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Most people are familiar with Jillian Michaels through her work on The Biggest Loser. Few people know that Jillian Michaels also had a weight problem and she discusses this on her show Just Jillian. It takes Michaels back to the days in which she did have a weight problem and allows others to see what sorts of issues she had with her weight and when. However, the largest forcus of the series or the docu series is it gives viewers the chance to see Michaels and parenting a five year old, Lukensia also known as LU, and three and a half-year-old Phoenix.

The new E mini series is a docu series that shows Michael's softer side as it shows her trying to find the balance between parenting, and giving enough attention to her partner. Thee are struggles that many modern couples face, without the demands of an ever growing multi million dollar empire. Michaels shows that she is more than a workout enthusiast, and that she has a complicated and loving side.

Just Jillian is a Reality series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on January 19, 2016. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5.

Just Jillian is available for streaming on the E! website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Just Jillian on demand at Amazon, Vudu, NBC, hayu, Google Play, iTunes online.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
January 19, 2016
Cast: Jillian Michaels, Elle Young
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Just Jillian Full Episode Guide

  • Jillian expands her empire when she seals a deal with Cosmopolitan Magazine. Jillian's protege is put to the ultimate test during a live workout.

  • Jillian officiates her first wedding and Heidi hopes it will influence her views on marriage.

  • Convinced the retirement community is full of party animals, Jillian hopes to impress her in-laws with strippers and alcohol.

  • Jillian works with the Clinton foundation to help fight childhood obesity before going to Florida for her mother-in-law's 70th birthday celebration.

  • Jillian has to learn to manage several work events without her trusted business partner and has to confront issues with her half-sister; Jillian and her fitness team go to Chicago for a workout convention.

  • Jillian invests time and money into a potential protege, while her business partner searches for other ways to expand their brand. When Jillian's son has to have a tonsillectomy, she struggles to find balance between her personal and professional lives.

  • Jillian heads to NYC to rectify a business deal gone wrong. A family emergency distracts Jillian's focus from work obligations, and after a series of mistakes, Jillian realizes that her assistant may be out of her league. Jillian tries to keep it together, despite everything working against her.

  • Take a look into the real life of Jillian Michaels.