Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight is an American adaptation of the Japanese series Kamen Rider Ryuki, a tokusatsu series. The show has won a Daytime Emmy Award for stunt coordination and is chock full of the Kamen Rider series trademark action and adventure. Kamen Rider is a tokusatsu series, meaning that it is a live action television series that uses heavy special effects. The name tokusatsu literally means "special filming" in Japanese and is most commonly associated with Godzilla and other monster franchises.

Kamen Rrider: Dragon Knight is the story of a young man named Kit Taylor who, while searching for his missing father discovers the Advent Deck. The Advent Deck is a special deck of cards that allow the user to transform into Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Kit joins forces with the Kamen Rider Wing Knight, Len to defeat the evil alien warlord General Xaviax who is intent on using the human race to rebuild his home world. Unlike most bad guys, General Xaviax uses manipulation, blackmail and empty promises of his victims greatest desires filled, to gain more slaves to do his bidding. Fighting against this force of evil, Kit and Len meet other Kamen Riders and learn the origins of the original Dragon Knight Adam who betrayed the twelve Kamen Riders set to protect the world of Ventara. Finally, a climactic battle between General Xaviax and his Kamen Riders and our heroes erupts in an all out battle to the death.

The international sensation continues with the tradition of amazing action Kamen Rider set when it first debuted. Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight is another example of American tokusatsu adaptations making a big splash both domestically and abroad. For anyone who's a fan of the Kamen Rider, tokusatsu television shows and movies or just looking to see some bad guys get beat up, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight is worth investigation.

Saturday 11:30 AM et/pt on The CW
1 Season, 40 Episodes
January 3, 2009
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Matt Mullins, Stephen Ford, Yvonne Arias, Taylor Emerson
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Full Episode Guide

  • Maya writes a book about the Kamen Riders. All the Ventarans are brought back to their homes, and the Earth Kamen Riders are returned from the Advent Void. Kit decides he wants to be a Kamen Rider for good.

  • Eubulon and Xavaix battle in Xaviaxâ??s control room. The Kamen Riders rush to join them, but must fight off monster after monster before they all arrive at their destination. Finally all 13 Kamen Riders, including the Ventaran Kamen Riders just brought back from the Advent Void, band together for their final fight against Xaviax

  • The Advent Master devises a plan for the Riders to destroy Xaviax once and for all. Maya and Trent sneak into Xaviax's lair to create a mirror portal for the Riders, while the Kamen Riders must battle a massive swarm of monsters Xaviax sends to stop them. They all must race against time before the transmitters reach full power and the Earth is doomed.

  • When Len and Adam are sent out to disable the final transmitter, Adam suddenly attacks Len and they battle as Kamen Riders, both transforming into Survive Mode. Kit and Kase follow after them, and the Riders learn that Xaviax has created an antivirus for the transmitters, making all their efforts to shut them down useless.

  • Xaviax realizes that Adam is having second thoughts about betraying his friends. He disguises himself to look like Eubulon and attacks Adam in order to turn him against the Advent Master. The real Eubulon tells Kit and Maya about his history on Ventara and why he created the Kamen Riders.

  • Len and Eubulon spar while arguing about Adam. Adam tells the other Riders his side of the story of how Xaviax tricked him into betraying his friends. Eubulon gives Adam a second chance and sends him on a mission with the other Riders to shut down a transmitter.

  • Kit returns from the Advent Void, now fighting as Kamen Rider Onyx. When he meets his mirror twin, Adam, the two get in an argument that can only end in a battle between Kamen Riders.

  • The Advent Master finds the Ventaran Kamen Riders Torque, Strike, and Axe, and brings them back from the Advent Void. Adam tries, unsuccessfully, to win the trust of the other Riders by joining them in battle. The Riders track down Xaviax's teleportation devices to infect them with a disabling virus.

  • The Advent Master is revived from his cryogenically frozen state. Xaviax begins spreading teleporting devices all over the planet, and recruits Adam, the original Dragon Knight, to spy on Wing Knight. The Advent Master reassigns the Siren Advent Deck and Maya becomes a Kamen Rider.

  • Wing Knight hunts Strike down, determined to avenge Kase. Dragon Knight and Wing Knight must both use their Survive cards to battle Kamen Rider Wrath, but even then Wrath proves devastatingly powerful.

