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Josh Gates goes on an awe-inspiring journey to the most storied places on the planet. At each breathtaking destination, he immerses himself in the legends that made them famous. From the Yucatan Maya's bizarre worship rituals to soaring like a god from Greece's Mount Olympus, Josh explores these magical places through his unique point of view.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
1 Season, 14 Episodes
September 27, 2017
Cast: Tira Akina
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Legendary Locations Full Episode Guide

  • Josh explores legendary locations across the globe, from an ancient city carved deep into a canyon in the Jordanian desert to a legendary pirate paradise near Madagascar.

  • Josh explores the most iconic and mysterious monuments across the globe, from a miraculous pyramid in Central America to the majestic Statue of Liberty.

  • Josh Gates legendary places of protection that were hidden in plain sight, from Pablo Escobar's secret Colombian hideaway to a series of anti-aircraft towers that became a haven for radio pirates.

  • Josh explores other great walls around the world, from a cursed fortress along India's Aravalli Mountains to a series of towering metal forks that once defended Britain from the Nazis and were taken over by pirates -- of radio.

  • Josh explores three legendary locations where stone labyrinths hide something incredible, including a vast city carved deep into a canyon in the Jordanian desert and a dark South Pacific cave once used as a kitchen by a cannibal tribe.

  • Josh explores three locations where people connect with spirits and miracles, from a celebration honoring a mysterious American soldier on a remote Pacific island to portal to the dead in New Orleans.

  • Josh explores three iconic monuments, including the majestic Statue of Liberty and one of the world's greatest architectural masterpieces -- the Blue Mosque.

  • Josh investigates the iconic mystery of the crystal skulls. He visits sites in Belize, Spain and Scotland where the legends are born from obsession.

  • Josh visits three sites where the journey is the destination. He follows a coca leaf farmer down Bolivia's perilous Death Road, explores history's most feared prison in French Guiana, and investigates a mysterious 12,000-year-old structure in Turkey.

  • Josh Gates explores legendary places of protection, from a historic military fortress in Gibraltar and Pablo Escobar's secret Colombian hideaway to a floating kingdom on Peru's Lake Titicaca.

  • Josh explores the beauty of the spiritual realm. He investigates a German basilica said to house the bones of 11,000 virgins, a Japanese ice cave guarded by a dragon's spirit, and a remote island where cats outnumber humans.

  • Josh Gates explores the stories behind millionaire Jim Thompson's disappearance in Malaysia, an ancient city's collapse in Cambodia and a celebration of death in Bolivia.

  • From the castle that inspired the home of an iconic vampire to the market where Santa's devilish sidekick stalks and scares holiday revelers, Josh Gates tells the stories of places where legends never die.

  • From a miraculous pyramid in Central America to ancient Greek myths, Josh Gates shares the mysteries of the most awesome places on Earth.

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