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Merlin's Apprentice is an action fantasy. Set in Camelot, Merlin returns to find the Holy Grail gone and Camelot weakened by this loss. He takes on an apprentice to assist with recovering the Holy Grail. Merlin's apprentice is a rag-tag beggar and thief who has his own brand of magic. He must use his skills, all of them, to help Merlin to find the Holy Grail and restore the kingdom of Camelot to its former glory and strength.

This fantasy adventure show gives a beggar and thief in Camelot the opportunity to learn and assist the great magician of Camelot.

Channel 4
1 Season, 3 Episodes
April 14, 2006
Fantasy, Mini-Series
Cast: John Reardon, Jennifer Calvert, Clint Carleton, Lindsay Collins
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Merlin's Apprentice Full Episode Guide

  • After fifty years in exile, famed sorcerer Merlin (Emmy-nominee Sam Neill, "Jurassic Park") and his eager new apprentice Jack (John Reardon, "The Killing") cross war-ravaged lands and battle cunning foes to find the Holy Grail and restore Camelot to glory.

  • Merlin goes on vacation to rejuvenate. This vacation nap is supposed to last a few months, but when Merlin awakes, he finds he has slept for fifty years. Upon his return to Camelot, he discovers a downtrodden place. Almost all of those he knew have died; Lord Weston runs the kingdom; and the Holy Grail has departed from the castle. However, Merlin's protective enchantments have held invaders in check. A young thief named Jack and his tagalong pig Sir Snout stowaway in a cart entering Camelot, angering its driver Squire Brian. Jack is no ordinary vagrant, as he possesses some rudimentary magical skills. Jack enters the chamber of Yvonne, granddaughter of Sir Gawain and steals a pendant. Yvonne enters and while Jack hides, Master Graham, a local blacksmith whom she loves, visits her. Jack then attempts to steal Merlin's wand while Merlin concentrates on the whereabouts of the Grail. Merlin senses the visitor, and at first evicts him, but later apprentices Jack after a vision of the Holy Grail appears to both of them.

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