  • Strike steals the Thrust and Sting Advent Decks and reveals a new ability. By contracting with Sting and Thrust's contract beasts, Strike creates a powerful new hybrid monster. Dragon Knight, Wing Knight and Siren engage in a fateful fight against Strike and Wrath.

  • The group rests up after their big fight and vows to ban together to protect Ventara and Earth.

  • Len, Kase, and Maya break into the No Men's base to rescue Kit. However, Kit finds a way out on his own, only to find Wrath and Strike waiting to fight him in Ventara. Kit must take on these two powerful enemies by himself while Len, Kase, and Maya make their own escape from the No Men.

  • Maya recruits Trent and his friends to hack into the No Men's system in order to rescue Kit from his imprisonment. Len and Kase must deal with dangerous enemies without Kit's help when Wrath and Strike attack once again.

  • Xaviax equips the Kamen Rider Wrath armor so he can fight his enemies hand to hand. Wrath and Strike make their attack against Wing Knight and Siren. While visiting his father in the hospital, Kit is kidnapped by mysterious agents known only as the "No Men."

  • Kamen Rider Onyx comes after Wing Knight and Siren. The vengeful Axe is out to vent Dragon Knight, but Strike stands in his way. Kit makes the tough decision to go after Xaviax instead of taking his offer, and our villain reveals a secret weapon.

  • In a dream, Kit battles with a mysterious dark nemesis: Kamen Rider Onyx. Kit is feeling more and more left out now that Kase is in the picture. Xaviax makes Kit an impossible offer to restore his father to health in return for him betraying Wing Knight.

  • Kase isn't willing to accept Kit as the new Dragon Knight, and challenges him to a fight. James gives Danny one last chance to forget revenge and keep his promise to Xaviax- or else he'll be vented. A mysterious Rider in black attacks Kit.

  • Axe wants revenge for his brother, and goes after Dragon Knight against Xaviax's orders. Kamen Rider Siren- a mysterious new female Kamen Rider interrupts the fight. When Len comes to Kit's aid, he is amazed at what he finds.

  • JTC kidnaps Kit's dad, and offers to return him if Kit will betray Wing Knight. When Kit refuses, he has Strike, Axe, and Spear to contend with. Lacey carries out her plan to steal information on the Kamen Riders for Michelle.

  • Both Kit and Len blame themselves for Sting getting vented. Kit finds a letter that Chris wrote to his father but never got to send. Axe and Spear continue to go after Dragon Knight against their orders. Lacey goes behind Maya's back to help Michelle- thinking it is in her friend's best interest.

  • JTC makes Chris an offer to join Xaviax, but Chris refuses. Danny and Albert start a fight in the bookstore, and an all-out battle begins between Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, Sting, Axe, and Spear. When Strike joins in on the fight, the result is devastating.

  • The evil alien Xaviax concocts a plan to harvest human DNA to transport humans to his home world. Once transported there, the humans will be turned into slaves. Unfortunately, Kit is still reluctant about becoming a Kamen Rider and Len needs to set him straight. Once Kit learns of Xaviax's plan, he decides that he's ready to become a Kamen Rider and save the world.

  • While talking with Len, Kit discovers that the Kamen Riders were the defenders of the mirror world of Ventara. The mysterious Advent Decks were actually stolen from the Riders and given to certain people on Earth. Then, Len challenges Richie to a battle and ends up sending him to the Advent Void, where he will be trapped forever. Realizing how dangerous these battles are, Kit quits being a Kamen Rider.

  • Kit faces off against a fellow Kamen Rider, Incisor, a spoiled teenage millionaire manipulated by Xaviax. During the battle, Wing Knight comes to Kit's aid, and agrees to teach him more about his powers now that he is facing considerably greater obstacles

  • Kit is advised by his father to "contract with the dragon" using a contract card stored within his Advent Deck. The contract merges Kit and the pursuing dragon, transforming Kit into a Kamen Rider. Wing-Knight, incensed with this, takes his leave. Kit unites with reporter Maya Young to investigate his father's disappearance as well as the paranormal activity present in the city.

  • Eighteen year old orphan Kit Taylor is drawn into a dangerous and secret war occurring on Earth when his missing father contacts him through a mirror, instructing Kit to "search for the dragon". Upon discovering a deck of cards in his apartment, Kit is attacked by armored warriors. Kit's bid to escape lures in attractive reporter Maya Young, and gains the attention of the arrogant Wing Knight, who, though opposed to the forces pursuing Kit, also craves the cards, known as Advent Decks, that Kit is in possession of....

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