Magnificent 7 (1997-1998)

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  • 1998
  • 2 Seasons

Magnificent 7 is a television series that was produced by MGM for two seasons between 1997 and 1998. It is a western drama that is based on the famous 1960 movie, which in turn was based on the Japanese classic Seven Samurai. The show is set in the late 1800s, and it follows a group of seven men who become gunslingers, hired to protect a small town called Four Corners located in the southwest of the United States.

The premise of the show is that this small town is constantly under threat from bandits, thieves, and other dangerous outlaws. The law enforcement in the area is either corrupt, inept, or both, so the townspeople decide to take matters into their own hands. They recruit the help of seven men with different skills, experiences, and backgrounds. These seven are: Chris Larabee, a former gunslinger turned rancher who lost his family to bandits; Vin Tanner, a skilled tracker and sharpshooter with a mysterious past; Buck Wilmington, a charismatic ladies' man with a talent for gambling and brawling; Josiah Sanchez, a former preacher with a philosophical outlook on life; Nathan Jackson, a former slave turned doctor who is both a skilled healer and a formidable warrior; J.D. Dunne, a young and eager Easterner who dreams of becoming a cowboy; and Ezra Standish, a charming con artist and card sharp who is always looking for a way to make a quick buck.

Together, these seven men become the protectors of Four Corners, facing various challenges and dangers, such as cattle rustlers, bank robbers, corrupt officials, and even supernatural creatures. They also have personal issues to deal with, such as past traumas, romantic entanglements, and moral dilemmas. Throughout the show, they develop close bonds of friendship, loyalty, and trust, as they rely on each other to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Magnificent 7 has a strong ensemble cast, with each actor bringing a unique flavor to their character. Michael Biehn plays Chris Larabee, the leader of the group, with a brooding intensity and a quiet sense of honor. Eric Close plays Vin Tanner, the second-in-command, with a stoic reserve and a sensitive soul. Ron Perlman plays Josiah Sanchez, the spiritual guide of the group, with a deep voice and a steady presence. Rick Worthy plays Nathan Jackson, the healer of the group, with a soothing voice and a fierce determination. Andrew Kavovit plays J.D. Dunne, the rookie of the group, with a naive charm and an eager enthusiasm. Finally, Chris Potter plays Ezra Standish, the outlier of the group, with a suave wit and a hidden heart.

The show's production values are excellent, with beautiful cinematography, detailed set design, and thrilling action sequences. The music score is a highlight, with a stirring theme song and atmospheric background music that enhances the mood of each scene. The writing is also strong, with well-crafted scripts that balance character development, plot twists, and historical accuracy. The show manages to combine the classic western tropes such as gunfights, horse chases, and saloon brawls, with modern sensibilities such as diversity, social justice, and psychological depth.

Overall, Magnificent 7 is a highly enjoyable and engaging show that will satisfy fans of both westerns and ensemble dramas. It has a timeless quality that transcends its era, with themes and characters that resonate with audiences today. The show may have been short-lived, but it has left a lasting legacy that deserves to be rediscovered and appreciated.

Magnificent 7 (1997-1998)
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13. Obsession
July 3, 2000
Chris comes face to face with his wife's killer.
12. Serpents
June 7, 2000
A hired assassin is found dead in his hotel room with $10,000, and Chris resolves to find the killer.
Lady Killers
11. Lady Killers
May 31, 2000
The Seven assist two bounty hunters in bringing a gang leader to justice.
10. Penance
May 3, 2000
Josiah is accused of a series of murders; Nathan learns that Rain will marry.
9. Achilles
July 16, 1999
J.D. leaves town after accidentally killing a woman; Ezra keeps losing to the same gambler.
8. Chinatown
July 9, 1999
Chinese railroad-workers begin to disappear; Buck purchases a love potion.
The Trial
7. The Trial
March 5, 1999
Judge Travis presides over an exasperating trial that hits close to home for Nathan.
Wagon Train, Part 2
6. Wagon Train, Part 2
February 19, 1999
The gang is outnumbered after O'Shea hires gunmen to kill the homesteaders
Wagon Train, Part 1
5. Wagon Train, Part 1
February 12, 1999
The gang protects a wagon train from a greedy landowner.
4. Vendetta
January 29, 1999
Chris' estranged father-in-law avenges his daughter's murder; guest Tyne Daly.
Love and Honor
3. Love and Honor
January 22, 1999
Buck and a wealthy landowner must duel to the death with sabers.
Sins of the Past
2. Sins of the Past
January 15, 1999
Vin's arrest for murder leads the gang to search for the real killer.
The New Law
1. The New Law
January 8, 1999
A federal marshal disbands the crew; destructive cattle-rustlers run wild.
  • Premiere Date
    January 3, 1998