MEGANEBU! is a 2013 comedy and drama anime created by Studio Deen, directed by Soubi Yamamoto, written by Deco Akao that was aired on both Crunchy Roll and Hulu. The plot of the series focuses on Akira Souma a strange young man who has a whimsical fascination with glasses of all kinds, his own, others he loves them all! So great is his passion for glasses that he founds his local schools first Glasses Club and all but forces his other four friends to join. The rest of the series then follows these young men and the strange antics arising from their peculiar passion.

Sunday 11:55 PM et/pt on Tokyo MX
1 Season, 5 Episodes
November 6, 2013
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MEGANEBU! Full Episode Guide

  • Mitsuki stares into the mirror, practicing different ways to get the corners of his mouth to line up with his glasses when he smiles. One particular smile causes a golden light to shine from his face. The ratio of the distance between the corners of his mouth and the distance from the corner of his mouth to his glasses is 1:1.618. Mitsuki overflows with hope as he realizes what he's done. Morning. The birds sing in the trees. An alarm clock goes off. Takuma rolls out of bed; he's bent his temple. This is a day in the life of the Suzumine Brothers.

  • The Glasses Club neglects their studies in their busy pursuit of the development of the X-Ray Glasses Mk. 35. They come up with a secret plan to get them to their fun club activities faster: They create 55 minutes clocks, and swap them for the clocks all over the school. What they don't realize that in a way, this will cut their club activities short, too...

  • Hayato is working feverishly to clean up the club room, which was ruined when X-Ray Glasses Mk. 33 exploded. Amidst the room's remains, he finds the Glasses Club albums, and gets drawn in by the nostalgia. Just then, he realizes something...One day after class, the Glasses Club advisor, Shirogane Hotaka, is called to meet Minabe Yukiya in the health room. What does he find there?

  • All of the boys in the Glasses Club are in a race against time to perfect their x ray specs before the beautiful vision test nurse arrives!

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