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Discovery's successful "Gold Rush" series is set in Alaska, but when they made a trip in 2011 to South America looking for gold, it opened up the door for a whole new category of reality TV shows centered on gold mining. "Jungle Gold" premiered in 2012 and it centers around the story of two men who travel to Ghana to try and make their fortune.

Scott Lomu and George Wright are real estate investors from Salt Lake City who went bust in 2008 during the worst of the nation's economic problems. Desperate to turn things around, they decide to try gold mining in the rough-and-tumble African country of Ghana. The country is experiencing a massive gold rush but it's also a country that is struggling to properly police the claims and the miners. The country is overrun with Chinese miners who jump claims and begin digging where they want, aided by corrupt local officials and a lot of weapons.

Lomu and Wright ran into this problem with their original claim, which had been illegally mined by a Chinese gang. In the early episodes of the season they struggled to find a new claim and even after they procured the land they had problems retrieving the gold.

The typical way gold is found in Ghana is by using a method outlawed in a lot of countries. Miners use mercury to burn away some of the sediment as they run water through pails of dirt. It's a quick, easy and cheap way to separate the gold from the other minerals on the claim. But it's also messy, bad for the environment and can be very dangerous for the workers. As the season progresses, Lomu and Wright decide to use the mercury method but that decision has some serious consequences for the health of their local work crew. By the end of the season they have retrieved gold, but is it enough to save their houses back home?

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
October 26, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Scott Lomu, George Wright
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Jungle Gold Full Episode Guide

  • Scott and George are all set to mine their Fahiakobo gold claim. But an attack by armed militia on a neighboring site forces them, along with the entire production crew, to make a dangerous emergency evacuation.

  • The production crew captures the untold story behind the making of Jungle Gold including hostile confrontations, underground explosions, accidents in the jungle and torrential storms.

  • Scott and George reunite in Ghana and must find a way to wash gold. Their mining partner Dave Thomas bails them out with an expensive solution but has an unforeseen motive.

  • Scott and George face huge challenges on opposite sides of the world. George is forced to risk his life in a dangerous gold deal and Scott must decide if he will ever return to Ghana.

  • With their excavator back, Scott and George are racing against the clock to prove that they can get to the gold, or their mining deal with Dave Thomas will be terminated. Scott receives life-changing news that could change their gold mining futures.

  • In the second season premiere, Scott and George head back to Ghana despite their mounting debt. They face armed guards, life threatening road accidents and violent confrontations in a desperate attempt to get their excavators back and save their mining deal.

  • A behind the scenes look at some of the challenges the crew faced. Also, commentary on the armed robbery caught on tape.

  • Scott and George have been kicked off their gold mine in Ghana and must purchase a new claim to keep their dreams alive. But raising enough money involves a desperate and dangerous gold deal with life threatening consequences deep in the bush.

  • Scott and George attempt to form a relationship with a group of traditional miners.

  • Scott and George test out a brand new claim after racking up huge debts on the Romaso gold mine. They have to prove the new claim is stacked with gold or their investors will pull funding. George risks it all in an outrageous and dangerous gold hustle.

  • George opposes a lawsuit; Scott deals with aggressive neighbors.

  • George and Scott finally begin mining for the estimated $1.5M dollars of gold on their claim. But they must overcome major challenges first.

  • Scott and George are in danger from floods and a dangerous cocoa farmer.

  • Scott and George leave their families behind to search for Ghana gold in an effort to get out of debt. They run illegal roadblocks, go up against hostile Chinese miners and battle the unforgiving jungle to get their mining operation running.

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