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Master Raindrop focuses on the story of two elements, Raindrop and Shao Yen (or wood), who are currently spending their time training with their master, Master Yun, who is the master of the ancient stylish of Chitaido. One day, a man named General Bu, who is a strong and powerful leader of the Land of a Thousand Legends, decides to collect and possess each of the elements for himself. General Bu chooses to own these elements to defeat Master Yun, by having these elements combine and join together.

Unfortunately, one of the elements, Flamo the fire element, chooses to side with the general.

Once this happens, Shao Yen and Master Raindrop then team up with two of the remaining elements, Jin Hou, the element of metal, and Niwa, who is the earth element.

They fight to save Master Yun by replenishing the power that was taken from the golden dragon after he was defeated and putting a stop to the general's plans.

Master Raindrop is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on March 6, 2021.

Where do I stream Master Raindrop online? Master Raindrop is available for streaming on Seven, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Master Raindrop on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
March 6, 2021
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Jane Ubrien, Rachel King, Josh Quong Tart, Joshua Anderson
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Master Raindrop Full Episode Guide

  • The five Elements and Master Yun find themselves back at the Academy. There the Elements go through the Dragon's Gate to raise the Dragon. As they work out how to do this, General Bu and Grub arrive in a giant Terra. A fight ensues, but Raindrop cleverly defeats Bu and raises the Golden Dragon, bringing peace and harmony once more to the Land Of AThousand Legends.

  • Bu discovers that the Elements are being guided on their quest by the Dragon's Eye, and gets Flamo to steal it. However, when Bu gets the Eye, he doesn't know how it works. Yun refuses to tell him, which infuriates Bu, who boasts that he will catch the Elements anyway and destroy them - even Flamo. So Flamo changes sides and helps the Elements.

  • Raindrop appears to have turned evil, trashing a town in his search for a lantern. It turns out it's a doppelganger, created by Bu in an attempt deceive some monks into giving him a magic lantern that can foretell the future. Shao Yen, Niwa and Jinhou mistakenly follow the fake Raindrop and get captured by Flamo.

  • Jinhou injures his magic monkey paw, so the Elements make a detour to the Well of Wellness for a cure. Meanwhile, General Bu has created a Tea of Forgetfulness to make the Elements forget their quest. When only Shao Yen drinks it and loses her memory, Bu convinces her she is on his side.

  • The Elements take refuge in a cave where they overhear Bu making plans to get hold of a magic Daruma Doll, so he can make a wish to capture them. They realise they have to get to the doll before Bu, but discover a baby dragon has hatched in the cave. With no sign of its mother, our heroes have to take the baby dragon with them.

  • General Bu tries to catch the Elements by summoning a Fire Dragon and creating a volcano in their path. Our heroes have no choice but to go underground - which is where they discover even more obstacles: three fierce dragons who guard an underground treasure.

  • The Elements race to the Tree of Power to get new powers to help them raise the Golden Dragon - but Flamo gets there first. When General Bu hires the Moon Goddess's gardener to chop down the tree, the Elements call on the Moon Goddess, Chang Er, to stop him.

  • The Elements come into a walled city and have to pay their respects to the city's vain king. When Bu's Terra army can't get into the city, Bu creates a flock of winged garfish to fly over the walls and terrorise the citizens. The Elements defeat the creatures and become local heroes. However, this upsets the vain king who double-crosses the Elements and turns them over to Bu.

  • When Bu makes the Elements powerless, they form an alliance with a boy, Momotaro (Peach Boy), who says he can help them regain their powers at a magic statue. The place where the healing statue is supposed to be, is the hideout of the Oni. But when Peach Boy steals the Oni's treasure and escapes, they know - he was lying all along.

  • The Elements encounter a mysterious cat who licks Niwa and takes her powers, turning her into a zombie. When the cat also steals the powers of Jinhou, Flamo, Bu and Shao Yen, Raindrop gets help from vampire-cat hunter and is able to defeat the creature in a climactic battle and returns the personalities and powers to his friends.

