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  • 2009
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Miss Universe is a popular beauty pageant show that has been broadcast on NBC since 1955. The show features contestants from all over the world showcasing their beauty, talents, and intelligence in various competitions, including swimsuit, evening gown, and interview rounds. The winner is crowned as the Miss Universe and becomes the pageant's global ambassador for the next year.

The first Miss Universe pageant was held in Long Beach, California, and was created by the California clothing company Pacific Mills. The show was not televised until the following year when CBS picked it up for broadcasting. However, NBC took over in 1955 and has been airing the event ever since.

The format of the show has evolved over the years, with the addition of various rounds such as national costume, athletic wear, and social media competitions. Contestants are also expected to participate in various charity and cultural events throughout the pageant's duration.

The pageant is usually held over the course of two to three weeks, and contestants are accommodated in a luxury hotel where they undergo rigorous training in areas such as speech, poise, and self-confidence. They also get to explore the host city's attractions and attend various events, including fashion shows and galas.

One of the most anticipated rounds of the competition is the swimsuit round, where contestants showcase their fitness and body confidence in stylish swimsuits. This round has been a staple of the show since its inception and has drawn controversy over the years for objectifying women. The organizers of the show have tried to tone down the emphasis on physical appearance in recent years and have revamped the swimsuit round to focus more on fitness and athleticism.

The evening gown round allows contestants to display their fashion sense and elegance in formal attire. This round is usually accompanied by a performance or musical act and is a highlight of the pageant for many viewers.

The interview round gives contestants the opportunity to showcase their intelligence, personality, and knowledge of current events. They are asked a series of questions on a range of topics, including politics, culture, and social issues. This round is crucial in determining the winner as it shows the judges how well the contestant can articulate her thoughts and communicate effectively.

In recent years, the Miss Universe pageant has become a platform for promoting social causes and initiatives. Contestants undertake various charity projects and advocate for issues such as gender equality, environmental conservation, and education. The winner usually becomes an ambassador for these causes and uses her platform to promote awareness and action.

The show has been hosted by numerous famous personalities over the years. Bob Barker hosted the show from 1967 to 1987 and was replaced by Dick Clark in 1988. Steve Harvey has been hosting the show since 2015 and has become a fan favorite with his humorous and entertaining style.

The pageant has drawn criticism over the years for objectifying women and promoting unrealistic beauty standards. However, the organizers have made efforts to modernize the show and promote diversity and inclusivity. In 2018, Angela Ponce became the first transgender woman to compete in the show, sparking a conversation about gender identity and representation in the pageant world.

Overall, the Miss Universe pageant is a beloved global event that celebrates beauty, intelligence, and cultural diversity. The show has evolved over the years and continues to attract millions of viewers worldwide. It is a platform for promoting social causes and empowering women to become ambassadors for change in their communities.

Miss Universe
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Follow Since it's inception in 1952, the Miss Universe Pageant has given the world's most beautiful women from more than 80 countries something to vie for. Usually held in a different city each year, the live event spotlights contestants' performances in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown, and interview. Along with the coveted title, one lucky winner wins a contract with the Miss Universe Organization.
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    August 16, 2009
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