut-sticking. Imus drives them doggies to the feedlot and they either feed your fire or they wander into the wild west and are never heard from again! With a conglomeration of guests, humor, and extreme news topics, Imus won't be forgotten! When you catch his program, his comments stay with you all day. It's not a forgettable form of entertainment.

He's all American, with informative guests. Don Imus pushes the buttons for exciting information that's eye opening. Where does he find this stuff? You never know what you are going to get.

Don Imus is a writer and a philanthropist, not your normal talk show host. His weaponry of choice can often be his mouth, but he's not just slinging dirt clods. He is on his game and confronts when he knows he should, in a blunt manner accordingly.

Are you tough enough to hear the truth? Do you want to learn something important today? Perhaps you are the type that doesn't want to know anything that may cause you to feel slightly unsettled? Are you weak? Do you need things sugar-coated? You just may hear news tips that scare you enough to motivate you to action. Some topics may cause you to get something done in the philanthropic area, or cause you to be a little more vocal on important issues. Imus cares. He helps you to care. Do you want to be an uninformed blob? You can always trust someone who looks good in a cowboy hat.

Belly up to the radio bar and drink your fill. He will always keep you wanting more. His riveting and spiced up program is going to get you riled up partner, but in a good way. Imus In The Morning is recommended for all inquiring humans.

FOX Business
4 Seasons, 253 Episodes
February 27, 2010
Cast: Sari Locker, Cade Courtley, Martha Stewart, Michael Tarshi
Imus in the Morning

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  • The I-Man talks with Leif Babin, Michael Riedel, Anthony Mason and Mike Baker

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