  • Jinhou is trapped by a boy, Badang. Jinhou tricks Badang into letting him go, by pretending to make the boy super strong. Badang believes it - and, later, Bu does, too. So, a lot of Problems for Badang and also the Elements starts.

  • A greedy Geni steals the Dragon's Eye, and the Elements have to go on a dangerous journey to get it back, but they have the help of some magic seeds belonging to a young man who is on a quest to retrieve a magic mortar, so he can marry his girlfriend.

  • When Jinhou impatiently opens an urn belonging to a Prince, a beautiful woman, Mora, appears. The Prince falls in love with her but, because of a spell, she turns into a monkey before he can marry her, and runs off. Jinhou, Raindrop and the Prince try to find the monkey bride.

  • When bickering between Ramasura, the God of Thunder and his wife, Mekla, the Goddess of Lightning, zaps Jinhou with a lightning bolt, the Elements must find a way to reconcile them and unfreeze Jinhou. However, Bu takes advantage of the bickering to seize control of Mekla's lightning ball and freezes the Elements one by one.

  • A terrifying Witch Queen uses a magic mask to kidnap Jinhou and Raindrop, to coerce them into marrying her charming but grotesque daughter, Keket.

  • When magic paint brushes are stolen by General Bu, the Elements must get them back before he can paint their demise. Raindrop and Shao Yen sneak into Bu's camp to retrieve the brushes, while Jinhou and Niwa go to the Cave of Eternal Darkness to get pure darkness that will undo the brushes' spell.

  • An evil Nian captures Jinhou, so the Elements turn to the only creature that can help them - a fierce Qilin. But, to their surprise, the Qilin's magic powers have been stolen and he is no longer fierce. How can they help Jinhou ?

  • The Pearl of Prosperity is stolen by Flamo and Grub. Without it, the lush, green island experiences drought and despair. Only by working together, and with the help of the Phoenix and the Dragon, guards of the Pearl, do the Elements retrieve the Pearl and restore prosperity to the island.

  • The Elements help Princess Iron Fan to find her bold and brave husband, the Bull Demon King. When the Elements find him, they discover he is really a coward, hiding from the demons. So they have to help the Bull Demon King find his courage, defeat the demons and rescue his son, Red Boy, who has been kidnapped by Flamo and Grub.

  • Our heroes need to reunite with the fifth Element, Flamo. When they save his life in a fight, Flamo considers changing sides and tells them that Bu has created a magic peach pit with which to destroy the Golden Dragon. Raindrop also gets important information from Master Yun about the quest.

  • General Bu sets the moon ablaze to create permanent daylight, so he can hunt the Elements at night. It also causes the Moon Goddess, Chang Er, to fall to Earth. Raindrop and Shao Yen go off to Archer Yi, the only person who can extinguish the moon blaze by shooting it with an arrow.

  • Fleeing from General Bu, the Elements go underground and find themselves in an amazing cavern, where they meet the glamorous, but vain, Jade Princess and her humble handmaiden, Niwa. Raindrop assumes the Jade Princess is the Earth Element and endangers all their lives by taking the Princess with them on their quest.

  • Following the Dragon's Eye, Raindrop and Shao Yen enter the Red Lotus Monastery, where they find the Metal Element, Jinhou, who is a golden monkey statue brought to life. Flamo arrives and claims that, as the Fire Element, he should have Jinhou. To find out who is worthy of Jinhou, the Red Lotus monks set Flamo and Raindrop a series of challenges.

  • Raindrop's and Shao Yen's peaceful lives at Master Yun's martial arts academy are turned upside down when their school is invaded and demolished by the evil General Bu and his assistants, Flamo and Grub. Master Yun tells them a stunning secret: Raindrop is one of the Elements, and his quest is to find the other Elements and revive the Golden Dragon, ending Bu's tyrannical reign.