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Nosler's Live2Hunt with Cody & Kelsy (previously known as Live 2 Hunt with Cody Robbins) chronicles Cody's quest to combine the biggest free-range, fair chase animals; hard-core, never-say-die hunting attitude; and a humble, everyman approach that makes you feel like you're having a once-in-a-lifetime hunt with your best hunting buddy. Cody's the guy who became Jim Shockey's first official cameraman and TV producer. For years he was Jim's right-hand man, traveling and hunting with the legend in more than 15 countries. Now Cody steps from Jim's shadow to blaze his own trail in professional hunting television!

Monday 10:00 AM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
6 Seasons, 46 Episodes
July 12, 2012
Action & Adventure, Nature, Reality
Live2Hunt with Cody Robbins

Live2Hunt with Cody Robbins Full Episode Guide

  • The craziest moments of the year for Cody and Kelsy include those moments they will never forget, along with the ones they wish they could forget; also, funny moments that have never been shared.

  • Cody's good friend Brian Stephens spends the summer in the north hunting Dall Sheep, Caribou and Alaskan Yukon Moose. This Adventure truly is the life of a mountain man!

  • Kelsy hunts hard for cagey old bush bucks in the northern forest of Saskatchewan; two years spent in her Heater Body Suit waiting for the chance at a a big whitetail buck.

  • Cody's banker, Cheri Boeschen, draws a rare elk tag on his home turf; witnessing no end of giant bulls screaming in their faces, they hold out for the king of the jungle.

  • Cody and Kelsy are joined with close friends Aaron and Liane Dingman in deer camp; Aaron and Liane tag big bucks.

  • Cody and Kelsy hunt big Saskatchewan black bears with Fred Lackie's Candle Lake Outfitters. Along the way, they take some great friends hunting for some exciting close up bear encounters with their Ten Point Crossbows.

  • Cody travels to Mexico to film his great friend Brian Stephens as he attempts to accomplish a lifelong dream: taking a desert sheep with his bow.

  • Cody gears up to spend the month of November in his Heater Body Suit, waiting for one particular MONSTER whitetail buck. Archery hunting in the frigid cold of the Canadian north makes this one heck of an adventure.

  • Cody and Kelsy spot and stalk giant coastal black bears with Canadian Guide Outfitters on Vancouver Island.

  • Cody finishes his archery mule deer season, then takes a 13-year-old boy muzzleloader hunting for giant Saskatchewan mulies; Bryden Hunter draws a rare tag on Cody's home turf; a world-class buck disappears in a cloud of smoke.

  • Cody Robbins share the exciting encounters he has trying to fill his archery mule deer tag in his home province of Saskatchewan.

  • Cody and Kelsy take a pack string of horses far into the mountains of British Columbia with Saddle Axe Outfitters. Witness giant bull elk screaming in your face, as Kelsy tries her best to arrow one with her ten-point crossbow.

  • Cody and life long friend Dustin Flundra hunt giant mule deer in southern Alberta with the Cooper rifle. Dustin tags the largest nontypical in that province for the 2016 hunting season. This show is a must see.

  • A recap of all the big moments that the Live 2 Hunt team endured in 2015. The moments that make you chuckle... the ones that would make a grown man cry... and the moments of glory that all of us hunters live for!

  • This show is a compilation of hunts, from last fall, from Live 2 Hunt team member Brian Stephens. Brian's drive and focus as a trophy hunter really shines through in this show, as he connects on some of the most sought after critters in North America.

  • Kelsy continues on looking for the perfect mule deer for her, that's worthy of an eight year wait. In the end, things turn fairytale.

  • Cody and Kelsy embark on a journey to find the biggest mule deer they possibly can, in their home province of Saskatchewan. A tag that you wait eight years to pull minimum. Throughout this adventure, Kelsy passes up some giant bucks, holding out of the perfect one.

  • Cody spends the month of October bowhunting for his all-time favorite species; mule deer, in his home province of Saskatchewan. Part way through he locks on to a SMOKIN' buck, and focuses on him for the duration. Will he get him?

  • Cody and Kelsy's good friend Cody Jensen heads to the far north to the Cooper Rifle hunt with Joel Wilkinson's Caesar Lake Outfitters. After tagging up on an animal of his dreams, he heads back to Alberta to meet up with Cody and Kelsy to hunt mule deer. There, Cody J finds Kelsy a gnarly mulie buck to focus on with her Cooper Rifle.

  • This episode documents what could be one of the greatest hunting days in Cody's career, connecting on a gorgeous Alaskan Yukon moose in the morning... and then, his very first grizzly bear at sunset. Both with the Cooper Rifle.

  • Cody jumps on a float plane and flies into the Yukon back country to hunt with Joel Wilkinson's Caesar Lake Outfitters. He's got a pocket full of tags for moose, caribou, grizzly bear and wolves. This is an adventure of a lifetime!