James May: Our Man in Japan

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  • TV-PG
  • 2020
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.2  (8,323)

James May: Our Man in Japan is an incredibly captivating travel and culture documentary series that takes viewers on a remarkable journey through the beautiful landscape of Japan. The series is hosted by the famous British television presenter, journalist, and writer, James May, who provides the audience with a fresh perspective on Japanese culture, traditions, and way of life.

The series, which is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video, invites viewers to join James May as he embarks on a three-month adventure along with his Japanese traveling companion, Yujiro Taniyama. The two set out to explore the hidden gems, iconic landmarks, and popular spots throughout Japan, while immersing themselves in the rich culture and unique lifestyle of the country.

Throughout the series, James May takes the viewers on a comprehensive tour of Japan, showing them everything from the busy towns and cities to the quaint and remote rural areas. Viewers get to witness some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Japan, including the stunning cherry blossom trees in full bloom along the rivers and countryside.

In addition to the beautiful scenery of Japan, the show dives deep into the heart of Japanese culture, highlighting key aspects such as the art of sushi making, tea ceremonies, Kabuki theater, and manga. James May and Yujiro Taniyama meet with various experts in these fields to learn from them, gain a deeper understanding of the tradition or art, and experience it firsthand.

Beyond the cultural exploration, Our Man in Japan also provides viewers with a unique take on Japan's modern life, technology, and futurism. Notably, the show features a segment where James May tried his hand at driving a futuristic autonomous car at Nissan's headquarters in Japan.

As James May, accompanied by Yujiro Taniyama, navigates his way through Japan's distinct regions, he also delves into the country's rich history and its influences on Japanese culture. For instance, he visited the historic city of Kyoto, known for its traditional Japanese architecture, temples, and shrines, and engaged in a conversation with a Geisha to learn about the practices, values, and intricacies of their profession.

Another enthralling part of the show sees the host and his traveling companion going for an evening walk in the streets of Tokyo. James May marvels at the bright lights and technological advancements of the bustling city, venturing into places such as arcades, candy shops, and even quirky vending machines.

Throughout the series, the audience experiences the warmth and kindness of the Japanese people, who are always eager to share their traditions and hospitality with visitors from around the world.

James May: Our Man in Japan also features some exciting side-quests, including a race with a prehistoric creature in Hokkaido, a funny episode where James May tries out several offbeat game shows in Japan, and an exploration of Japanese subcultures such as anime and cosplay.

The show wouldn't be complete without mentioning the delicious cuisine of Japan, which plays a prominent role in the series. In each location visited, James May couldn't help but sample tasty local dishes, ranging from ramen, udon, soba, tempura, and much more, while Yujiro Taniyama enthusiastically introduces him to the country's popular beverages like sake, matcha, and umeshu.

In conclusion, James May: Our Man in Japan is a beautifully filmed and breathtaking journey through Japan that offers a unique and authentic perspective on the country's culture, traditions, and way of life. The show is both entertaining and insightful, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of what makes Japan such a fascinating and intriguing place. Anyone with an interest in travel, culture, or Japan, in general, will find this series captivating and memorable.

James May: Our Man in Japan
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  • Premiere Date
    January 3, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (8,323)