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In 1940, a mysterious power awakens in the midst of a European war. The last witch has come to the aid of the princess of a small country, combining magic and weaponry to take on enemies.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
September 16, 2016
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Himika Akaneya, John Burgmeier, Amber Lee Connors, Saori Hayami
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Izetta: The Last Witch Full Episode Guide

  • Germania has loaded a massive bomb with magical energy that threatens to destroy the entire Dukedom. It will launch soon, and the only way to stop it is to defeat Sophie. Using the magic stone, Izetta flies to Germania for one final battle.

  • The capital of Landsbruck has fallen, and Izetta and the princess are chased into the mountains. As the imperial forces track them down, Seig makes Izetta an offer: he's willing to give her the other half of Sophie's magic stone.

  • Izetta has been defeated by Sophie, the true White Witch. Sophie is out for revenge against the Dukedom for the crimes their ancestors committed, and she'll gladly work with Germania if they'll help her destroy it.

  • All is quiet in the dukedom as the Germanian army redirects its forces to deal with a coastal invasion by the allied forces. But the silence is suddenly broken by a deadly attack, and Izetta is sent to save the day.

  • Rickert lands in the dukedom of Eylstad on a secret mission: to uncover the secrets of the witch. He's sent to infiltrate the old castle of Eylstad, but his mission takes an unexpected turn when he runs into the head of the Royal Guard...

  • Izetta and the princess have come to the nation of Britannia to ask for help from the allied forces. In order to win their favor, Izetta is sent to destroy a Germanian aircraft carrier that's floating in the North Sea.

  • Izetta's victory has won a brief peace for the dukedom, and the princess intends to enjoy it. Together, they practice dancing, and go to a pie shop. But there's trouble brewing in the background, as young private Jonas has discovered her secret.

  • Izetta is powerful enough to fight whole armies, but her strength is limited. She can only use her abilities near certain ley lines, and outside them, she's no different than a normal girl.

  • With Izetta's victory over the Germanian army fresh in people's minds, the army of the Dukedom decides to make her into a national icon and announce her to the world.

  • Waves of bombers are striking from the skies, and an entire company of tanks is tearing apart the helpless infantry. But when all seems lost, a red-haired witch appears from the skies...

  • Fine and Izetta escape the wreckage of the plane on the back of a rifle, but a squad of Germanian pilots hear the transport's distress call and move to intercept them. Izetta is forced to use her magic to fight them, breaking her grandmother's rules.

  • Young princess Fine, the daughter of the Archduke of a small alpine country, travels to the neutral land of Westria to seek help against the Germanian empire that is invading her kingdom, but her plans go awry when she's captured by the Germanians.

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