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The last resort is an intense political drama centered on the most politically intriguing. Friendly fire incident ever to occur in US history, Andre Brauer plays Marcus Chaplin Capt. of the USS Colorado which is a Navy Ohio class ballistic missile submarine, which has a cargo of 17 nuclear missiles. The Colorado receives orders to launch their highly destructive cargo on Pakistan even though no declaration of war has yet declared not to mention that these orders do not come through the regular channels. But instead are relayed through the emergency channel located in the Antarctic, which is to be used only in the event of Washington DC's distraction or disabling of regular channels because of this anomaly in protocol. Capt. Chaplin is reluctant to fire until getting confirmation, either through the proper channels or from someone whose authority he recognizes directly such as the Secretary of Defense.

At this point, the crew of the vessel begins to pick sides. Some believe they should follow the order that they are given without question, because they are good sailors, while others hold with Capt. Chaplin and his desire to receive confirmation of the order before the missiles should be launched. One of the individuals that believe in Capt. Marcus is his XO (executive officer) Sam Kendal, played by Scott Speedman without whose cooperation the missiles cannot be launched.

While the crew and officers of the vessel are debating exactly what their next step should be similar missiles launched from another source, detonating over Pakistan. Shortly thereafter Capt. Marcus, and his crew are fired upon, supposedly by the Pakistani military at which point the USS Colorado is damaged by what the crew later finds out (at least Capt. Marcus and the XO) is friendly fire this begins to have an interesting psychological effect on Capt. Marcus, because his son, who is a US Marine was recently killed in a friendly fire incident two weeks prior to the deployment of the USS Colorado.

Capt. Marcus begins to feel betrayed by his government, which he sees as using him and his crew. As part of some elaborate political agenda which leads him to commandeer a small fictitious French island of Sainte Marina which also houses a NATO listening post which consists of communications equipment and missile tracking radar which the captain uses as the backbone of his defense to establish a 200 mile quarantine zone around the island until he can figure out just exactly why the US government would want to sink a submarine containing the latest and greatest piece of stealth technology.

The last resort is an excellent drama that demonstrates just how far a man may be willing to go to protect the people he cares about, and the ideals he believes in anyone and use this program is sure to find it exciting and intriguing.

Last Resort is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 27, 2012.

Where do I stream Last Resort online? Last Resort is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Last Resort on demand at Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, iTunes, Crackle online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 27, 2012
Cast: Andre Braugher
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Last Resort Full Episode Guide

  • The season comes to a dramatic close when a violent battle for control erupts on the submarine, and the Colorado becomes vulnerable. Can Marcus and Sam regain control of the sub before it's too late?

  • Kylie collaborates with Admiral Shepard to bring down the President, using actual evidence of what really happened in Pakistan. If everything goes according to the plan, Marcus will be able to surrender the Colorado.

  • Marcus and his crew are forced into an unlikely alliance and the USS Colorado is put in harm's way. Sam's grief strains his relationship with Marcus.

  • Sam and James leave the island in a ballsy rescue mission. Back on the island of Sainte Marina, a Chinese diplomat tries to strike a deal with Marcus.

  • The crew of the Colorado wait for a goodwill visit from their families, unfortunately the visit turns disastrous and Marcus must consider the unthinkable once again. Meanwhile, the details of the nuclear devastation in Pakistan are revealed.

  • Marcus gathers the members of the Colorado and the islanders together to honor their two cultures. But things turn ugly when an important crew member is accused of a serious crime.

  • While Marcus and Sam are preoccupied searching for the traitor who took their nuclear launch key, Prosser starts something he isn't able to finish. Grace and James join forces to get a situation under control. Christine is prosecuted as Sam's co-conspirator.

  • The crew is hit by an intense attack. As confusion and aggression are sorted out, Marcus and Sam must race to save the sub and defend the island.

  • In an effort to diffuse the standoff on Sainte Marina, Marcus and Sam enter dramatic negotiations with the U.S. Government. Meanwhile, when a critical system fails, Grace assumes command of the Colorado on a dangerous repair operation.

  • Although Marcus and Sam have been charged with treason against the United States, a greater threat within their crew is lurking. Meanwhile, an old friend of Sam's visits Christine and offers comfort.

  • As Marcus seeks for ways to restrain Colorado's restive crew, he concedes to run the blockade in an attempt to release the three sailors who are being held by the island's corrupt mayor.

  • After Marcus engages an experimental device to elude U.S. warships, a commando team attack forces Sam and Grace into the jungle to protect themselves and the island. Meanwhile, Kylie searches for the source of the attack on the U.S.S. Colorado.

  • In the series premiere, the crew of the world's most powerful nuclear submarine are labeled traitors after questioning orders. They take refuge on an exotic Pacific Island and embark on a quest to clear their names.

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