Minecraft: The Noob Adventures

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The story revolves around three newbie Minecraft players who join a server one day, only to find it oppressed by the tyrannical Gaylord_Steambath. They resolve to fight him and his griefing ways, but must first meet powerful allies, learn what happened to the server, and, you know, learn the ropes of the game.

1 Season, 22 Episodes
March 7, 2011
Minecraft: The Noob Adventures

Minecraft: The Noob Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Gaylord returns to his Manor after he lost a battle against N00bly.

  • N00bly is being toyed with by Gaylord, and asks him to stop.

  • Unsolved mysteries, Milky_dad is seen making Invisibility potions, as they taste better when brewed instead of given to him via commands.

  • The Equine Enigma, N00bly and Snake investigate the horse they saw in the previous episode.

  • Fight or flight, Sanke is about to distract the wither with fireworks he found in the dirt tow, while N00bly and Fart escape.

  • Witherphobia, pooploser and N00bly are trapped in a cave with the wither blocking them.

  • The witch enters her home and throws potions of damage at N00bly and Snake.

  • Milky_Dad enters the witch hunt to have a witch throw a potion into his eyes.

  • Fart passes parts of the course while our other heroes try to find him.

  • Our heroes find an abandoned tower and explore.

  • N00bly, Fart, and Snake start defending the village while the mobs attack.

  • N00bly, Fart, and Snake get a job.

  • They soon find an NPC village where players would grind for XP before Steambath came to power.

  • The Enderdragon swoops them and the group wonder how they can kill the Enderdragon.

  • They enter, where YoDa uses an Eye of Ender he obtained from the dead Enderman to seek an Ender portal.

  • Snake has built several pixel arts for Steambath to destroy, who suddenly teleports to Noobly and Fart, stealing their bucket, which could be a critical tool against the Enderman.

  • It is revealed that the group is greatly underprepared and understocked. Noobly suddenly realises that he has forgotten the clock. What will happen next?

  • The group settles in, fart finally comencing work on his rollercoaster and Snake is working on his pixel art.

  • The group explore the cave, until they see a dungeon. They, on the other hand, believe it to be made by players. Inside, snake finds a clock and a compass to help find their way.

  • This is a story about 3 players and their quest to find a safe community to build things!

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