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Brian Finch has spent the majority of his life just getting by, that is until a series of unlikely events lead him to a small round pill that goes by the name of NZT. NZT seems like a miracle pill, giving its users the ability to use more of their brain than the average human. Brian soon finds himself able to solve problems in minutes that would take most people days, weeks, or even years to solve.

Unfortunately, NZT comes with some nasty side effects, and when a senator approaches Brian with a way to prevent those side effects, he's left with no choice but to accept his offer. While the senator promises to give Brian regular doses of the anticdote, Brian must promise to work hand in hand with the FBI on a highly classified NZT study, and be prepared to report back to the senator and follow any orders he has.

While working with the FBI, Brian finds himself solving cases and soon becomes a valued team member. His connection with his team makes the web of lies and deceit increasingly complicated for him to navigate.

Limitless With Theresa Vail is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (7 episodes). The series first aired on June 30, 2015.

Limitless With Theresa Vail is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Limitless With Theresa Vail on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Wednesdays 2:30 AM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
1 Season, 7 Episodes
June 30, 2015
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Theresa Vail As Herself
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Limitless With Theresa Vail Full Episode Guide

  • Theresa does her best to avoid succumbing to pressure in Montana as she attempts to connect with her first bull elk. The real test comes in Virginia where Theresa will go through the Mountain Shephard Wilderness Survival School.

  • Theresa Vail flies to Italy to hunt pheasants before racking through shotgun shells with the 2014 World Champion Shotgun shooter Josh Richmond.

  • Theresa travels to Montana to hunt whitetails.

  • Theresa Vail travels to Pratt, Kansas to hunt the elusive whitetail buck. She takes a leap of faith when she heads to Charlotte, North Carolina to dangle from the Xtreeme Challenge ropes course.

  • Theresa Vail travels to Wyoming for an early season whitetail hunt in the shadows of Devil's Tower. The tables turn when Theresa puts down the bow to grip the steep rock face in an attempt to summit the tower.

  • Theresa treks to New Mexico to chase a bull elk in the Gila Mountains and pushes herself to beat her personal record time in the grueling Bataan Death March to commemorate the struggles of WWII soldiers.